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  1. anotherdevil

    Does anyone know anything about old computers?

    I wont be able to help, but reading your post I did have one thing comment to make. You might want to tell people where you are/this computer is, as this is a pretty international forum. That will help narrow down any potential help to your region at least
  2. Could you not just make a storage locker area on the dropship, and in the equip screen at base have the storage locker appear with all of the troops. Therefore anything you put in the locker, will appear on the ship in a set location? I hope that makes sense...
  3. anotherdevil

    Reverse X-Com

    If anyone is interested, even if it's just to proofread and give ideas for things, let me know and I''ll start adding people once I'm back from Christmas in early January! Until then have a great holiday and a happy new year!
  4. anotherdevil

    Reverse X-Com

    Ha ha I've found that all you need is an imagination and the willingness to put in some effort. If anyone does want to help it can be anything from mission ideas, map crafting, gameplay features, testing, and so and so forth. There are so many things that people can help out with, and so long as people are willing to keep putting in a bit of time every now and then it will slowly take form =]
  5. anotherdevil

    Reverse X-Com

    I don't want to steal this idea at all, but if anyone would like to help me make a boardgame/D&D style game about this premise then I would love the help. I'll make up some ideas in a google documents, and if you're keen just send me a message with your e-mail and I'll share it with you.
  6. anotherdevil

    Reverse X-Com

    Sounds awesome!
  7. anotherdevil

    Kickstarter Thread

    Yeah it is, but they're half way there now... Here are the video games I'm currently backing, or thinking of: Paradise Lost (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1183462809/paradise-lost-first-contact) Awesome looking retro style metroid/castlevania cross (not that I ever played those games, or really like most pixel graphics games...) Confererate Express (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829559023/confederate-express) Also retro pixel style, with fun looking gameplay and skill progressions and they really have a handle on the graphics and lighting etc. The Mandate (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1964463742/the-mandate/posts/658822?ref=activity) This just looks like fun. Ship vs ship combat as well as tactical engagements (even at the same time!) Stasis (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bischoff/stasis-2d-isometric-scifi-horror-adventure-game?ref=live) 2D isometric horror game. Looks awesome, the guy has a really impressive website, and there is a free alpha demo that is really quite good. Could use some hints but I got there eventually
  8. anotherdevil

    Kickstarter Thread

    I'm already a backer, and I hope they get it funded! I don't know why it's not garnering more interest, it looks like they've done a lot of work, and they are providing some substantial updates etc.
  9. anotherdevil


    what about the different planets and inhabitants thereof? How do they/their societies function, and how has this helped/hampered relations between them and us?
  10. anotherdevil


    I don't find it hard to read your stuff. And no idea of any references, sorry!
  11. anotherdevil


    NEWS-VERSE Bringing you news from the 'verse, to you throughout the 'verse... in verse There is a flagship making discoveries, with a head scientist who's like John Cleese, He's great, pushes boundaries, and has great flair, not to mention his wonderful hair! They've made new reactors powered by lightning bolts, are constantly losing crew who act like dolts, but cloning them back cuts down overheads, Now the ships entirely crewed by fred's! They make cannons that do stuff, Like pow, zap and puff, Open tears through dimensions, and cutting down on pensions. Making whales that can't swim It's humanities win! For we can live inside them, And hide from the Zigen! (those bloody vego alien-pricks) So come to you local enlistment troll, Sign away your life, your property, your soul, I wont promise great things, like sights and sounds, For if you're unlucky, you first post are the test grounds!
  12. anotherdevil


    These are gold. Reminds me of the book 'redshirts' I'm not so good at coming up with wackey stuff, but I'll have a think about it!
  13. anotherdevil

    Analysis of The Bureau

    Honestly if this game didn't have XCOM in the title, there would be far less fuss being made about it. It's a good game. It's not an XCOM game (It doesn't fit the timeline).
  14. anotherdevil

    Routine by Lunar Software

    If anyone is a fan of FPS survival horror games you should really check out all the videos of Routine. It's a FPS Sci-Fi survival horror and it looks bloody scary! Link to site here: http://www.routinegame.com/
  15. A lot of these points I agree with. I really preferred the concept of this game when it was a FPS! Not that that's saying much perhaps...