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  1. My very first reaction was... the view distance the soldiers can see is terribad! It feels like its the same view distance soldiers had in the original xcom during night battles! I dont want to know how far the soldiers can see during night time in Xenonauts 3 tiles? *sarcasm* But really... for me the view distance of soldiers seem very low. Especially for being daytime.
  2. I hope we get to be able to research night goggles...
  3. While I like the idea of events like this, I dont really like the idea of them giving you increasingly annoying negative consequences. If they want you to defend them, they should give you more money right? Feels like it would practically force the player to do these events, because if not you'd get too much negative impact on your gameplay. Events should be optional imo, like a bonus, not something that punish the player if he doesnt manage to complete it. Fighting aliens is annoying as it is.
  4. I would love to see stuff like this. Something I'd like to see is something from the original xcom if I recall correctly, when the soldiers could be better at different stuff. A soldier might have be extra talented with sharpshooting and can often hit enemies far away more often than the other soliders can. Therefore he got the title "sniper" at his name I'd love the soldiers to have different personalities