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  1. Is such a feature planned or feasible? I've had a couple situations where splitting a squadron could have been useful. Something like grouping a Mig and a F-17 together to take out a close target, not expending the Mig's missiles and then detecting a far-off target while the squadron is still in the air. Meaning that the Mig still has the fuel to get that target, but the F-17 doesn't. Similarly, it could come in handy to be able to merge squadrons, for example if you launch several single interceptors to take care of a couple of scouts only to detect a fighter squadron or corvette or whatever once they're in the air. Or for attacking a single, very powerful craft with craft from two bases. Interface-wise, I could imagine it working as a menu similar to the interception launch one, with the planes that "stay in base" forming one squadron and the "launched" ones another. Opening that menu could be an option when a squadron reaches a waypoint (for splitting) and when you have one squadron "intercepting" another (for merging).
  2. After playing a while i am wondering if it is possible to reorder my troops. Currently it seems to me that the order of the trops is coming directly from the soldires screen. What I would like to suggest is a possible to change the order of the troops during battle, to have the squads (2-4 soldiers) aside to each other (im means of the shortcuts). Currently its looking like this to me: +--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---++Key | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |+--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---++Soldier | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |+--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ What I would like to see is: +--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---++Key | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |+--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---++Soldier | 8 | 2 | 6 | 4 | 2 | 5 | 7 | 1 |+--------+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ Doing so, a player could go trough the squad beeing sure that the teammates are close together. Hope this wasn't noted before, but i was not able finding a thread or post relating to this. Greetz Axel
  4. Hey, there's something that I've been finding irksome. There are two screens for your soldiers: one for hiring and firing; and the other for class and equipment assignment. This is fine. When I assign classes to soldiers, I do it based on their stat values relative to the other soldiers. So I'll end up using the barracks screen to compare, using the spreadsheet with the stat sorting on. The class which each soldier is given is listed next to their stats. You cannot, however, change their class from that screen. Instead, you must then remember the name of the soldier in question whom you wish to reassign, then go to the loadout screen and change their class from there. A fantastic improvement would be if you were able to assign class directly from the barracks screen, by means of a drop down menu in the class column, or some similar method. Thoughts? edit: I see that I actually am late to the discussion. Someone else has already brought this up. You should go to their thread for your input.
  5. It would be nice if clicking the soldier portrait centered the view on the active soldier (and maybe if there was a shortcut as well). When scrolling around the map, it sometimes takes a while to find the active soldier again (especially if obscured by something).
  6. Just finished a veteran full campaing and these are some relatively small changes that the game would benefit a lot. Toggle reaction fire Its too annoying to consume TUs of your heavy or your rocketeer because of fear of friendly fire, a button to disable this behavior would solve this problem. Floors Cycle Tab should be to cycle soldiers, the mouse wheel should be for floors to rapidly them back and forth. As it is right now you have to manually click them or go from floor 2->3->4->1. If im moving my troops between floors 3 and 4 I don't want to be having to cycle all the way to 1 every time. Soldier Cycle tab should cycle soldiers with enough TUs, if a soldier has no more TU it should be ignored. Throw I think the tactical combat benefits a lot from this feature, throwing weapons, clips, non active nades, etc. Its too time consuming and TU consuming to drop something and have another player move into the now vacant spot to take it. Dropship Storage It breaks the immersion to have a mule soldier stacked to the head with stuff just to make sure I don't run out of bullets mid tactical deployment, Give me a limited storage at least in the ship and that way I don't have to spend a round tossing things to the floor just for insurance. Better troop highlight A green glow and a red glow would help find some of those units inside of map elements, some things just don't alpha and you just cant see the units under. Color customization This one might be tricky, but let me customize to some degree the appearance of my soldiers. Using the role mechanics could be the easy fix for this, I don't need a full color kit but at least let me differentiate them with something besides the armor level and weapon they carry.
  7. The UI was overhauled in the geoscape in v20. Overall it's a very nice change in scenery and a bit more straight-forward, but I do have a few (minor / nit-picky) issues with it. [video=youtube;xIKM3wTpuws]
  8. There's always been something that really bugged me in the soldier equipment screen that I just couldnt put my finger on. Today, for some reason I woke up really early and while all others were still asleep, I decided to make a quick photoshop and see if I could make it better. Changes: - Moved role and armor controls to soldier card on the left (only inventory related stuff in center screen, more visible background art) - Changed medal location and size and removed empty medal slots - Made subtle dividers to soldier card on the left - Moved dismiss and relocate soldier to bottom screen - Recolored inventory screens (not sure about this) - Remade weight bar to differentiate it from unit stats and to simplify the looks (AP penalty doesnt need it's own bar. EDIT: Oops, they are TU's ofcourse) - Tried to achieve overall more cohesive look. - Tried to achieve better overall UI logic (Soldier related info and actions are left, equiped items at center screen and base inventory is right.) Hope you like it, here it is: http://i.imgur.com/MEp6Msu.jpg
  9. They've been working on the new UI for a looong time, and frankly i had no problems with an old one and always thought of the "much needed" change as a little bit strange. Do you think it was a needed change or do you think that it would've been better if the manhours were spent improving other aspects of the game?
  10. I didn't put this in the bug subforum because it's a design issue. Right clicking on UI items that do not have a specific right-click action associated with them will cause the soldier to turn into the direction one clicked, as if one had right-clicked on the map. A right click on the grenades window will bring up the different grenades to choose from, a right-click on the ammunition window will turn around ones currently selected soldier, using up TUs. WAI?
  11. Greetings, everyone! I am new on the forums (even though reading around here and there). Let's just say I am having a blast playing Xenonauts. Extremely impressed by the game and my brain is going into overdrive when playing it (the same brain that fell asleep playing the shiny new X-COM: Enemy Unknown). Nevertheless, I would have two very minor suggestions for the UI when it comes to Squad- and Rolemanaging. Excuse me if these are already in the works or have already been discussed. 1. I cannot drag my soldiers around in the Equipment screen, they seem to be ordered automatically (though i did not recognize by which criteria it does so). I like to organize my soldiers in teams and organizing them by their numbers would be very practical. (Fe example Soldiers 1-2 together, 3-4 together etc., at the moment they are fe 1 and 4, 2 and 8... i think you know what i mean ) 2. I really like the Roles & Role Images - so much that I would prefer having them displayed all the time in the bottom combat UI (where the aforementioned soldier numbers are) next to the status bars of each soldier, not just when hovering over them. Just 2 thing I think would clarify organisation even more and maybe even speed the game up a bit. Thanks Guys!
  12. The messages that pop up when hired personnel arrive on base, or when goods are transported between bases, aren't terribly informative. It would be nice if they gave a summary of what has arrived on base.
  13. This will save lots of clicks, because "set default loadout" is used once per equipment upgrade and needs 1 click, while "equip default loadout" used for each soldier of same class and requires 2 clicks.
  14. I have proposed this change here, but decided not to wait until it will be implemented by devs, and do it myself. It requires small edits to 2 files: assets/scripts/rolemenu.lua and assets/scripts/sequipview.lua. In assets/scripts/rolemenu.lua you need to change 2 lines: line 38 (button label) from : label = "SEQ.Role.EquipDefault", to: label = "SEQ.Role.ChangeDefault", and line 45 (button click action) from: EquipLoadout(); to: EditLoadout(); In file assets/scripts/sequipview.lua you need to change 2 lines too: Line 1558 (button label) from: label = "#Set equipment as default loadout", to: label = "SEQ.Role.EquipDefault", and line 1563 (button click action) from: EditLoadout(); to: EquipLoadout(); If you do not want to do this changes yourself, you can download modded files here. Just unzip contents of archive into game folder and replace all files when asked.
  15. As the title indicates, Desura build 54 full. -Double right click to cancel move on the spot? I find myself double left clicking to move too often (bad habit I know), and for some reason sometimes I'm selecting the wrong soldier and want to cancel move right away. Being able to cancel movement plan and stop right there partway through a move too would be a bonus. -Sometimes clicking a highlighted soldier doesn't change selection. It's much easier to get the green circle indicator than to get it to actually select that soldier when I click the mouse button. Fiddly, trouble here makes it easy for me to mess up my moves. -Right click and hold to drag view in battle screen. Soldier change face only on fast right-click. I personally have no problem distinguishing between the two controls in games and it seems natural. Having to keep a hand on the arrow keys to scroll around is a little bit annoying. -It's too difficult to select just the right square behind a wall. Don't need transparency here, but I don't know what to suggest. -Many UI elements, especially text, are uncomfortably small. My laptop screen isn't tiny, 1280x700, but a small boost to text size would be very welcome. And menubar icons. -More leniency with throwing grenades past adjacent soldiers at 45-degrees. I don't see how a soldier to your right front diagonally could be considered blocking a throw even if you throw it a little to the right. Too much to the right, yes, but not until you try to throw it right over his head or something. IRL I believe I could throw something about 55-degrees to my right right if someone was 2 feet away diagonal on my right. Building corners on the other hand seem fine in the current scheme. Also, for visibility, if one of my soldiers is in the way of a throw please change the color of the circles to red, or better maybe highlight his figure in red? The green circles don't seem right. -KIA soldiers should get the crimson heart. Medals for valor are frequently given posthumously too, if you want to go that route. Even though medal bonuses are no use to a dead soldier I think it would add some flavor. Bugs. -I have magical teleporting fairy Sebilians. I see one in a building on the trainyard map, no way out. I watch all the exits, but he goes into the back room, but when I look there he's gone. He shows up outside in the lefthand corner of the map... -Weird fog of war bug after throwing a smoke grenade at night. The fog didn't update right for one soldier and he couldn't see the edge of the smoke.
  16. Here are some points that doesn t make sense at all in the UI and should be reworked. We dont see the status of our air force when on the world map. Cut a lateral of the map and let us see our air force, map doesn t need to be that big for what it is. Fighter status should be clear. RED: Grounded Yellow: Damaged but flyable, with at least one weapon system working /refuelling under 75%/ Green: Undamaged / rearmed / Fuel superior to 75%. NOT UI but: Rearming and refuelling should be done in parallel. A doesnt interfere on B and vice versa. Refuelling too long / Rearming too long. Rearming 2 missiles and gun shouldn t take more than 30mn, refuelling shouldn t take more than an hour, and i m being VERY generous. UI: Managing assets into the transport screen should be on the arming soldier screen bot on a place 3 clicks away.
  17. I know it is probably too late in development to make changes to the UI, but I thought it would be really cool to have soldier portraits on the left (like old-school RPGs) instead of numbers. This is why: 1. Intuition: right now the only way to find a specific soldier is to hover over the numbers. This is time consuming and not very intuitive. 2. Attachment: with the portrait on the left your soldier becomes more than just a number and help players become more attached to their soldiers. 3. Fluidity: the player would recognize the faces/roles and make faster tactical commands on the battle map. I realize you can have up to 16 characters on the map. You could just have 2 columns of soldiers. (Disclaimer: this is just something a threw together in photoshop real quick) Thoughts?
  18. So here are some UI suggestions that are not crucial but will make the game less tedious and better (not saying the game is tedious, but there is always room for improvement). 1. Personnel Training Screen and Equipment Screen I find my self clicking back and forth between these two screens quite often when selecting a team. The reason is because: 1) The Personnel Training Screen doesn't display the soldier class Since I can't see the default class of unassigned soldier anywhere I either have to guess (which involves tediously switching between the two screens) or re-asign the class (which is impractical if the soldier's stats aren't suited for the class). I recommend adding an letter Icon that depicts the soldier default class on the Personnel Training Screen. 2. Tactical Combat load screen doesn't prompt the player to click This one is somewhat silly and not that big of a deal, but I think this screen should better inform the player when things are done loading. 3. Text Size The UI text size that gives details on all of the different base windows is way too small. This is also true for the Xenopedia. *EDIT* 4. Soldier Class Icons in Tactical Combat Also it would be nice to be able to tell what the soldier class is in tactical combat. Right now you can do it by the equipped weapon, but if you use custom classes like I do, some of your classes might have the same weapon. 5. Better Friendly Fire Indicator Nothing wrong with the one right now, unless the soldier is behind a fence. Then it is hard to tell if you will hit him or not. 6. More Soldier Class "Letters" This would be nice, and also the ability to delete existing soldier class would also be nice.
  19. While no problem on the beginning, later on, with multiple bases and more resources, it would be great if we could select numbers quickly. Holding down mouse to transfer several hundred alien alloys from one base to another is not funny, nor fast. Same for assigning scientists / engineers to tasks, etc. Practicaly anything where we have to choose how many would benefit from direct number imput. Sliders are another and *not good* variant, as they are notoriously unprecise. For example, the field that shows numbers now between + and - buttons can be clickable.
  20. Since clicking on the solider portrait doesn't do anything currently, it would be awesome if that centered the view on the currently selected soldier.
  21. In most of the games, when you are in the save tab and double clik on a save game, it means that you want to overwrite this game with the current one. In Xenonauts, it just close the save tab without doing anything --> many times, I think I have saved my game while in fact I just closed the save tab. I think many player will fall in this trap and that you should modify that. Thx!
  22. So I have no way to directly see what status my interceptors have. I find this quite vexing. You have to click on Launch Interceptors, select a target, and then the display comes up. Only THEN can I learn that all my interceptors are refueling, or grounded, or on fire, or whatever. It sure would be great if you could click on a base and the associated interceptors would pop up. Or maybe have a condensed view on the bottom left of the Geoscape screen. Also, the F keys would be a great choice for either going directly to the associated base slot, or going to the appropriate base tab (construction, research, etc)
  23. I recently noticed if you opened a soldier's inventory during Tactical/ground combat, you could see their role icon. I'd like to ask Would it be possible to show a soldiers Role Icon on the UI when I select them in ground combat missions, even if it's just a text prompt next to the rank (like Sgt. Falkner: Sniper)? It'd be great to know at a glance what they can do in addition to how expendable they are!
  24. I get annoyed at that the mouse scroll change characters and not level. Please change it or that I can rebind it. Sometime when I click on the GUI for the character then character move to that part of map even I just click example weapon. I do get to part that I need to multi click button and other stuff for it just should do it stuff. For this is getting really annoying. I really want to launch the aircraft when I left click the world map.
  25. If this is something that will happen with the new UI, I apologize. The tooltips are way too slow. This is particularly noticeable in the facility construction screen--I was trying to find out which buildings I already had and was very frustrated with how long it took me to find out. Mouseover... wait three seconds. Repeat 4-5x. It should be instant.
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