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Steam Keys - How To Claim!

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Crossposting this from the Steam Early Access thread, in case it gets buried there.

I've found a major problem with downloading the latest build off of Steam on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard: namely, that there isn't anything to download. It's not a network or Steam problem, because I bought Humble Bundle 8 today, and the games from there are downloading just fine. But there's no downloading at all going on with Xenonauts. It's not even popping up on the download link. Is the Mac build just not up yet?

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Downloading right now, this will be the first time I try Xenonauts :) (I'll just give a quick look, I'd like to have the first playthrough with the full fat release)

Well, you can always do what I do. Don't read any of the tech descriptions or research unlocks. That way you can get some beta play in, while keeping a bunch of it new and fresh for your first full play-through on the full version.

Note: I haven't followed my own advice there %100, but, I also found a wording error in one of the early descriptions (I'll have to go back and look to see exactly which one). In one of the tech descriptions there's a extra word, either and or as. If it isn't spotted by someone else I'll look for it again and point it out to Chris or who-ever needs it so they can tweak the wording.

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Steam version says V18 Stable. That is V18,51 HF3, right?

About the potentially unstable develepoment versions, how will I be able to get them from Steam? Do I have to register somewhere?

In steam you can right click a game in your library and hit properties. And should any exist (none for Xenonauts yet) a beta's tab will show allowing you to choose a version to install.

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Awesome! I finally decided to download and try the game through Desura about a week ago (I preordered at the beginning of 2012), but being able to play this through Steam in the future will be easier for me to set up :) Thank you!

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