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  1. Wow! Thats a great mod i should say! I've played xcom since ~1994. Playing x-division for the first time. Installed 1.00.11 beta. selected NG+1 iron man. I liked when 2 of my f-17 were killed by a single alien scout on the first day. And first ground mission scared me a lot when alien hp was not going down after multiple shots. I'm determined to try to win without reading any spoilers. This mod feels really great. One weird thing is i could not buy back a new awacs plane after selling it. This is stupid... You should make awacs available from the beginning of the game. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! Very good xcom experience! I've even came back to forum to write this post (after 7 years or so) Thinking to make a stream
  2. I've tried 1.63 for mac and the very first enemy turn was never ended. Mac OS 10.11.1 No mods
  3. KOKON

    0.34 Mac OS

    Well. Yesterday i've tried to play the game on my mac. Chose community branch in betas section in steam. It didn't work. I've run it but nothing happened. No menu or anything.
  4. Here is some x-com fan feedback. The big problem for me is unpassable/sight blocking tiles that seem to be passable. Around some ufos. And inside some buildings. In original ufo defence there was no such problem and there is no such problem in new feraxis game. You should try to fix that imho. Community Edition is a great mod!
  5. >>If you don't wait until the absolute last moment before grounding the chopper, the troops would have plenty of time to ditch the chopper and scatter before the alien ships arrived Well. I can propose a mission with aliens attacking landed helicopter with ground forces.
  6. There is no problem actually. Can you see CE in the list? If so there is no problem installing it.
  7. Hi. I'm going to play xenonauts for the first time. What is the code to access CE on steam? It asks me to enter the code.
  8. I guess you have mac os. To dowonload CE via steam you should use MS Windows
  9. KOKON

    New fog of war bug

    It looks that you can not see the lit tiles if they are behind the dark tiles. Lets say i throw lighter 20 tiles away. But i can not see it because darkness is 10 tiles away from me. In original xcom i do remember i could see sectoid silhouettes in the same situation. --- P.S.: I really do like CE improvements.
  10. KOKON

    Fog of war bug.

    In my 1st XE:CE(0.32HF2) game At the beginning of my turn muton was still visible. My very first action was a shot by sniper scoring hit. Then muton and tiles around him have disappeared in the fog of war.
  11. ah everything is ok. Probably it popped up when i clicked on experimental branch
  12. Well it looks like i'm the only xcom fan who was patient enaugh to have a first run after the game became fully polished
  13. Well there is still no mac build
  14. omg. Finally. I will have my 1st xenonauts play soon
  15. I will start to play soon. Just decided to wait before the game would be completely polished.
  16. >>XCOM: UFO DEFENSE + latest UFO Extender v1.30 and XCOMUtil v9.7 May be would play this too. I'm not sure what expansions i had but... My tactics to survive a base attack if i dont reload save-games is to have some tanks. To have at least two tanks just to defend the base + a lot of extra soldiers.
  17. You must read this article! It is publihed in a Russian collaborative blog about IT and Computer science. So use google translate. http://habrahabr.ru/company/mosigra/blog/169073/ - link to original russian text http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fhabrahabr.ru%2Fcompany%2Fmosigra%2Fblog%2F169073%2F&act=url - link to google translated text P.S.: So called uncle Obryaschikovu from Tula mentioned in the very beginning of the article is the guy who cracked and translated XCOM Defence into Russian many years ago. P.P.S: "nastolki" is a russian slang word for the board game. It should have been simply translated as a board game
  18. KOKON

    Base Simplification Ideas

    I dont like this idea so much that i'm stop reading this futher.
  19. I would like all ufos to have an ability to sometimes boost to first cosmic speed (at least). 7.7 km/s (27720 km/h). This is a speed that is required to rech the worst (300 km) orbit. 11 km/s (39600 km/h) is still a speed that won't allow you to escape from Earths orbit. If the game limits ufos speed to 3000-4000 km/h then it is not clear how do they fly away to orbit. Also i would like to have hypersonic missiles.
  20. KOKON

    Realistic Aircrafts mod v1.0

    Yes i want content of this mod to be the part of official game. Also i would like to see more 1960s-1970s planes.
  21. KOKON

    UFO combat speed

    Lol )))))) If about hypersonic missiles i simply mean that you have Stingray, avalanche + some rocket that is 5x faster then avalanche but has a high cost
  22. KOKON

    UFO combat speed

    Ufo may dissaper from the game when it: 1. lands 2. tracking lost 3. escapes into space Sometimes (not always) it should boost before you loose it on the map. You had this behavour in original xcom. Ufos in xcom were interseptable first with your starting aircrafts then they started to fly at a higher speeds. First they have studied human aircrafts. Then after a year alien scouts often tried to disingage and generally flew at high speeds. --- P.S.: - The first thing i propose is not to set a low limit for ufo speed. Ufo may or may not use a higher speed. This is a different question. - The second thing i propose is to sagnificantly boost some ufos before taking them from geomap. - The third thing i propose is to make weak ufos to fly at higher speeds after initial human study is complited. P.P.S.: >>From your proposal, it sounds like you would like all UFOs to randomly boost to a speed beyond which they cannot be caught by interceptors. During the early game the random chance is low Later on the chance for weak ufos is higher but they can still be interceppted with newer/special aircrafts/weapons anyways
  23. KOKON

    UFO combat speed

    Well if you prefer to play Lego Duplo
  24. I haven't seen this on forum so i want to remind you how it was in xcom apoc. During the turnbased gameplay your enemy or some groups of your enemys were moving simultaneously during their turn. Thx to this duration of enemy turn was very much reduced.