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Steam Early Access Release Date - 31st May

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We've now heard back from Steam and we've pencilled in a release date for Early Access of the 31st May, which is eight days from now. This may slip back due to unforseen circumstances, but one would hope not. I've submitted all the marketing materials and I just need to wait and see what I need to do to start uploading builds and the like.

I am still not 100% certain when Steam keys will go out for existing users, but hopefully that will happen prior to release. At the very least I want to give a few people Steam keys so they can test the download and update process on Steam to see if there's any nasty incompatibility surprises in wait for us. I'll post updates here once I know more about this.

Build V18.51 will form the basis of the Steam stable release, with a few updates that we will test out via hotfix or on Steam itself if we get on there in advance. The likely additions will be:

- Bugfixes

- Xenopedia descriptions will be completed (but subject to future tweaks)

- More maps (I'll look at the community ones as my first port of call)

- Balance patch (Aaron has got a balance patch to smooth the combat progression we'll probably put in)

This post is mostly to let everyone know the release date. It's gonna be a busy week!

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Great news.... Hope to get a key for steam soon. Won't miss waiting several hours on Desura for updates to verify files and then download and install...

Owned game since just post PayPal incident, so spent many many hours waiting for updates....

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No it is early access.

It is not yet feature complete and balancing is only just beginning.

The early access lets you get in early and influence the balancing and you should be able to play right through the game but there will still be missing content, some bugs, and probably balance issues that should be fixed up by full release.

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I would absolutely love a steam key, I am not a fan of desura and my internet is spotty so I can never completely download a standalone before the system decides I've got a network error. Here's hoping they get the keys out quickly so I can move on from playing 18.3 lol

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