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  1. Each time my troops return to base rocket launcher is loaded with explosive rocket, even if I have stun gas rocket loaded in it. Even if I load gas rocket and select "save current loadout as default" it will revert to explosive after mission or when clicked on equip default loadout. This becomes really tedious to change rocket before each mission.
  2. For me night missions haven't crashed yet. I played only 1 of them so far, though. It was desert map. But I had stable crashes on middle east map on daytime mission. Had to airstrike the site.
  3. Can confirm this. Any soldier that can trigger reaction shot on alien will shoot dead body until ran out of ammo or TU.
  4. And bonus points if this window will have buttons to go to relevant base screens, not just main screen. Like if you have scientists arrived - go to lab button added, if aircrafts - go to aircraft equipment, weapons - go to soldier equip.
  5. I have proposed this change here, but decided not to wait until it will be implemented by devs, and do it myself. It requires small edits to 2 files: assets/scripts/rolemenu.lua and assets/scripts/sequipview.lua. In assets/scripts/rolemenu.lua you need to change 2 lines: line 38 (button label) from : label = "SEQ.Role.EquipDefault", to: label = "SEQ.Role.ChangeDefault", and line 45 (button click action) from: EquipLoadout(); to: EditLoadout(); In file assets/scripts/sequipview.lua you need to change 2 lines too: Line 1558 (button label) from: label = "#Set equipment as default loadout", to: label = "SEQ.Role.EquipDefault", and line 1563 (button click action) from: EditLoadout(); to: EquipLoadout(); If you do not want to do this changes yourself, you can download modded files here. Just unzip contents of archive into game folder and replace all files when asked.
  6. There is a problem when assigning last two soldiers from list of 12 to dropship. 11th is possible to actually assign to first dropship, as you can click top-most pixel of it's menu entry. But last soldier can not be assigned. Here is screenshot taken in 1440x900 windowed mode on list of 12 soldiers with 11th soldier assignment menu open: You can see menu scrollbar to the right and blue horizontal line - window border.
  7. Default aircraft names look like "Foxtrot - 3", but if I want to rename it, I can't use spaces or other non-alphabetic symbols to do so.
  8. Why have different config files for Geoscape and Ground combat? Maybe geoscape should read performance-specific data (damage, clip, etc.) from weapons_gc.xml?
  9. if you CTRL+Click on any button (even ones not linked to any quantity, like name of item to manufacture), then next time you create manufacture order it will be created with 99 as amount to produce. Also, if after CTRL+clicking any button you click arrow to increase/decrease amount, it will work as if CTRL was pressed - will set amount to 99/0.
  10. Currently it appears in the center of screen, much lower than button that shows this menu. If menu would be closer to button it would be easier to notice it and would require less mouse movement to click on it. Also maybe add some sort of background to it and somehow denote that all other equipment controls are disabled?
  11. This will save lots of clicks, because "set default loadout" is used once per equipment upgrade and needs 1 click, while "equip default loadout" used for each soldier of same class and requires 2 clicks.
  12. Yes, in v20 you do not need to build guns for aircrafts, just research them. After researching new ones, you can't even equip old. But newly built/purchased crafts have default weapons regardless of your progress.
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