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  1. I would like to see a map that focuses on mostly indoor fighting, with either the city or industrial tile set. A large building with several levels and a few large open spaces like an entryway forum. Maybe it should be a terror mission since you'd not need a place to put the alien UFO. Ideas: City: large business building City: Mall Industrial: Chemical processing/shipping facility
  2. Ha, that one guy smoking a cigar.
  3. I don't quite get what a drone assisted rifle is like. Seems like just a OP regular rifle or something. I'd like to suggest that maybe we could get droppable auto-turrets, a la Aliens. You could leave them at certain key points in the map to keep from getting flanked while you concentrate force elsewhere. This would be especially useful in terror missions.
  4. As art, this is quite good. The only complaint I have is that the women are very "Barbie". Just a bit too unrealistically so for my taste. They look like they put on club jeans rather than something to fight a war in, and they all have DDs at least. I can't imagine maneuvering in that getup. "First of all, this mod is silly, so take it as such." True, so there you go I guess. Is there any chance of a non-silly version sometime in the future?
  5. I like this very much! Easy to identify ranks, and I'm also a bit prejudiced because I am ex-Army so they are familiar, too. Only thing that I would improve is to rotate the Lt. Col. rank slightly clockwise as it's a smidge off from Maj.
  6. Similarly to grenades, could you change it so that right click also cancels the health pack use?
  7. As a design ideal, I don't care much for artificial difficulty. I prefer to find challenge in things designed with a functional ideal. Think to yourself, how would aliens design this ship to be as useful as possible? Would they even consider the possibility of being assaulted on board?
  8. I was just reading about a feature of Open XCom on rockpapershotgun.com and I thought that it would be fun to have a random skirmish mode or challenge maps in Xenonauts, but is it possible to mod? Would it require change to the base code? A while ago there was something like this, when partway through development there was a need to test features on battle maps.
  9. This would be more like a total conversion, requiring a significant number of new unit files. Quite a bit of work IMHO. As a suggestion it has some small value, but it's not cool to just suggest someone else do all the work when there's so much involved. Ideas alone are not in short supply.
  10. He's somewhat correct, there is a bug here. I use a 1080p monitor and the largest size it will run in a window is 1600x900. 1680x1050 is available but won't run in a window.
  11. Seeing as they're trees, the value of painting over a 3D model doesn't seem incredibly valuable as a development process. I think hand-painted trees from scratch would do just fine. Maybe even hand-painting over a picture would be the best way to save time. As an expansion idea, I think zones of forest would be pretty darn useful. Some significant percentage of the world is still forest IMHO.
  12. Sure thing, no problem. Go ahead and enjoy it. I still think the terrain would be improved by having a generally brownish cast rather than the current color though, if nothing else.
  13. Windows should provide cover? I don't get it. How come?
  14. I want to encourage you, but this does not look much like tundra. It looks like you merged snow and grass terrain literally and now it's sort of white-green. Tundra is characterized by brown (sometimes vibrant colors when flowers are in season) shrubby, wet nearly swampy, and rocky terrain with few trees. It does not in any way look partially white, except when it is actually snow. The tree stumps look pretty nice, but I think they are too large to fit in with all the other trees, all together.
  15. Throw a smoke grenade, end turn, Next turn my FOV ends right in front of smoke perimeter, but if I reface the soldier back and forth, I now can see 1 unit into the smoke. I think ideally I should be able to see the smoke and square it is on, but not be able to see any alien if it is there in that first row of smoke. Otherwise it's confusing to look at that spot and wonder why my FOV ends suddenly.