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    Thread: Geoscape Events

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      Geoscape Events



      Interested in hearing your opinion on the possibility of occasional events/missions. I can't remember if somewhere in the recess of the forum this has already been discussed and decided on so I will lay it down anyway!

      These would be pop ups (like the UFO intercept screen) which would have a world government make a request or demand of you. These would be very occasional (one a month or less - probably ticker based) and be things like;

      North America requests 200 laser rifles. Completion of this mission will enable the North American's to automatically deal with all future fighter/scout crash-sites. Time Limit: None. (Obviously these missions would only occur after the correct tech had been unlocked but might be a nice alternative to clicking away lower value missions in the mid-late game).

      Europe requests increased XCOM patrols above their territory due to increased alien activity. Completion of this mission will lead to +10 approval rating - Time Limit: 1 Month

      Africa demands immediate XCOM assistance with a terror site in Cape Town (I believe this is already in the game anyway!)

      Asia demands 3 alien power sources to alleviate severe power shortages across the continent. Completion of this mission will lead to increased funding from Asia; 100,000 p.m. Time Limit: 2 Months.

      I understand that this suggestion may be unworkable but I thought it might open an interesting discussion as to how you could make manufacturing useful (while not wholly profitable) and also alleviate some issues with the monotony of clearing small crash sites in the mid-late game. It would also give people a reason to send out Aircraft on patrols other than to try and find enemy bases.
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      While I like the idea of events like this, I dont really like the idea of them giving you increasingly annoying negative consequences. If they want you to defend them, they should give you more money right?

      Feels like it would practically force the player to do these events, because if not you'd get too much negative impact on your gameplay. Events should be optional imo, like a bonus, not something that punish the player if he doesnt manage to complete it. Fighting aliens is annoying as it is.

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      The Europe/Africa examples already fall into everyday Xenonaut activity. Clearing terror sites and intercepting UFOs are among the basic gameplay elements which already carry approval bonuses and penalties.

      The other two "quests" are more interesting requiring you to sacrifice workshop hours or exchange short term gain (sold power sources) for long term (better funding) but I don't know if they'd "sit" well with the game. I'm to tired to consider it properly atm.
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      I'm more interested in reacting to some of those events. someting like tertiary objectives which can be ingored if wanted

      Ufo sighting - send a jet to a quick scout
      Abduction - send researchers with a small escort to examen the location and learn from it (examing the death/destruction)
      Tidal Wave distrution - send some researches to figure out what is causing it. + send some engineers if they discover it is a device to revese engineer it or destroy it
      Entire city vaporised - send troops to secure site and later on send researched to learn more
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      I have edited the original post to form a slightly better argument. I was pretty tired (and writing on my phone) when I thought the original one up.
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      possibly useful, but also possibly very annoying...
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      I've noticed "freak storm detected" in the game as an alert. Are the aliens using weather control weaponry?

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      No, thats just a side effect that appears when 2 alien ships cross paths. Something about the wake left by their propulsion or sometihng.

      (I'm makeing things up, this is in no way official. Most likely its just unusual weather and someone paniced and blamed aliens)

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      I agree there should be an important events with popups.

      Also event system should be open formated. If so modders would start to create events immediately.
      There should be trigger conditions, text, picture and one or several options that would change some game variables or trigger other events in a meanwhile.

      As for event contents i don't like what Belmakor proposes. For example an event in which USSR decides to nuke every landed UFO within range is much more adult. Or an event with a high alien infiltration into human society (xenonauts should give UN a suggestion to exterminate millions of people or what to do). This events are in scale of alien invasion.


      P.S.: As for me that would be fun to have an option to loose 95% of humanity and 99% of other animals on earth bacause of wrong/unlucky decisions and bad interception.
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      I like how the events appear around the map and don't pop in your face like there's no tomorrow. It creates a sense of sneaky danger and an uncomfortable atmosphere. While I agree with making the events open-formatted so people can easily add new eerie stuff, pop-up windows should be reserved for important things - UFO interception, ground battle engagement, research projects - such as it is currently handled.

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