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  1. RavenX

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    Much appreciated again my friend, everything seems to be working great so far. Really enjoying the new faces. Well done.
  2. RavenX

    Looking for Weapon Ideas

    This, first thing I thought of was Sonic Weapons, also it was a weapon branch in TFTD I think. Also, there is real history of them in development and even back as far as WW2 the Nazis actually developed a prototype of a "X-Ray Cannon", though it was never deployed and mysteriously vanished after completion.
  3. RavenX

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    Hey Sleezy, firstly, Congratulations on the new addition to the family!! I'm finally getting around to applying your faces and I just wanted to clarify that I understood your reply correctly. Just copy the images (faces, armors, hands) and then add the lines to my already modified soldiernames male and female xmls? I don't need to tweak the gameconfig.xml as well since I'm just using the art assets and the modified soldiernames files? Thanks again for the info and the Seriously Awesome mod, and again Congrats on the Baby Edit: Also, not sure if it matters, but in the in game backer options where it asks about backer faces I typed in Yes. Not even sure if that's it to tell them to use them all or if you're a backer and have a specific face you'd need to type in a name or something specific. Will it effect the face modding and usage or should I type in No instead of Yes or is Yes not even what I need to type there? LoL
  4. Indeed, some good info, appreciated. With the coverage and number of aircraft it's not so much I'm behind my air game, except for armaments, but I'm building corsairs and have my shrike. It's mostly facing the androns and light drones and not having the armor or firepower to face them en-mass. Haven't done too bad though. Lost a couple noob recruits, but then again being only in November almost all of my troops are noobs. Also I haven't really played very far in the last two builds nor kept up around here on the forums to see the balance changes. I just hit December and am starting weapon production and getting some decent arms research so it should go ok from here (I think) as long as I chill on the base expansion for a month and crank out some new fighters. We'll see how it goes .
  5. RavenX

    Xenonauts and piracy

    Watchdogs is being pirated like mad in Washington D.C. . Hopefully people are taking lessons in how to watch your own government...lol. As for Xenonauts and piracy, even being poor, I can't justify pirating a small game from a even smaller indie Dev. It's 15-20 bucks going to a company making a game that's a reimagining of a beloved classic. It's not like you're ripping into EA and screwing them for killing industry standards, you're just hurting someone who's more or less just like you by not buying a indie game.
  6. Started up a new game, I'm on month 3 (November) on Easy, and I'm already hitting Androns in Corvettes. I wouldn't ask if this was normal or not for the 1.9 build on easy mode, but I wanted to try something new this game and I've streamlined my research going straight for the Shrike Dropship. I haven't even researched lasers yet nor better armor. What I have done is built 4 bases, but only two of them have fighters to launch, the other 2 are nothing but radar stations to fill in gaps and I have basically all of North and South America, Europe and Africa covered with radar.
  7. RavenX

    Most Desirable Sodier Stats

    Ahh well that's good to know. Hmm, what now? No, I definitely do Not want uber soldiers. I was just answering the question of how to raise Str. If I wanted my soldiers to be invincible and for the game not to be fun I'd just mod them in that way. I want my stats to increase because I "Earn" the increase, not because I want a squad of super-men.
  8. Chris, Goldhawk, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! If any further work is done this is the kind of thing that needs to be in. Breaching a crashed UFO from a entrance other than the front door should definitely be something that's possible with mid to late game weaponry. Kabill here is doing a GREAT job. Keep it up brother. This needs the MAXIMUM level of support we can get to make Xenonauts the best UFO invasion simulation around.
  9. RavenX

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    That's awesome. Indeed the only two files I've modded were soldiernames and soldiernamesfemale xml, which were both pretty straight forward with the simple values I was changing (like putting the chance of Hungarian recruits to 0). My scripting knowledge is very limited so aside from altering existing values I haven't added new lines or anything like that, but pasting in a few shouldn't be a problem. Aside from that just over-write the pics and I'll be set? Sounds good. I'm going on a trip leaving Sunday and won't have any internet access while I'm gone so I'll try to get my changes in before then in case I have any questions. Much appreciated my friend, thank you.
  10. RavenX

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    Hey Jsleezy, great work on the mod!!! Is there a way I can use just the faces you've made to include them into the vanilla recruitment process without using the rest of the mod? I'm not looking for heavy modification, but I want to use the much wider variety of faces you've made so I don't see constant repeats of faces when hiring soldiers. Aside from adding in the faces though I'm not interested in changing anything else recruitment wise as I've already modded the two files I need to so I get the mix of nationalities/sexes/races I want in my forces.
  11. Great work on the mod brother Question, kabill. Is there a way I can use just the "destructible ufo hulls" parts of your mod without adding the rest? I don't want to use the re-designed ufo's, I just want to be able to blow holes in the current vanilla ones. I never knew until now there was no way of blowing a hole in a ufo to make an alternate entrance since I still haven't gotten far enough to see the last tier weapons. I figured it would be like the original x-com where you just needed a more powerful (mid to end game) weapon to breach the ufo hulls because standard human weapons weren't powerful enough. I can't believe they didn't add a way to just blow a hole into the side of a crashed ufo by default. I've blown up doors before and even shot them with machine guns until they were destroyed so I just figured I'd eventually be able to do the same to standard hull pieces once I had the fire-power. I should have paid more attention to the forums over the last few years so I could have protested against not being able to blow a hole in a ufo. I can see why we can't from a design perspective as it would make things tough on the AI, but then again, that should have been thought of from the beginning.
  12. RavenX

    Xenonauts V1.06 Released!

    I want to say that's where we are now. I'm not %100 sure on that, but I recall Chris saying something about that with the last update.
  13. RavenX

    Xenonauts V1.06 Released!

    I don't want to be "tracked", period, unless I purposefully opt in to being tracked (which I'll never do). So that would be the "conn.txt" file? I wondered why that was counting how many times I had played that version of the game, and why it wasn't in my original files. I wasn't even playing with the Steam install because of all the updates. I noticed after I made a play-through copy install on my secondary drive that the file structure of my secondary install had an extra file called "conn.txt" that only appeared after I had played the game, and that it was counting how many times I had played. This is in my current 1.04 HF install I'm still playing on. I didn't get the chance to play much the last day or two though and I'm really wanting to start a new game of the latest version. From just casually browsing the forums though it seemed like 1.05 and after broke a lot of stuff or added a bunch of late game bugs (still haven't made it that far yet) and my 1.04 HF install seems to be bug free. I haven't ran into invincible aliens or corrupted saves or anything (yet).
  14. RavenX

    Most Desirable Sodier Stats

    Being overburdened definitely raises Str faster. I always keep my units with just enough weight they barely take a TU hit (go just as little over as you can, usually with a grenade or clip). They gain Str every mission just by playing as I normally would. Using all your TU's in a turn with every soldier helps raise TU's a bit faster as well.
  15. RavenX

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Congratulations to the Goldhawk Team!!! It's been a long ride, but a great one. Out of all the X-Com remakes and inspired successors over the years since the original, Xenonauts is By FAR the best one I've ever played. If only Firaxis's "re-imagining" of X-Com had the depth of your game. I hope some day you do a Xenonauts 2!!! I'm playing on the last 1.04 HF before 1.05 hit. Seems great to me without any of the bugs I saw on the forums mentioned in 1.05. Thinking about starting over with the current official build though.