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  1. Heck yeah. I am a very happy fan right now. Your team rocks, Chris.
  2. Just going to throw this out there - replace Shotgun with an SMG like a MP5 variant? Wouldn't be so useless in the open and would be the preferable breaching weapon due to tighter quarters. Just a suggestion.
  3. Aliens are definitely a lot more fun to fight in the ground missions now. I love the reduced squad size for the beginning as well. It's just more focused and lets a newer player learn how to use a smaller number of troops before letting them upgrade into larger forces. I don't know if you want bugs posted here or not but I came across two after playing just a few missions. The first one was after shooting down a light scout. The loading screen told me to expect Heavy resistance but after one turn of moving my men around, the mission ended and I had won without seeing anything. I thought it was unlikely that a civilian killed all the aliens in one turn. Second bug (or feature?): Are we going to be able to see the aliens shooting at our guys on the hidden movement phase? At the moment, you hear gunfire and maybe a scream and have to wait to see what happened. I'm guessing this is just a bug or something not ironed out yet, but I figure I should ask. Balance on the ground right now though seems a lot better than before.
  4. I meant 6-8 for smaller UFO's. One example for story would simply be, it would be a lot riskier way to try and take an Alien Commander alive, but also easier because you have more control over not having one die when you shoot a UFO down. Another idea is trying to intercept something like captured VIP's or information. Basically, the idea of boarding would be a really risky attempt to do something with a high payoff. @Max_Caine Yeah, I meant in the air. I'm not familiar with the armor already implemented in Xenonauts but the original X-Com had (Power suits?) the armor with jetpacks on the back, so it doesn't seem too unlikely to do a midair boarding after EMPing a UFO or something. Also Thothkins, joking or not, grappling hooks actually sounds pretty cool. I figure the Aliens get to breach our base and surprise us, so maybe a story advancing mission or just a few random options for doing the same to them to obtain something useful would be neat. Also I don't think it would be terribly hard on the team to add, because all they need to do really is make a UFO interior as the map, so they aren't working on a lot of new assets.
  5. This might sound outlandish but I thought it might be pretty cool. I've been playing a lot of FTL lately and after starting a thread that turned into a (friendly and constructive) debate about Air Combat and it's merits in Xenonauts, I thought about boarding enemy UFO's. It's a concept used in FTL to board enemy ships, dispatch the crew and basically come out with the maximum amount of salvageable equipment. So, I thought this would be a neat concept when the Xenonaut forces start to engage the larger ships. There's pretty much an infinite number of cool ideas you could use with this concept, one being storyline purposes. I also thought the risk of bringing your Chinook into a battle would be pretty tense. Or, you could even design a new, smaller craft for like a Squad of 6-8 or something specifically for boarding enemy UFO's.
  6. I think everything that's been put forth makes some sense and auto-resolve sounds like a nice band-aid approach but also sounds like you would be ignoring the problem that if someone is choosing it, then an (important) feature of your game is just being ignored and might as well not be there. I assume you guys love your baby of a game and want people to enjoy everything in it, so just putting in a "skip" option seems like a sad thing to do. Couldn't the argument be made for adding an "auto" feature to Base management and Ground combat for the players that would find that repetitive too? Just playing the advocate here. Off the top of my head, the only "skip/auto" battle options I can think of seeing has been in games like Total War or other RTS games that could end up with hour long battles, etc. A few minutes doing the Air Combat in Xenonauts won't kill a person but that being said, if you feel you can improve it or make it more fun, by all means go for it. For what it's worth, I think the Air combat is the best version I've seen in an X-Com variation but I haven't (intentionally) played a lot of the Alpha, so I can't speak for how repetitive it would get.
  7. Excellent tips from you and everyone else. It seems like my errors are simply from lack of knowing what I have at my disposal, which I'm sure will be a lot better for me after reading these posts. I'm glad the info is "out there," whether in a Manual or on a Wiki but I do hope the team is looking into some kind of in-game database to help newer players out. I had a lot of problems with the Firaxis game but one of the things they did well was familiarize you with your tools and the mechanics immediately.
  8. I'll try and address all three posts in one reply. Raziel1981 1)I wasn't able to click the Dodge/Evade button with the MIGS, it was just greyed out and nothing happened, not sure about the first Jets as I pretty much went straight to MIGS. 2)Not sure what you mean by vectors? If you mean seperating the Jets to hit from different angles, no I didn't try that. Max_Caine 1)I must have been extremely unlucky then because I remember having a light scout pop up and saying to myself, surely a Jet can take this thing on and sent one in. He lost. Admittedly, I don't think I pressed anything to assist the Jet but as you said, neither did you and yours was fine. Gauddlike 1)I haven't been spreading my Jets out, it didn't occur to me that would help, so that would definitely be my fault. 2)Yes, I was sending out 3, resulting in 3 on 3 battles. 3)For the Chinook, I just meant I could have had a Terror mission in the next country over and still not been able to send it because my MIGS were failing so badly in the air. I'll give it another go today, as it sounds like my fatal error is not separating my Jets during Air combat. This brings up another point though, is there any plans to add a basic tutorial or an information screen? I know the original X-Com just dropped you in and said good luck, but Xenonauts has a lot more well done mechanics that aren't as simple as the original and the best example is obviously the Air combat. Again, judging from the replies here, it sounds like the errors are on my side, which personally makes me happy but people new to the style of gameplay or Xenonauts in general are going to get turned off really fast due to the difficulty of just not knowing the tools you have. I'll stress again, I know it's an Alpha build and things like a tutorial aren't important but even some basic info on some of the mechanics would be nice.
  9. This is by far not a post being negative about this game. I love it. And I know it's still in Alpha. I've intentionally, by some miracle of patience, been able to keep myself from playing several builds of this game until it was in a more playable state, so I could enjoy it without a lot of the beginning issues it had and also to really get a good look at the structure of it in order to give feedback. This build looked like the one to hop back in on and give it another go. While it's vastly in a better state than it was a few months ago and I'm really loving the changes/additions/updates the team has got in so far, I'm still finding it incredibly difficult. I've played the original X-Com quite a bit and although I was never amazing at it, I get it and what I'm supposed to be building/prioritizing/managing in Xenonauts. I'm not having issues with Ground combat (The little bit I played of it) but it's the Air combat that seems broken. I could be completely wrong, of course, but here's what's happening. Also, I'm playing on Normal. Everything can shoot down 1 starting Jet. I find it a bit odd that a Jet can't take down a light scout but if that's a design choice, then I'm fine with it. It seemed like the second I bought a MIG, which was the first month, they started showing up in groups of three. Three MIGS could maybe down 1 enemy fighter before they all were destroyed. This put me in a spot, in the first month, where I couldn't do anything. I had MIGS, which I figured would give me an advantage, but instead ended my game because I couldn't down anything at that point. I can only think the solution would be to buy more Hangers/MIGs but that seems like bad design if I have to invest in so much in the first month, especially when you start with an already seemingly generous 3 Hangers. Again, I'm well aware this is in Alpha, I just thought I would post and hear if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is useful feedback. Just a few points to how this went down in my two month long campaign. 1)Built MIGS, which I assume triggered UFO squads of 3, making it impossible to down anything. 2)This resulted in me not once getting to send the Chinook out. 3)Every Terror mission that popped up was well beyond the fuel and speed range of a Chinook, not to mention there was no way to escort it even if I wanted too. 4)In summary, before the end of month two, I ended up just watching UFO's fly over helplessly because I could literally do nothing but watch. On Normal difficulty. 5)Not as relevant but is there a way, or a way going to be implemented, to increase the speed of the air battles? It gets tedious waiting for my Jets to retreat 3-4 times in a row when Fighters are chasing them. *On a positive side note, I'm loving the Ground combat. It's coming along awesome and the Class/Role system is fantastic. It also seems like there is a cover system but honestly, it's hard to tell if that's what the icon's are that highlight when you want to move someone next to a chest-high wall.
  10. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot!
  11. Is there a Direct Download for Xenonauts? As in, just a zip file or torrent I can download? Desura has been giving me nothing but issues when trying to get Xenonauts to install/update or even run. I haven't been able to play the game in months.
  12. Quick question about your upcoming UI Update: Have you had a chance to fix the Snap/Auto shot, etc AP reserve buttons? By that I mean, are we able to press the button once and have it save our choice every turn?
  13. I have checked out the Mods section and while there are some cool background adding mods, I didn't see anything that related to changing/customizing your soldier's backgrounds.
  14. Not sure if this has been suggested before but since just recently checking out (and loving) this project, I thought it would be really cool if you could either create or edit a Soldier's background. I love the random element and I know that's what your team is going for, but I'm one of those X-Com players that love naming their Soldier's after people they know and getting invested as they take a shot or do something heroic. So, I think the Soldier backgrounds are a brilliant idea and I love it, I'm just wondering if it would possible to let you "fill in the blanks" so to speak on Soldiers. Especially choosing their nationality would be really cool. The extra/step idea on this would be to "recruit" soldiers and let you pick and choose how you wanted them, superficially of course, not so much stats.
  15. Well true, I guess this game is going to be heavily user moddable. It wouldn't be too bad to import any kind of picture I guess but the consistency in artwork would be nice. Plus, I think the art style in this game is very cool.