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  1. Its an old bug. After a combat, i can't access the base screens, unless i click on a base on the map (small square). Clicking on the first base icon (installations screen) doesn't change that. My resolution is native tv resolution (1360x768). Geforce 570, win 7 64 bit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aa1lgq0adfe1tzr/xenonauts_2014_01_31_22_58_45_796.avi
  2. I'm almost sure it was the blue car, but it could be the other one too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6vqwlw1tp36k4a/xenonauts_2014_01_31_22_14_18_273.avi
  3. Check the civilian inside the house "inside" the stairs. If this bug is already known, just ignore.
  4. I tried that both on firefox and on IE 9. Can't find any delete options.
  5. but on the "rooms screen" it shows only 2 of them and the other one is not flying. Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/av5vni5i5qn8cum/2013-11-20_16.01.49.sav EDIT: Sorry, ignore this. I was playing earlier today and i think i bough another interceptor but it probably hasn't arrived yet. There seems to be now way of deleting this thread. The only thing ican do is edit the text but the title will remain unchanged...
  6. I had five rockets on my backpack (i think that's the maximum i can get) and after i fired the one which was already in the rocket launcher, i couldn't reload them.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/603njlv39htv42q/xenonauts%20bug%20OVERLOADED%20SOLDIER%20GROUND%20 COMBAT.mp4 I'm posting this video because AFAIK this bug is supposed to be eradicated, right ?
  8. Ok. Is it also a known issue when on ground combat if a soldier is in the same situation, that is, has almost all his backpack space occupied and put his weapon down to use a grenade but the grenade doesn't go on his hand space ? and trying to get the weapon back on the hand also doesn't work ? I can post a video of that if needed...
  9. If i select every soldier that is in the chinook (sorry, Charlie) at the base screen and start equipping them until every empty space is filled, the game crashes. I put a shield and a medikit on every soldier and then tried to fill all empty spaces with the standard grenade. When i did that on the last soldier,the game crashed. I can repeat this behavior all the time.
  10. xcom

    Steam Keys - How To Claim!

    I had to reinstall steam and want to play the latest xenonauts beta version,but i cant remember the beta code to activate xenonauts betas on steam...