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  1. is there a single link we can down load or do we need to download it all and install separately? Thanks
  2. Perhaps, but you have to remember that we were not invaded by Aliens in our time line so developments were not forced. The 1979 line is null and void since most of the stuff in game has never happened.
  3. I would say that rockets both vehicle and hand held kinda contridict this. Anyhow, you would have to be close enough to see them to use any direct or indirect fire of any sort so mortors would fall within him constraints. Anyhow, I am happy with the way it is although I never use a vehicle or rockets and almost never carry nades. I like fire and manouver over throwing tonnes of bang at them
  4. The role players would point to the fact that we are using stike teams that like spical forces deploy before anyone even knows about it - they don't use indirect fire unless they can carry it.....say motars. Arty is too much IMO. Air strike, perhaps if you sent a plane from your base but you should factor in the wait time. over all I give this a 1 out of 10..........Motors is an idea though. Same as rockets (people must carry ammo etc) only indirect so can lob over buildings..
  5. LOL, I read the first line and though to my people not understand what Alpha and Beta mean..... It would be best to say...................this game is not finished yet so saying its too hard is kinda premature to say the least.
  6. Best post in the world.........EVER!
  7. Could not agrea more. From my experiance people seem to think Beta is nothing more that a privlidge for better people to test a game before the common people get to go.
  8. I sent a to of work out today saying 2012.....must be the weather......even though I am in a different part of the
  9. I understand what you mean but it was not the case in the 40s let alone the 70s. My dad went to some far reach places as short notice and they had maps of the area. Not that I care anyway as it simply isn’t gona change in the game. I understand that, but it annoys me when people set out to disprove your point before they truly invest in the idea that it could just be so. This has evolved to nothing to do with the game but I think the idea of people thinking they go in blind is kind of funny as how would they know where to land without a map - saying south of the building x is rather a lot of pressure on a pilot that’s apparently flying blind. I am military and my family have been in the Army since the Army in its current form existed. Anyone that thinks that any Army goes anywhere without knowing the land is kidding them self. I could grant you that a few fields would be unmapped in extremis but a town with railways - might I remind us that world war 1 and 2 meant that both America and Britain as well as almost every other country in the world has travelled the globe and they never did it blind. Least we forget that many of us have colonised parts of the world and have occupying forces in most areas.
  10. Gauddlike why are you so rude and avoid reading the point? you can argue all you want but maps have been around lot longer than 1970 and anyone that goes into a war zone without one is an idiot. Argue that all you want but you are still wrong.
  11. LMAO - You can fly half way round the world to a country and manage to land a few clicks away from a downed craft and have no idea about the lay of the land? So no maps, no satelite images, no drones relaying images, no fighter nose cams - Nothing? The real question is, why would you go at all if you have no information at all - oh, other than you know how damaged it is. And more to the point, if you are to avoid the crash site you would have to know the lay of the land and more importantly, if you are to land at your LZ you should know the area .....your idea is kinda faulty.
  12. I think it makes sence to see the ground as we would have just flown over it in the helicopter - it goes withut saying that people etc should not be seen until in sight. Fog of War has always confused me.
  13. Sadly not. However, with each release means a new game essentially so its only right the game is tested from the start to make sure all things work correctly from research to building armor etc etc.
  14. we running 18.4 now mate - this bug is fixed in the current version.
  15. isn't the term friendly fire an oxymoron? There nothing friendly about being shot even if its your best mate...... Friendly broken nose, Friendly decapation.... Just saying.