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  1. Hi guys. Any updates for this mod this year?...
  2. Hi! Can you suggest what was the last update date of this mod?...
  3. I more like an idea of area control. The AI is not scripted for specific mission. AI just disperses through 1/8 of the map near to the place it entered the map taking cover and shooting then if it took casualties AI leaves the map. Player knows friendly AI breach point and player can activate it under certain conditions if he decides so.
  4. >>and they don't need additional input from the user Yeah, i agree with that. I think the user should not be able to control the military nor to make any corrections to their mission/behaviour. Few more random thoughts. There can be research for xenonauts/military cooperation. It will improve the chance to have an option to get help (0-7% of missions based on region strength/relationship/ufo target -> 2x bonus based on cooperation project). Another research in this tree may require 10 units of laser weapons. After completing this project + 3 moths 1/4 of military soldiers start to appear with laser weapons. Anyways it does not make the game easier player squad and all auxiliaries that can appear get wiped out the same way. There can be another spin. If player starts to cooperate and calls help every time and military always fails with it's objectives (it does) regions will lose opinion of xenonauts. Ie bad leadership. The military could use their resources elsewhere and they were against this cooperation altogether from the start.
  5. Thank you for reply and explained analysis. I believe proposed is more like a flavour option rather than the regular one. I've played x-division mod previously and terror missions were really hard. Even having 15 allied troops you got overwhelmed ridiculously at the terror mission with no chance to win. I.e. omaha beach drop zone. I thought about something similar while giving a hope and tragedy. Like you know initially you can call in a support column. You try for the best score. Start to fail. Call in support column and got overwhelmed anyways and support column can not even make 10% of distance to your position to implement plan B. Then they abandon you completely. My thought about chances of saving of few of xenonauts from wiping out. Like if you fail a mission you fail a mission. P.S.: Usually loosing a 1/2 of squad and loosing a mission is almost the same stress as loosing a full squad and loosing a mission. But saving a part of a squad is only a small chance on a very few occasions as relief force is not intended to reach you. Also there can be a certain condition that leads to refusal by a commander from the military to send help as he believes it is not possible or not necessary (ie he has an order to guard perimeter (like when soviets had a spec ops to assasinate Hafizullah Amin in Afghanistan they lacked numbers to fight the palace guards and perimeter forces had to move in to help the main force)). But here it should be more tragic like a relief group could not make it either like 10x worse than Mogadishu. I remember a story where during 1st Chechen war sectoral conflict two russian spec ops squads were encircled at the police station. An armoured column was sent to relieve but was destroyed and they had to evac on their own. I'm thankfull for your replies! I believe Xenonauts 2 would be a great game!
  6. Hi! I was a frequent guest on this forum during Xenonauts 1 development. I have an idea for Xenonauts 2 that may be interesting and probably easy to implement. Conditions During some missions: terror mission, military base map and maybe few other missions on some occasions. You can have an option to call in reinforcements with a limited objective. Strength Quality of these forces may vary and you will be briefed on its strength. Usually quality and strength would be poor. Usually, these forces represent defeated and evacuated local forces which can still provide limited assistance. Ie you can call in 4-5 lightly armed soldiers some of them have low morale and one of them is wounded. Total combat strength usually equals to 2 xenonauts corporals. Objectives The player can be able to set an objective. But depending on the mission some objectives can be unavailable. Possible objectives: - secure evacuation area - link up with some xenonauts members and evac - secure certain area of the map - evacuate civilians from a certain area of the map Score - calling in reinforcements subtracts ufo score - equals to 0.5 xenonauts operatives killed - if reinforcement fails to reach it's objective score is subtracted equally to 1 xenonauts killed (questionable leadership) - if operatives get killed each of them counts as 0.25 xenonauts killed Mission Abort Reenforcements usually represent already defeated and regrouped forces and forces that lack commitment. They will usually evac: - If 25% of their forces is killed or wounded and they present on the map for more than 2 turns - If 10% of their forces is killed or wounded and they fail to reach objective for more than 6 truns - If 25% of their forces panic Behaviour The support group will usually try to fight from a distance without risking their lives Summary Reenforcements can take some fire and kill a few percents of aliens. Reenforcements will always fail to reach objective on their own. Especially moderate and harder objectives will lead to disengagement and evac of the assist squad. If mission is not going well you can have 90% chance of it going even worse in terms of score. You will get some noise and bodies by calling in a support group of police officers / swat / army.
  7. Wow! Thats a great mod i should say! I've played xcom since ~1994. Playing x-division for the first time. Installed 1.00.11 beta. selected NG+1 iron man. I liked when 2 of my f-17 were killed by a single alien scout on the first day. And first ground mission scared me a lot when alien hp was not going down after multiple shots. I'm determined to try to win without reading any spoilers. This mod feels really great. One weird thing is i could not buy back a new awacs plane after selling it. This is stupid... You should make awacs available from the beginning of the game. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! Very good xcom experience! I've even came back to forum to write this post (after 7 years or so) Thinking to make a stream
  8. I've tried 1.63 for mac and the very first enemy turn was never ended. Mac OS 10.11.1 No mods
  9. Well. Yesterday i've tried to play the game on my mac. Chose community branch in betas section in steam. It didn't work. I've run it but nothing happened. No menu or anything.
  10. >>If you don't wait until the absolute last moment before grounding the chopper, the troops would have plenty of time to ditch the chopper and scatter before the alien ships arrived Well. I can propose a mission with aliens attacking landed helicopter with ground forces.
  11. Here is some x-com fan feedback. The big problem for me is unpassable/sight blocking tiles that seem to be passable. Around some ufos. And inside some buildings. In original ufo defence there was no such problem and there is no such problem in new feraxis game. You should try to fix that imho. Community Edition is a great mod!
  12. There is no problem actually. Can you see CE in the list? If so there is no problem installing it.
  13. I guess you have mac os. To dowonload CE via steam you should use MS Windows
  14. It looks that you can not see the lit tiles if they are behind the dark tiles. Lets say i throw lighter 20 tiles away. But i can not see it because darkness is 10 tiles away from me. In original xcom i do remember i could see sectoid silhouettes in the same situation. --- P.S.: I really do like CE improvements.
  15. In my 1st XE:CE(0.32HF2) game At the beginning of my turn muton was still visible. My very first action was a shot by sniper scoring hit. Then muton and tiles around him have disappeared in the fog of war.
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