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  1. Meant to be. Didn't want to give reasons to stun anything you find. I might add it, but at best they'll only be worth the same as corpses.
  2. I like the chase cam myself. Watching the shots amuses me.
  3. I did this a little in my mod. The heavy armours do reduce sight range a little (not as much as vanilla), but the scout armours don't reduce, or actually increase it.
  4. Aliens have squad sight too. If one can see a trooper, they all can see them (and due to a bug they'll usually try to fire anyways).
  5. Odd, a number of people have said that research is too fast. As for terror missions, you can use smoke grenades to reduce alien hit chance and the walls of the chinook to break line of sight.
  6. I think casualty numbers per event get larger as the game progresses too.
  7. Dreadnoughts aren't in the game anymore. If you see one, its a bug.
  8. Odd, they should become obselete pretty fast, since they have no armour penetration. Androns should be pretty much immune to AK rounds.
  9. Yeah, sounds like a night mission. Since LoS updates in real-time at night, you need to keep spotters in place. It gets odd with flares since it looks revealed, but since there's no-one that can actually see that tile (uses daytime sight range for this check I think) its reported empty.
  10. The movement when clicking the command bar is an odd bug. It shouldn't be happening. Having the intercept window pop-up when clicking the world map is a nice idea, but I think left-click is to drag the map as well.
  11. Yeah. There are two major downsides to the mod (also you spelt my name wrong). 1. You get waaaay too much money. Not sure if I should fix that really, folks seem to enjoy it. 2. You start to need to scroll the stores screen to see your stuff about mid-game. There are that many items you can build. I quite like this, as you get to see how far you've come (also back-up gear if you forget to build, say, plasma grenades like I do).
  12. Keep the fire-related puns to the thread for them. Its why I never locked it after all. Gives y'all a place to vent.
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