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Do you like the "recent" farm map ? I don't


Choose your favorite farm map  

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  1. 1. Choose your favorite farm map

    • Old farm map (more like xcom and very open)
    • New map (has to walk around or destroy obstacles)

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I also thought we'd be getting both. Would be a shame if that wasn't the case.

I think as it stands now we will not get the older one anymore, because it is never appearing again on the campaign and on the (now not available) quick battle mode since version 17 started i believe. The older map hasn't appeared for quite a long time.

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There are plenty of tilesets that are large and open (Arctic, Desert etc) so the farm ones are more enclosed than before.

Thats it? That is the almighty reason I have been waiting for...

Taking away open farms and replacing them with more cramped closed farms does not seem to add much to gameplay.

(developer loving mode on) Are the maps preedurally generated?

If no could certian aspects be?

If no why hell arn't they?

If no was it impossible to implement?

If no was it a design choice?

If yes those are all unimportant^.....

I mean I would like if all maps are lovingly generated but that exuse just seems weak...

Thanks for reading!

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Actually, if there are a finite number of maps, it would make sense to vary them a bit, in terms of enclosures etc.

The maps are semi-random and not procedurally generated.

There will hopefully be enough randomisation in the final maps to avoid huge amounts of repetition. Failing that, there a rather good looking map editor to create more variations with.

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If all maps have the chance to be anything at all then they lose the themes that the devs want them to have.

Industrial maps are designed to be enclosed with narrow areas, plenty of cover, and short lines of sight.

Arctic maps are open with limited cover but you can see for your whole sight range in any direction.

If you mix the two then you have enclosed maps where the floor is grey concrete or white snow and wide open maps where the floor is grey or white.

The only variation then is in the colour palette and if your cover looks like a rock or a pipe.

I think I prefer the themed approach.

Nothing saying you can't have the odd map that varies from the theme just to throw a curve ball at the player though.

The old style farm map could be one of those.

If it is quite a rare map type then it is also a bit of an easter egg when you get it.

Maybe the OP is thinking more about which theme better fits farm maps though.

I feel they should be a middle ground.

Part of the way between industrial type maps and wilderness types.

Some open field areas with buildings to clear.

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Upon realizing how unproductive my latest speal was I have come with an alternative to atempt to be more constructive.

So basicaly the maps differ in these aspect one is open and one is closed.

Well the farms I have been on are niether open or closed. The buildings are clustered together and there are fenced in fields.

I think we can simulate a close/closish enviornment in an open area... CORN! or wheat fields, They restrict vision :D

I think having to charge an open feild TO GET TO a close quarters area, I think that would be cool.

But a problem might be implenmenting wheat but the main point is

~Farms with open and closed areas sound awsome~

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The farms regularly have large open areas. If two fields are next to each other with just a stone wall running between them, that's two 20x20 empty spaces next to one another. Unlike every other tileset, we can't just slap a rock or tree in the middle of a field or any prop other than a hay bale because it's a field - it wouldn't be a field if it was full of stuff, so there's only really any cover at the sides of it. So it already has open and closed areas. If you took the hedgerows away it would just be an open map.

You need something to block off the maps so you can't see the full distance all the time otherwise there's no point taking any weapons other than sniper rifles on most missions. You only needed heavy plasmas in X-Com, which was hardly great from a tactical point of view.

No, the maps aren't procedurally generated because they'd look horrible if they were. It's basically impossible to come up with a convincing looking and balanced map for a game like this using procedural generation. The ground tiles wouldn't link up properly unless you spent more time coding the level generation algorithm than you did on all the rest of the game mechanics put together.

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Maybe the OP is thinking more about which theme better fits farm maps though.

Yes, i was just comparing the two farm maps. I wouldn't mind a much more closed space farm map, as long as it was closed because of houses , barns ,a few vehicles and so on. Its that the new farm map seems to me weird, a kind of forced closed unnatural map.

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