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  1. I like that. Pick a scope and do it well. Trying to do too much (large teams and extensive customisation) only ends up in micromanagement hell. =)
  2. Actually, standard military issue comes in two sizes, not one: Too large and too small.
  3. That's where my avatar is from. The Evil Alien Barn.
  4. Aliens can attack you without requiring LOS (with psionics) while you cannot fight back. Arguably that's cheating but if you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough. =)
  5. Intention: Create a plasma weapon that at least borderline resembles an actual plasma weapon. The plasma blob supposedly cools while airborne so damage is reduced by distance. If impacting on something, it transfers the heat and has a damage over time effect for 1-2 turns after. Mechanics proposal: Adjustable damage falloff over adjustable distance. Damage over time component with adjustable % of initial impact damage and duration. Can be linear - no need to overcomplicate it.
  6. @ omglaserspewpew You might like [MOD WIP] Asymmetric Weapons Tech with Plausible Advanced Ballistics. While I would prefer something like this as part of the vanilla game, I also know that this would be a lot more effort to balance and Goldhawk doesn't have the manpower of a AAA developer. Wish in one hand, spit in the other... =)
  7. Yeh, I'd personally have placed the mag a little further back but then again... it's just a bitmap. You can change it if you don't like it. =)
  8. I don't think you hold it. You rather hold on to it. =P But seriously - it's a basic bullpup design. A bit short for the off hand but workable. Perfectly justified by Rule Of Cool. =P
  9. I'm not saying that it's noticeably easier to evade a 1000m/s bullet at close range - this was just a possible way to differentiate weapon tiers with an explanation that would at least sound somewhat legit. =) Another option would be that lasers have low spread when burst firing. Low recoil with this glorified flashlight.
  10. XCOM:EU uses very small small magazines and firing burst (suppression) leads to a lot of time-consuming reloading. It works. Detection mechanics would also be an option. The more often you shoot, the more visible you become to aliens. Every shot adds maybe +2 tiles to the range at which you are seen by aliens so you get more return fire. A sniper gets to fire higher power rounds so gets to deliver more damage accurately without a lot of the disadvantage.
  11. The OP's tone is a bit over the top but it succeeded in getting some responses so it probably was intentional. =) And the suggestion / complaint wasn't to have a single OP weapon. He criticised the complete lack of imagination in weapon mechanics when moving from tier 1 to tier 2 to tier 3... Plasma weapons are hot stuff. They start fires and a hit has a DoT component, damaging something for 1 or 3 turns afterward. HV weapons overpenetrate without destroying destroying the actual cover. They only punch tiny holes like in .Lasers could simply be more accurate. You just can't beat light speed. *shrug*
  12. Instead of exploiting the strength stat you can save yourself a lot of boring repetition - at least for your custom mercs - if you edit the INI file and assign yourself more points.
  13. If you want to avoid a flame war, you ask. First. =) A side benefit of that is that there's a chance you'll actually get some support or creative feedback that way. With my X3 scripts/mods I added a "Rules and permissions" section. That would make things easy but the Xeno modding scene isn't quite big enough for that to be a major issue. =)
  14. So the mod becomes pointless when the Hyperion rolls around? Why? I suggest adding a "Scout Scimitar". When you have researched the Hyperion, the Scout Scimitar becomes researchable. That is then a direct upgrade to the Hunter while the Hyperion is the tanky type. This way you keep the choice in the game.
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