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  1. Gorzahg

    Forest Maps?

    Looks awesome! Can make some wooden buildings like a hunting cabin out of the farm set?
  2. Could aerial terror attacks be not so far away. Please. And on the bravery problem, bravery could be increased on a level up like health is.
  3. MG takes 35APs to reload The aliens tried to rush him, but he showed them!
  4. Reloading needs the percentage system, because I have had a soldier unable to reload his MG because he didn't have enough APs (yes his APs were that low). Throwing grenades doesn't use the percentage system, right? I don't think the same guy could throw grenades either.
  5. Alien shot out the floor beneath my xenonaut and he couldn't move, but he could still turn and shoot.
  6. Gorzahg

    Forest Maps?

    How difficult is it to mod in new map types? There's plenty of forest stuff like trees and stumps from the farm rural roads and train tracks from industrial. The army base buildings from desert maps could be used as well. Has anyone tried this before?
  7. Gorzahg

    Community Map Pack

    Does the map pack work with V21.5?
  8. Gorzahg

    Well, that got out of hand...

    I've found, that on that terror site your best bet is popping smoke and plodding around the back of the building across street from you and then heading towards the bank. Then, once you're at the bank, get a few men up onto the second floor and use your superior LOS to pepper aliens hiding in the park until you win. This strategy only works against Sebs though, Androns will charge you and since they can't be suppressed or die easily lots of Xenonauts are going to get pretty dead.
  9. Gorzahg

    Forest maps

    It shouldn't be too hard to make a forest map with the trees, buildings and water already in the game.
  10. Xenonauts isn't an RPG. Veterans should be good soldiers, not superheroes.
  11. The percentage system will work fine because there is an AP reserve slider. People don't have to remember how many APs they need to fire as long use the slider to make sure they don't move to far.
  12. I haven't gotten any big ships yet, but I'm pretty sure there are teleporters to get you to the second floor.
  13. It's not an inconsistency. All soldiers pay the same percentage, rounding up or down fractions. Soldiers with more APs pay more because they have more APs, they still fire as much as rookies but more accurate. It's not heretical sorcery to make the game harder.
  14. You're recruits are supposed to be the best of the best... And makes balancing easier as you know how many shots it soldier will get with each weapon. Higher ranked soldiers have better accuracy. They don't really need to shoot more. The AP percentage system doesn't make APs crap, because soldiers with lots of APs can move a long way, making them good scouts. Right now, APs are overpowered because not only does having lots of APs mean you can move a lot, but also means you can shoot a lot.