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  1. poulwrist

    Launcher Animation Test

    That's 5:4 not 4:3 though. Also, video runs fine and looks fine. Windows 7 64 bit, k-lite light codec pack installed as the only thing outside basic Windows codecs. Also, 2560x1440 monitor on a Geforce 680. Have WMP installed.
  2. poulwrist

    Xenonaut Base Progress

    Just saw this today, detail is amazing Great work, cannot wait to see it
  3. The new XCOM game is great. It's kind of as simple as that. The whiny "it's not like the first one" posts are just stupid and miss the point. It's a good game in its own right, and it's fighting an uphill struggle trying to introduce a genre that's been dead for 25 years to an audience used to disposable 5 minute online bouts of Call of Duty. If you want a game that's the old XCOM, don't go looking at a brand new game made for 2012, go play a game from 1994, made for 1994. This pathetic fanboyism is just silly.
  4. poulwrist

    I'm Back

    Welcome back hope you had a nice trip!
  5. poulwrist

    Xenonauts Manual Release!

    Why isn't it a google doc btw?
  6. poulwrist

    Iceland Incident Novella

    So I pledged 20$ to the kickstarter thing, where was it that I could combine that with my premium preorder for a shot at this thing?
  7. poulwrist

    Why so much air combat?

    Pretty sure the fighter waves are sort of a bug. Also, money is earned mainly through end of the month funding, which is tied to aircombat. Terror sites, actual terror site, not just mood-blurbs, which for instance that nuke thing would be, are missions on the ground and you'll have to send your troops there.
  8. poulwrist

    Why female soldiers

    Have to agree with Moonshine Fox. Political correctness, screw that.
  9. poulwrist

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    I believe the result will be either good or bad. Perhaps average.
  10. poulwrist

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    The merchandise is less of a powerful attractor here as Xenonauts is not an IP with a huge fanbase filled with nostalgia. While that IS the case for X-COM, then Xenonauts is still Xenonauts, and it doesn't have the same cultural heritage. I don't think you'll gain much from giving away more physical things than are already in the thing. A box might sound like a good idea, but boxes are the kind of thing that people who pull in millions in funding can do. And verging on the pessimistic side of cautios, as I tend to do, I'd not count on too much over 100k. If that goal is reached, as we can already see funding has dropped off pretty drastically compared to the last two days.
  11. poulwrist

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    Also, I think you should wait a few days before you start setting any stretch goals. After all, while it's still gaining ground, you're still 7.500$ from the goal, and while that might be reached shortly, saying "200k goal - linux and mac port" at 90% of funding, that's still 400% worth of funding. I'd wait a while longer, like till monday, at least, and see how the trend goes. You should also consider that adding tons of stretch goals to exhaust the pledged funds. If the 50k was enough to finish the game with the desired level of polish, then unless there's a major overload of funding you should be careful to not spend everything on development and sit back with very little profit in the end. After all, every pledge is a sale less after launch.
  12. poulwrist

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    200+ might be well and good, but notice how almost noone goes for the tiers above 30? There's not enough incentive there, could be more there that would make people more interested in buying in. Maybe start giving an extra game to distribute to a friend at 100$?
  13. poulwrist

    Kickstarter $200+ tiers?

    Personally I find that well-made advertisement for real things in a game can strengthen the immersion. However, thematically it has to fit. Having Coca-Cola advertisement in Skyrim for instance, or any advertisement really, is not strengthening. Seeing a Coca-Cola vending machine in Battlefield 3 however strengthens the image that the game is taking place in the real world.
  14. poulwrist

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    Kickstarters can keep growing after they hit their goal. See for instance that weird bluetooth wristwatch that pulled in 10 million $ with a 100k$ goal...