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  1. Slam Bus Rodan

    Kickstarter Rewards

    Yeah, I'm also curious. I'm waiting for my hard copy of the finished game to play!
  2. No - I guess that's the issue. So once I do another ground assault, then I should see the Mag Weapons topic pop up?
  3. I tried this and it did not work. Anymore ideas?
  4. After researching the ALIEN BATTLE RIFLE, I do not get the MAG WEAPONS research topic. I have already researched the following weapons: ALIEN PLASMA PISTOL ALIEN PLASMA RIFLE ALIEN HEAVY PLASMA ALIEN PRECISION PLASMA ALIEN PLASMA CANNON Is there something missing? I should note I am already able to construct the SINGULARITY CANNON (which is technically a MAG Weapon). Man, it's a bummer. I want my railguns. "Time to get erased!"
  5. Slam Bus Rodan

    So, roughly how far are we now from release?

    "Just be cool. She'll hold." - Perfect Tommy
  6. Slam Bus Rodan


    Damn right.
  7. Slam Bus Rodan


    I *KNEW* it was a four legged spider! Damn, it's too bad they had to go. Maybe we should do a Kickstarter next year for the "Xenonauts: Terror Within" expansion, featuring the Scuttler and the Juggernaut as well as the Reaper Hive terror mission! Just a thought.
  8. Slam Bus Rodan


    Truly a bummer - Manticore sounded so menacing!
  9. Slam Bus Rodan


    I remember hearing about some more alien terror weapons (akin to Sectopods and Cyberdiscs) that were going to be in the game. I know that the Scuttler (which I still suspect looked like a 4 legged spider) was cut. But what about the others? Chimera? Cerberus? Manticore? Anyone have any solid news?
  10. Nobu was, truthfully, a good friend of mine. My Kickstarter donation allowed me to ask Chris to put him in the game. He was a lover of sci-fi - and he would have had a good laugh at this "cloning error". Sadly, that isn't possible. He passed away a day before the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster.
  11. I guess we will have to wait for the artbook. Loose lips crash spaceships!
  12. Chris, one question... was the Scuttler like a giant spider with only four legs?
  13. The Scuttler is out? Damn. I always wondered what that thing looked like! Chris, is there any art for this alien? I would really liked to have seen that one.