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  1. Dammit, if you're doing *exactly* what I'm trying to do and learn for at the moment I will shoot myself in the foot.. Looking forward to it.
  2. I'm In! theSovereign, for optional fun give me a Stun Rod, Shield and as much C4 as I can carry!
  3. Not necessarily, but besides making a lot of things easier for the designer/programmer a tile-based system is more easy to follow for a player. It's easier to understand you placed your unit on the wrong square/hex than a few pixels off the optimum position.
  4. I've been working with for quite some time (as an amateur). From what I've learned, Unity is really solid but has a few certain areas which are not at the level of quality the rest is at. A friend of mine said that physics end up a bit random/buggy and I've had other problems. Nevertheless, I am trying to work on my own 2d tactical strategy game atm, at least learning/working at the basic framework. Just out of interest, what will you be using for grid movement/pathfinding and Line of Sight evaluation? [i'm working with this atm, for a beginner there is not much in clear tutorials, and apparently you can do it in 20 different ways.] cheers
  5. Why take 1 LMG trooper if you can have 2? Personally I found rifles to be generally lacking, they tickle the enemies at long range (although that is less of a problem) but they are horrible for breaching UFOs.
  6. Erm.. I was talking about Watch Dogs for PC, which has a User Score of 4.6. (I.e. Xenonauts is not just better than Watch Dogs, it's massively better when you compare the User Scores.) Xenonauts is awesome... I was taking it out on Watch Dogs.
  7. Especially when you consider the User Score Rage (which is totally justified in my opinion, not that I had any expectations for this game but a friend was pretty disappointed).
  8. Doing too many ground missions just gives the aliens too many opportunities to kill your best soldiers.
  9. I tried Insane Ironman today. Sebillians on an Industrial Site is the Stuff of Nightmares. Breaching a UFO with several Sebillians is ridiculous too, it's extremely hard to concentrate enough damage to take one out. Then again, it's supposed to be Insane, so I guess working as intended.
  10. There is nothing like reducing aliens to pink paste and transforming a city centre into rubble. Show the invaders you are not joking around. Dr. Vahlen might disapprove - but to hell with that, the ground forces need BIG machineguns and MOAR ROCKETS!
  11. I don't really understand the hostility of some. I for one am not a particular fan of some parts of the X-COM formula, but this game nontheless is extremely fun and challenging for a long period of time. The weapon tiers are not exactly interesting, but on the other hand you have quite a deep toolbox of weapons and equipment in Xenonauts from the start. At least it doesn't lose complexity - in the old X-COM psionics, blaster launchers and heavy plasma were a degenerate strategy (i.e. everything else was worthless due to them being the best option). Other problems IMO are mission variety or grinding solder stats - but those are my general opinions and are not limited to this game.
  12. I love them. One has to remember though, that they are not as tough as their looks might suggest. They mainly work due to their massive firepower. In one turn they can advance fast and still blow an alien to shreds along with the cover it has been hiding behind. Never expose them more than absolutely necessary. One thing that seems really odd when playing with them is the low TU cost for turning. Spin that tank! Edit: Also, the hunter can serve you well for a long time in the phases where Alenium and Alien Alloys are scarce. The weapons are upgraded for free...
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