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  1. Is there a bug that causes Jackal armour to disappear? I seem to have to constantly make new armour beyond the 3 soldiers that I have lost. I had a full set of armour for each soldier but even after making 3 new armour for the replacement soldiers only half of my team has it now.
  2. I haven't played Xenonauts for a long time since I wanted to wait until it was more complete. It is amazing how far it has come! It looks very polished now! I started a new game and encountered 2 small scout UFOs. Both times my condors has to break off from the attack while in the combat screen just before they could fire on the UFO. I got the message that I had to break off the attack or else I wouldn't have enough fuel to fly back to base. I said yes to break off the attack. The condors then turn around and fly off the screen in slow motion. It takes a minute or two for them to leave the screen and for the screen to go back to the Geoscape. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to speed it up?
  3. Congrats to Chris and the Xenonauts team for reaching this milestone! I know the game isn't finished yet, but you guys have done an amazing job for your first Indie game. Home you guys get all the success you deserve.
  4. There are 3 things that I disliked in the demo: 1) The opening movie was a blatant ripoff of the aliens landing in the "War of the Worlds" remake. I expected more originality from Firaxis. 2) The camera movement was almost a waste of time. Give us full mouse control of the camera like Company of Heroes! 3) If you look at the movie folder you can see videos that are shown after you research new hardware. A lot of the guns are the exact same video but they just changed the gun model in the characters hand. Same camera move. Same scientist in the video. How cheap is that? Really lame not to have more variety ie different scientist, camera moves, etc.
  5. Wow, your personal attack was grossly unwarranted. However since you want to go down that road there is a wonderful thing in forums called a search feature
  6. Ya already reported a few hours ago in the Xcom thread in this section of the forum.
  7. What is retarded is the fact that they seem to have included all of the game's videos. That is almost 3.7gb of videos of wasted bandwidth since most of those videos can't be seen in the demo I suspect. Oh well, we can watch them with a .bik player if you want spoilers. Get the Radtools.exe from if you want a Bink video player. The sectoid autopsy video is mildy gory yet rather enjoyable at the same time
  8. Finished demo. It is extremely short and leaves you wanting more BADLY. Basically you get a few cut scenes, the "tutorial" mission on how to do basic movement, and 1 mission with full control. That "full control" mission can be a choice between 2 different missions. You have to restart demo to choose the other mission. UPDATE: Both missions are identical. Doesn't matter if you choose the North American mission or China mission. Same result. I wasn't impressed by the opening video that was blatantly stolen from War Of The Worlds (remake). I expected more originality from Firaxis. It looks good but not enough to decide if all the original X-com goodness is there. My guess is that they dumbed it down a little. I am going to have to play the demo again and see if the camera can be controlled at all. Update: ya slight camera changes by (q) and (e) key. Missed it first time I played it
  9. Not sure if it has been posted already (sorry if so) but the demo is available on Steam now. Downloading it myself (almost 6GB). If you pre-order the game on Steam they have rewards that increase as more people pre-order. Very close to the reward of them throwing in Civ 5 for free if you pre-order.
  10. ya, "fog of war" doesn't seem to work on alien corpses.
  11. Minor a lot of the same soldier first name. In the attached screenshot you will see how many Katrina soldiers were generated on starting a new game. Apparently the name Katrina was very popular. Click on to enlarge image
  12. I am only going to recruit fat soldiers. I want to blow the monthly budget on food and toilet paper. errr, maybe that won't be a winning strategy against aliens.
  13. Damn, finally got around to installing Desura and collecting my kickstarter "gift" but don't have enough time to play it. I need more free time to satisfy my need to execute aliens!
  14. Ya I am tempted to stay awake to check on the numbers. Would like to see the $50,000 happen (almost) live. Thanks Chris for ruining my night
  15. I made my modest backing of the Xenonauts kickstarter. Wish I had more to spend right now but money is still pretty tight. $50,000 was way too modest!