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  1. I currently play on two different devices. I have them both pointed to save/load from a dropbox folder. My laptop successfully saves and loads from this folder, but my desktop does not. I've started the launcher, gone into save game location, selected the folder, and hit okay. I save a game and it shows up in my documents. I start the launcher, change to a different folder, change back to the dropbox folder, hit okay, and it still saves in my documents. I already verified the game integrity through steam. At this point I'm considering an uninstall/reinstall. Anything I should send you guys or try before I do that?
  2. How will this work with the v22 or whatever the last was before the official 1.0? Are you just going to update the legacy branch again?
  3. ciago92

    Indestructible interceptors?

    I like this idea....but expand it into combat. Same as you recover alien craft, maybe they attempt to recover your planes? Figure out what you're doing so they can counter it. Then you can send in a team to recover the plane and fight off the aliens. That might even give a setup for a tug of war type battle where the objective is in the middle and whatever team holds it for X turns wins
  4. ciago92

    Indestructible interceptors?

    I don't like the idea of the invulnerable escape etc. I do have one point though....you already have an emergency escape button. How about you press that button when you think your plane is in trouble and then it'll attempt to escape like you want. Depending on the situation it may or may not escape, which is realistic.
  5. Is it possible or will it be possible to fly multiple charlies together? I would imagine this would be difficult to balance against and it would be rough on the UI but I would like to see something where I've got two dozen personnel sweeping the field. Just a thought
  6. ciago92

    Double Fine's MASSIVE CHALICE

    Already backed, looks awesome!
  7. ciago92

    Build V18.51 Hotfix 3 Released!

    @solver points have been turned down, they probably haven't rebalanced the ratings to accomodate that fact. I noticed a build or two ago that you had disabled the basic training or whatever it was that let pvts get up to cpl or so. Why did this change, and is it going to change back? I liked it for when I lost a couple guys on a mission gone south
  8. ciago92

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    @ xanoxt, I would guess the save files are located in different places. find the desura/xenonauts/saves files and copy them to steam/commonapps/xenonauts/saves or something similar. OT: how do we opt-in to the experimental builds? Usually under properties there is a Betas tab you can look under and say yes to Betas but that tab doesn't exist for me. Is it just not enabled yet?
  9. ciago92

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    you have no idea how happy you've made me!!
  10. ciago92

    Indestructible interceptors?

    I am okay with this situation because like Flashman suggested, you could add in text that says you're piecing together parts from the funding nations. Obviously the later tier planes will still need to take a while as you're presumably doing more/most of the manufacturing yourself, but for the lower tier(s) I have no issue with a plane only taking a couple days to put together since most of the stuff is pre-existing material from the funding nations.
  11. I would absolutely love a steam key, I am not a fan of desura and my internet is spotty so I can never completely download a standalone before the system decides I've got a network error. Here's hoping they get the keys out quickly so I can move on from playing 18.3 lol
  12. ciago92

    Steam Early Access

    Agree with all three parts. Can't wait for full Steam ahead!
  13. ciago92

    V18.5 Released!

    downloaded the premium fine, haven't battled enough to speak on the AI though.
  14. ciago92

    Build V18.4 Released!

    ah, my apologies. When I heard issues with desura I figured it was getting the file to them in the first place, not how they distributed it through their client. I've only been using the standalones at this point so I thought it was desura in general that was causing the issue