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  1. Improving the new soldiers aiming stat would be reasonable they shoot even worse than me.... It is obvious you hampered the aim for some gaming reason, but its quite overdone. 90% comes between 30 and 50, this mean 90% are under jhon doe skills, which is ridiculous since soldiers shooting is one or the required main skill and bad shooters are thrown out or military corps!!! So shooting should come at bare minimum 50 skills, which is already below average joe skills to remain in corps.
  2. I don t know if this can be changed but i find the snipers miss tend to be too erratic. A sniper that have 95% of chances of hitting shouldn t have his aim wandering more than the target square the alien is in, or at least keep themselves in the LOF. Many times the shot wanders "awfully" (1, 2 or maybe 3squares) and hit my soldiers even if far from the alien. Another thing i find disturbing its that in some situation a close (adjacent square) cover will hinder the sniper/shooter aim, and in accordance to description this shoudn t happen. (its not the Prone VS standing cover issue either) I am a bit puzzled by the explosions dinamic, like damage trough wall. Explosions give damage trough walls while the walls/doors (especially UFO doors) stay GFX speaking, what looks like intact, but you can t shoot trought them. I don t know if its possible to correct this, but the wall should be at least crumbled/holled before damage pass trough it. When you interrogate the Sebillian Medic, the undone description/stub state that he gives you informations about races and chemical/stun information about those races, but it generate no new informations and no new reshearch possibilities. Shouldn t the stub be modified? Or the informations should be textual only in the description. Talking about stun, the flashbang grenade is underwhelming potent and is useless as is, IMHO it need a tweak. It should have a greater potential to supress aliens since these have better sight and hear than ours (or so it seems) they should be more vulnerable, not less.
  3. Overall i don t mind much about game coesiveness in tales ect. But it always nice when the dev looks like they tought the game and did not simply cram the GFX will all kind of buzz, and we player end up with a whore (streamlined game) with over make up and foamed bra...Yes i m male sorry girls, think about a guy with wizzbang and an empty wallet and a sock you know where. Fireaxis Xtrash i m headshooting you. So what made me fall a bit in love with the original Xcom, despite its problems was that the game was somewhat coese and complete considering tech limitations. I have to say i begun with TFTD. There probably some easy to implement features, and some way too dreamlike, especially for non AAA title, but since GFX aren t a priority(thanks the gods) i hope gameplay and settings are. Things i liked and made sense. Some may have been said in others post i wrote. - You could reshearch alien tech and use it way way before being able to replicate it. So scavenging was usefull especially when a mission was getting smelly. I remember times when scavenging was more important than taking the alien vessel. - producing, selling and buying from the world. Made awfull sense when all are trying to fight to survive at least pretending to... What lacked at the time was: - Delivered tech being mass produced and made free/or cheaper to Xcom org. And used agaisn t aliens. - earth producing its own tech, (lets says countries or oficial/shaddy orgs.) On hearth interaction. Countries collaborating with money made sense, them being attacked/bribed by aliens made sense. Them being freed from aliens made sense. What could be improved: - QTD of money never made sense. - Spying/betrayal - X com going underground -Xcom spying on countries allied, - early game west / east weaponry, logistic, tech collab didn t make sense. - Since we are in cold war, the duality jealousy and fear wasn t enought explored. - same as sect, those were somewhat well explored in the Xcom apocalipse. But in a global market, massive capital owners could be independent players too...(making short Factions with some "personnal" agendas.(i see phoenix point going that way.)
  4. There s some stuff i would like to see to make the game more modern probably a lot of stuff have been saId. This is basicly about ground combat but it ll eventlually overflow on other aspects.of the game. Weaponry wise: - (yes i know dev are looking into it) Weapon add ons (No need to make a ton of them: just RIS). Scope (better long aim lower reflexes) or red dot (improve reflexes only "short" aim) for upper Laser marker Grenade launcher (HE only is ok) diferent kind of bullet: AP bullets (less damage/more penetration), Shredders/expanding bullets,....(So we can choose and load clips of them, exactly as grenade works in Xeno1.) Antimateriel rifles, submachine guns, and other categories that weren t included in Xeno 1 Personel equipment: Some kind of IR/NVG - even if it comes as advanced earth tech. - More nades funcionality "Cooked" explose on impact Not "cooked" explose at end of turn. Nade can be thrown at doors or object (wasn t able to throw C4 at ufo doors, had to be a near square) Gamewise improvements: - Before we reach exotic tech, or alien tech i would like to see a development advancement in these lines: availiable tech / Secret tech (advanced non exotic tech) / exotic earth tech/ Alien tech adapted. -------------------/ Use of alien weaponry collected (can use but not manufacture)/ Combat features: - Take a corner peep without full body exposure, alien can still have reaction fire - Take a corner shot exactly as above put some nasty penalty but leave it open - Possibility to lay down, decrease exposure, increase time shooting. and move layed down - Possibility to move crouched. - Possibility to thrown object someone else (like a medikit to someone cornered) Another thing i miss is Panicking Alines....yes in TFTD aliens could panic it wasn t easy but it was always a pleasant fun surprise. I think if "just" those are present i ll be happy,
  5. Well Dracon has exactly the same mindset as how weak settings have been till now for most "xcom" based games. I won t enter in why game setting is weak, this has been done more skill than my patience would allow me. But even as i ve reag let say 75% of the above i feel there s a bit of logical thinking missing. (TL:DR at the end) Lets make some supositions: Aliens have lost their planet for some reason (polution, war, sun death, whatever) and are seeking a new home, and earth is a randomly found or predetermined target for replacement. What would happen: 1) Humans have to be relevant or they would simply land over a continent or 2 clean humans or enslave them and secure the spots to then proceed to entire colinization. Nuke stuff shouldn t be a concern, Energy weapon are fast, destructive, acurate if you give it computational aim, not a chance to hit, no missiles could "land" with higly agile and fast UFO, or even patriot or SAM kind of sites, with space/air/land domination, there s no nuke answer at all. If you think its too fast they stale human s=retaliation with trinket tech, and obsolete knowledge, until they are ready and stuff goes boom. or 2) They would ally, giving tech to weaker countries which would be more receptive to be able to compete with major dominating countries. This could work for a setting: -. Suddenly a patch of earth countries become no zone for non allied humans, sorry no tourist allowed, zones goes "blank"for the rest of the world. - Or less aggressively, the countries display technology which cause envy and fear from dominant countries to loose their lead status. - Even as tech is smuggled for hoards of money, things are no good...Spy got caught things get dire. Display of force are done, And nuke fails as Alien allied countries wipe them off with earth/alien tech. - Xenonauts is created as a shady rogue non oficial agency to discover WTF is going on, then it escalate to alien agenda, steal tech delay if not able to disrupt alien agenda. (A bit of fireaxis Xcom 1 done right) It could work and give interesting settings we haven t seen. Stealth missions: infiltrate sabotage/steal/whatever and get the hell out. Human (X-com) VS human with alien tech. This is a plausible scenário, it has its pitfalls but could work and has many possible branching. Theory: - 3) Aliens came before, when planet was empty, or not so empty: This fall flat on its face. Aliens may not have terraforming tech. So the planet is useless. But this can lead to another cenário...that i ll lay down latter. And if they have, we fall in scenario 1) or 2), but now the countries are settled bases for terraforming engines. 3.5) Alien have terraforming tech, But they have ressource problem to do it, so earth is needed anyhow, and is the easyest target. This would solve the obvious question: why endanger all the mission of finding a suitable planet with an hostile species when there are other worlds that are availiable to terraforming without this aggravating fact. More possible settings: -4) Humans are irrelevant but the Aliens need ressources, those are present within earth and shouldn t be easely accessible (ie: water). (OBS:You can link scenario 3 here as earth is of no use anymore) Deriving from the Annunaki and Nibiru scam that aliens made us(maybe that part is true) and wanted gold, or pig shit (yes you know the movie).... Aliens don t care about us or our planet, but they need some ressources to keep going and as we are irrelevent, and not suitable for slaves (too strong headed or fragile), they are taking those ressources on force, building bases aggressively and in the process transforming earth in a pile of unhealthy trash that is changing our climate in an unsavory way. Fight is on.... I can t think of something more were we are irrelevent and that would make sense. Now, lets say human specie has at least some relevance, even if temporary, as slaves, thralls or aliens pet. From Annunaki Scam, to Stargate. 5) Exactly Scenario 4 but they need us as slaves. Fight for your freedom and planet health. 6) Planet earth is a perfect planet for Alien Move due to factors as 1 or 2. But: The alien force is a scouting/inteligence force. They have to collect and send information, fase 1 of the game. fase 2: the "alien-in-charge" of the task thinks like a human politician and kicking human ass into receptive thralls or eliminating them before a "auditing party" comes poke some unwanted noses (after (insert name here) would be well suited for its ambition. Or!!! Scrap fase 2 and lets get to fase 3: they need to build a stargate in the rim of the solar system for the population/colonist to arrive: Stop them! Complicated scenario, massive pitfalls, but with awesome possibilities and multiple endings can generate many sequels. Crazyness: 7) Planet hearth has ressources needed. Aliens are in a hurry after some battle out of our solar system (ressources for repair rearm and refuel) we don t know that, we think its an invasion and fight for our freedom. Aliens have no time to waste, build base around the solar system collecting what they need. And hearth have reserves not found in the solar system. Part 1) we have to resist. Part 2) Another space force come, we think its reinforcement, and depending how we ended part 1 we bash them too(or not), a space battle occur, many aliens of the first species/league entrenches themselves on out planet. Space battle make terrible/not so terrible damage on hearth (starship falling exotic substances released, cities or even countries wipped out. We struggle to survive and fight for our planet, that isn t already the same. - Main alien force has been driven out by (XXX or star destroyers fleet + executioner, Darth Vader is our saviour sorry coundn t resist - Yes i ve read Timothy Zan novel Heir to the Empire - best trilogy out there for Star wars even if the end seem obvious) but as the galactical chase continueout of reach, we are still fending with our ennemies: - Entranchered Aliens that want to dominate us to survive, their secret genetic experiment bear fruits and mutated people and fauna flora nature is an element.(affff put zombies if you wish, i m tired of them); - Add to this a S.T.A.L.K.E.R, feeling with some bizarre anomalies an half apocalyptic cenário, and so on... (Overdoing it is a pitfall) Earth damage. (just a restrictive factor explaining low pop, restricted areas, limited ressources, many faction and the full bounty) Part 3) As earth has become mapped in the galaxy, we have to evolve to not become some exotic place where we are servile alien drink servers or thralls farm workers on a farm planet, Or merely a species puched on a corner of the planet to be looked at as monkey whithout tails to be seen in a safari trip. (but that part is a long shot 1 and 2 are enought i think) 8) As fireaxis crappy game Xcom1 almost did right, earth is a ripe genetic field, and for diferent reasons, we are a nice guinea pigs, or multicolored mices, us and the fauna and flora. Alien use our planet as a laboraory, so in the beginning we fight weird stuff until its clear there s more going on as Alien activity becomes clear (seems awfully like Phoenix point/Foreaxis Xcom2) because they need moar! We end up fighting not an invasion but some crazy experiment (yes it sound like After(insert-name-here). In the process some teran allies with aliens to complicate things more we fight many foes: Aliens in their bases, humans and crazy stuff outside. A little short in span with pitfalls (i fear phoenix point may have fallen right into a major one) but can lead to interesting stuff. Well i could go on but....you must already be saturated. TL:DR Most of the success os the game, for any given cenario being it good of not so good, is about how to do earth as a living actor, in all games earth is dead. At worst, its a mere injector of money, at its best its something you can sell stuff and make money. There s no factions, no diplomacy, no personal agendas, awfully low trade, no technology (you recruit from hearth a dozen scientist and they are the best of!!! The rest is trash...how bad that sound? awfull) I find it strange with so many 4x around, especially to AAA titles, that own the brands, that this aspect isn t better explored. (I think Phoenix point will try to built on it...but the fog, Ktulhu lobster setting feel a bit weak. It was awesome for Darkest Dungeon, but i don t see it grabbing atention on a tactical squad game.
  6. Mordobb

    Make both site playable

    I agree that should be a DLC. So it wouldn t detract from the main game building.
  7. Mordobb

    Recover objects from missions

    I m all for being able to make the decision to keep or sell. I enjoyed this a lot but then i am a management kind of. I also miss some things, but here just that one: Reshearch to discover hot to use (so you can start to use Alien equipment) until you discover your own way to reproduce it.
  8. Mordobb

    Air combat?

    I like the individual management. Of plane Vs Plane. Squadron VS squadron will only change the scope with no adding at all. And it would loose coerence (due to price and construction time) if you do not the world something dynamic with xenonauts. With a dead world as was Xeno 1 and many other games (100% of them) it will be real weird.
  9. Hi Charon, i ve seen in Steam that you, at least, at one time in history, were seeking writers, thats the only department i can help. 

    If you still need some help contact me. 

  10. Well i upgraded. I don t know if i ve done something wrong but i still got some issues like the double medikit after using them. The main UI is a bit messy in the sense many fonts are black upon a dark blue UI so you have to "fish" a bit to find the buttons for them to become white. The upgrade indeed brought a huge improovement on combat even if tuff, it was fun. Maybe the scenario, but most probably Alien AI seemed most improoved. Even if i think replacement soldiers starts are a bit low compared to initial soldier stats.
  11. If right weapon means only big weapons, i already said what i think about that. Yes i could do it. but then what is the point of having lesser weapons? No i havent seen all, sorry if i haven t stated it. Ok.
  12. "i have to admit that this propably goes over my abilitiy to make a coherent game. " That and engine limitation are closing stuff to almost any argumentation i have and are fully acceptable. Even if i think its merelly a matter of adjusting stuff. As example: Offer more kinds of bullets (if possible) Raise weaponry range and adjust probability to hit. Raise the sniper max sight (if possible) Raise the sniper accuracy at long range decrease at low range. (if possible) Raise players stats so they seem effective (attaining target) but aliens are resistant. Maybe i m pushing too much on the necessity of Cohesion....but those below also are anoying points: Like why the basic "tank" seem as weak as a soldier without armor ? Then why the thank takes 2 or 4 soldiers space, way more expansive and less eficient ? I would have no problem with that if we could make some money selling manufactured goods, but unfortunatly we don t. You introduced ballistic weapons to the aliens (which is fun) Why not let the player have ballistic vests ? The base description as not having them its because they are useless agaisnt energy weaponry. But now that this premise is untrue ? By the way 2 more problems: Incendiary rockets and grenades appear under "Aircraft weaponry" Mauser aircraft weapon appear under "vehicle weaponry" Mod Info says 99.1 version, but i downloaded 99.8 from the link. will seek if there s another version. Not important to read, read if you wish: I know that turn based combat if figuration of real combat sistem with pause or paused orders orders and simultaneaous resolution or real life or whatever. If you were not to use "reality" and "plausability/believable" why use real weaponry as a base setting, real armor and have the work to explain why they don t work, why chinook and not some ficticious other mean etcetcetc? Lets use fun: Having soldiers that are totall operational bullshit, when they shouldn t is NOT fun IMO. Having a game that doesn t respect the settings it claims is NOT fun IMO. (so advertise anything and sell something else ) Having a game that doesn t have plausible settings, while it tries to mimic them, is not fun IMO. (no matter how cinderella stuff are) As said above, to me Its merely a matter of adjusting concept and operation in accordance. Or simply explaining why it s not feasable, engine skill, time, whatever.
  13. No, i ain t the problem i m fine with all the original Xcom and some folowers. Its your settings that aren t balanced its wayyy diferent. As for exemple: In Xcom 3 Apocalypse there was a training center, to compensate for bad stats. Aliens but exeptions weren t bullet sponges combined to way too bad soldiers. It usually was one or another. As Xcom EU soldiers were a bit better than what you offer, and progression was faster in skills being slower in the last bits to get to 100. In TFTD soldiers and weaponry was very bad but then soldiers (in all games for what matters) were quite inexpensive. As for UFO extraterestrial gold, UF: Aftermath, UFO aftershock, UFO: Afterlight and so on. And i m used to play on insane or whatever the worst diff. and most time have my butt kicked and having a blast the same, which doesn t happens much here.
  14. Sorry, i am not. As i said in my example the target was Subdued stationary for 2 rounds the sniper was at 20 meters more or less. There s no excuses for missing such a shot. Not for elite and almost not for regular. A sniper that is not able to shoot a 1 quarter coin at 100m within 4 seconds is expeled. Period. This in the police, not even the army. And theres an awfull diference between a quarter size and a human body. A trained agent is capable in 4 second to unholster its weapon put 2 bullets on an human target at 7meters and holsters back. And in the game the timeframe is around 6 seconds as the dev said. Then if you reduce that you must reduce the distance we are able to walk or run. In war almost all shots are above 50 to 100 meters, the targets are moving usually running no straight away or toward. The aim is below 2 seconds (snap shot) instructions give that an aimed shot shouldn t reach 5 seconds or your start to wobble for various reasons. Thats another stuff i don t seeenought diference in accuracy between aimed shot and snap and burst. Usually in war the shooting is burst or rapid semi automatic, and the reasons are that usually 1 bullets doesn t fit the bill you need around 3 or more, or your spraying to keep ennemy head down. All that for regular joes. But that ain t those case i advocate. I advocated Still targets. Sincerelly you should use reality as an approach and stop using bad design to correct awfull design and justify awfullness with bad explanation for flawed assumptions. Too much unplausibleness is game breaking, at least for me. For example: in any skill it is wayyy easyer to go 0 to 10 than 90 to 100, 100 being the max cap as in the game. So the stat progression should assume untrained personnel raise fast, and go up slower the nearest you are to 100. But we aren t talking about untrained personnel so there should be a minimum reached or you are discarded. Are X division discarded people for inability ? I believe not. So they should get there with minimal stats.55 should be minimal for accuracy strenght reflexes and some other, its pretty simple, correct -5 or -10 for women strenght maybe. But soldiers with regular exercises should be at least on the 60. Not your donut fat police officer. Soldiers-fit-for-war. Up to 75 it should be relatively easy to increase, each 10s increased progression get slower....then after that it should become really slower...increasing slowness up hill. You clould even implement some hidden potential inferior to 100, randomic for each soldier. It would be interesting. Or To compensate for shitty stat there should be a training facility where soldiers are put for an amount of time, ther can train their stats, 1 at a time up to a certain magical number. So if joe is a heavy weapon lifter he can gym up so the weapon doesn t feel so heavy..could say 2 point per week up to 60, 1 point per week u to 70, 1 point per month up to 80...stopping at 90. The training facilities have a small slot allocation so the player choose who to priorise, and it could use 2 spaces in the base. Also the soldiers could specialize, as in real life, instead to be a jack of all trade, do all, make all ...bad. They could come with crappy stats, the player will choose what profession they will be and training will increase stats in accordance to the necessity. So someone that is trained to be shield or assault is less prone to panic than a sniper, but a sniper has greater aim than the shielder. This as long as they remain doing the function the have been trained for. If in the field the Sniper take shield and pistol his aim will be maybe superior but he will have less TU due to lack of strenght, will be prone to shit his pants and go for a run in the fields. Also for weapon i know there s a huge relativisation for distances. But a sniper with not even 100M of reach a Shotgun with 10m ? i m not talking aim, i m talking reach. Sniper should be limited to their visual capacity period and with scope this should be increased. Sniper are trained at least to hit at 1km....certainly not with only eyeball mark 1 capacity. For example to compensate a greater accuracy at long range " green", snipers could be "red" at short distances. It would make some sense, not having ironsight and being with a longer and heavyer weapon than normal infantry. It suffice to think a bit and there s ways do achieve better the goal without claiming boggus restraints. Also i have a sniper that have 75 of aim and i see little diference with my other sniper that have 59. Why ? because both miss....Stats should really mean something and i have started a new game in normal, just to see how it would come. Now i was expecting to see better soldiers. The fisrt batch is. The upcoming are the same as veteran dif.....sad and disheartening. Another thing, Ceasan autopsy make clear their bones have 60% lower break factor than human ones, KA they break 40% faster. A direct hit from a rocket should disable them no matter what: Broken bones, unless they have solid , non flexible armor, which aint the case ingame.(at least at the start) Same for sibillian, their autopsy state low sights. Should keep distance, but they shoot nice a distance, maybe it s just my impression that now they get closer to shoot, which is fine, could be cranked a notch more to be perfect. Those details are push offs. Again, i m not complaining about Aliens being damage sponge. but I also think this is unsatisfactory. All it does, is pushing the player to use heavy weaponry as light weaponry are useless. I think you should have thought of raising aliens QTD, inclusive tipes, per missions and not so much damage soaking. Usually numbers demand strategy, Soaking is just a matter to be more brutish. (bazooka instead of riffles). --------------------------------------------- I found another bug... When equiped with flame thrower the soldier disappear. I think this one is an old one i remember month back on the comunity edition when i last played to have seen it. --------------------------------------------- Even with all the criticism i wish you best of luck i ll keep an eye on the development, cause i miss this kind of games. And Xcom2 bring no satisfaction.
  15. By the way i have a bug. When i use a medikit and then want to remove it, the game count as if i had 2 medikits one in each hands. This happen for the mini medikit and the "as in original game" one.