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  1. Eldgrim

    Debating Xenonauts 2

    Whoa, i just stumbled on xenonauts, re-installed it and i see this in the news. Sounds great and i would buy your xenonauts 2 no problem.
  2. Thanks goldhawk. I hope you swim in money now. A nice reward for your work.
  3. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.06 Released!

    Will the AI ever be updated? I would like them to be able to open their ship's door and climb up/down stairs.
  4. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    The game is clearly not ready.
  5. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.05 HF Released!

    What will be the final version? I can't wait to play a full game.
  6. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.03 Released!

    I am going to hold out a bit more, with daily patches i don't think it's ready for prime time and a full play through. I am afraid of running into a game breaking bug.
  7. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.03 Released!

    Are you serious? If so, mechanical vehicles do not gain combat experience.
  8. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.02 Released!

    Still get crashes on soldier equipment screen
  9. Is there any way to do that? I ordered a condor for my second base but i should build a foxtrot instead!
  10. Eldgrim

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    WOW! Congratulations guys! It was special to hang around the development process.
  11. Eldgrim

    V20 Stable Hotfix 2 Released!

    Argneflblbl!!! I can't wait for the final release! I see the twop steps, one step back during the last month... I should stop looking at the forums i think lol
  12. Eldgrim

    V20 Stable Candidate 1 available!

    I can not offer much input because i only play like 15 mins and skip a few beta releases because i want to keep my virginity for release but i can say this. Can you lower the volume of the "denied" sound? It made me jump from my chair haha. Edit: Lowered sound effects volume.