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  1. For fans of turn-based combat that also happens to feature giant stompy robots: From the same guys who did the recent Shadowrun games, which are also pretty fun.
  2. I love those books. So, a game where you play as the Artist's Rifles?
  3. Certainly close. The Deep Ones were a fairly obvious shout-out, and T'leth was basically R'lyeh (with the Great Dreamer as ol' squid-head himself). Close enough that it's on the list of games inspired by the Mythos:
  4. To be fair, they are probably showing the ground combat at the moment as that's the more dynamic, trailer friendly part of the game. Showing the strategic interface just isn't sexy enough for Marketing to sign off on. It's presumably going to have a similar upgrade path to standard XCOM where you can get the plasma tech later on; the backstory of XCOM2 from what I've heard is that it's a setting where XCOM never really got off the ground in the first place and was curbstomped very early on, before they got a lot of the research done.
  5. Final fantasy VII remake looks cool, but to be honest I'm not sure I have the time to play a game that long again. Also I don't really like playing the FF games on PC (control schemes usually suck), and I don't have a current gen console. I did really like DX:HR, so hoping the new one is equally fun. XCOM2 I'm interested in but haven't seen a lot about yet (hadn't seen the stuff about detection auras; are they omnidirectional or a visual cone?)
  6. Actually there was some discussion about handling the ambush tactics in Pathfinders by simply giving the ambushing player a much larger initial deployment zone and saying that turn 1 was the point at which you had tripped the alarm/been detected. Making the stealth part of the gameplay more down to character stats rather than gameplay.
  7. Has this been pushed to the main branch or is it still only on Experimental?
  8. Just been reading about this myself.
  9. There is both a low morale effect and a psychic attack. The psychic attack was called Berserk but was renamed to Hallucinate (although certain internal references might still call it Berserk, not sure).
  10. Or a rival NATO force if you build your first base in the Soviet Union.
  11. The problems with the game engine for Xenonauts are legion; check the dev diary for details of how they spent much of the development time fighting the damn thing. For a Starship Troopers game one major issue you will find is lack of support for tall units i.e. units that expand upwards into the cube above themselves. Bombrik; the game is considered feature complete now, so there is some bug-fixing going on. A lot of access has been granted to the modding community though, and that is where the new updates will be coming from.
  12. Is it a sensible/practical weapon? No. Does it make me cackle with glee every time I fire it and catch 5 enemies in the radius and make them explode? Yes.
  13. I'd already split my team before I met the Praetor. I sent them off to the generator rooms as I was moving through the level, rather than going back for them.
  14. If you are finding that a pair of Migs cannot down a corvette, you may not have researched Alenium yet; this unlocks a research topic called Alenium Explosives that boosts the damage on your missiles/torpedoes.
  15. I did blow up the generators, but I split the team to do it rather than having my whole squad do it. IIRC I sent 1 rifleman and 1 assault trooper to each generator, while my main force went up the centre after the Praetor.