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  1. Agent Dark

    Demo block % question

    That makes some sense. Thank you for the help.
  2. Is this working as intended? It looks like some of these are adding block percentages for items I cannot identify. Thank you.
  3. Agent Dark

    Spec Ops Soldiers Throwing Grenades

    Well first this is during the cold war so everyone starts off nervous. Then aliens showed up and everyone started shaking in fear. Then some shadowy organization showed up said "You work for us now. Fight aliens for minimum wage or die." No idea why they might have issues with their aim. Also I have several people that were on opposite sides of the cold war. So on top of any language issues they don't trust each other. Probably safer to accidentally kill that commie/capitalist pig than let them kill me later. Just blame the aliens.
  4. I am windows 7 64 bit Nvidia gtx 760 with the most up to date drivers and 16GB of ram. V1.05 HF 14/06/2014 (I am signed up for the experimental build) I also have this exact issue. Let me know know if you need any more info from me.
  5. Agent Dark

    Doing Every Mission - Solution?

    I can go along with the air strike idea with a few ideas of my own. Air strike is based on the standing you have with the country and the country's current state. I f they are about to collapse why would they want more aliens to deal with? Rewarding you for not playing the game seems silly to me so to me the reward would be if you do not inform the nation to airstrike the location before the ship disappears off the map you take relations hit. As in they were not aware you had no plans to send in a team so they focused on evacuation of the people nearby not planning an air strike. If there must be a reward I think it should be small enough so you can’t just blow up a few of the ships you don’t want to fight and be able to buy that last armor you wanted I admit I play every ground mission if I can.
  6. Agent Dark

    Steam comments

    Steam forums can be good is there area few common bugs but otherwise they are like anywhere else on the internet. Opinions are law and so many angery people. Xenonauts has gone rather well seeing as it has an installed player base and many Xcom fans that were not 100% happy with the Firaxis one. Several of our members have even gone over to try to answer questions so not too bad. If you want to see bad steam forums, look for the games with no player base to help counteract the raw hate.
  7. This is the Steam version just to be clear. Black area marking the unexplored area did not go away and was filled with colored dots before I explored the area. Upon exploring the area this is what I found.
  8. Best I think could happen is a person to help update steam forums and maybe keep a thread about known bugs ect so only one person/group goes between. It makes the steam group feel like Goldhawk is listening and limits the places that list bugs thus reducing redundancy. So no real PR work, just a list your bugs here thread/known bugs and an update thread. With the mod answering some basic question such as dates of next update or bug fixes. Biggest challenge would be to just ignore the trolls.
  9. Agent Dark

    Post-Steam Development Process

    Great plan to have both stable builds and opt in test builds. Just have to be sure to remember which build I am on. My body is ready to be steam powered.
  10. You have my sword. When this goes live I will uninstall desrua version of Xenonauts and work with the Steam version. Stay sane as I figure this must be a stressful time.
  11. Agent Dark

    Steam Early Access

    This is why I have also been fine with waiting for the steam version as it is seen as a more final version for some reason. War for the Overworld has some of the people you referred to and it is both funny and sad. I can see though how it could harm the game if enough of those people started yelling loud enough. Still want the steam version as desura hates me since it caught me in bed with gog and steam. Thank god impulse was running late or desura may have completely freaked out. Still Chris has good news of basically this month we gets the steam. I have faith in this leader of men and coder of games.
  12. Agent Dark

    Steam Early Access

    I need this on steam, not for faster downloads or anything. I need to rub this in the face of my friend. He will break and buy this game. I just need to make it so he has to see me playing the game.
  13. Agent Dark

    Beta Candidate

    So what you are saying is that we need to keep the team from sleeping so they have more time to work and less time to wake up ect? Maybe make them cyborgs so it cuts down on time to read emails and search for cute kitty pictures. We need duct tape lots of it. And smarts phones tons of smart phones! We can make them have more screens attached to them, we can inject them with energy drinks, we can improve the humans! More screens, more energy that means more productivity right?