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  1. Go ahead and share it. I don't mind
  2. Thanks! Yes you are correct. You don't need to tweak gameconfig. Are you talking about the option to force a backer portrait? I think you put in numbers separated by commas. Each number from 1-100 corresponds to a backer, but there is only a small number of portraits that you can force.
  3. Here is what you can do to unlock the soldier pool: <Ethnicity name="afri" count="6" /> <Ethnicity name="asi" count="15" /> <Ethnicity name="med" count="8" /> <Ethnicity name="nor" count="20" /> <Ethnicity name="cust" count="100" /> You need to add that line of code at the "soldiernames.xml" file. I added the last ethnicity called "cust". This adds all the custom soldiers to be pulled at random like all the other portraits. So just copy this line of code and paste it with the other ethnicities in soldiernames.xml <Ethnicity name="cust" count="100" /> Next, add this to every nation that you want to pull custom portraits: <Ethnicity name="cust" chance="1" /> For my mod if it a country has a "Nor" AND a "Med" ethnicity together I add the new "cust" ethnicity as well. You can change the chance value to your liking. For example for America I set the chance to 10. Here is what is should look like Also, remember you have to do the same for the "femalesoldiernames.xml" file...I can't remember what the custom count for that is. Let me know if that was clear enough or you still need help setting it up.
  4. Are you forcing any kickstarter portraits? My only other thought is as Silencer said; are you using my "soldiernames.xml" and "femalesoldiernames.xml" files? If you did those things you could start a new game and see if the same thing happens. There is really no reason for this to happen if you're using my XML files.
  5. You can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11799-Jsleezy-s-Real-Armors-Compilation?p=133381#post133381 As a goodbye to this thread check out the armor idea that never was: Ghost armor Sadly, the game does not run animated PNG's so the idea was trashed. The idea of putting the Jackal vest over the wolf armor came from user Tim Mclaffert.
  6. A replacement for all the armours and their respective Xenopedia images. This mod aims to give the armors in Xenonauts a more military look. -------------------------------------------- Basic Armor: I wanted to give the basic armour a more military feel. I went with a mix of the Allied paratrooper helmet and the german WWII helmet. I also added some ammo pouches and a granade. I also made a separate version for the female soldiers. Jackal Armour: I wanted something more bulky, tactical and bad-ass. These guys are not rookies anymore...they've been collecting Caesan fingers as trophies. I've also always been a fan of Starship Troopers and have always liked their military gear so I decided to barrow the helmet. Wolf: I gave the Wolf a camouflage pattern and made the visor see-through. I also made several different versions of the Wolf Armor helmet that doesn't look like a top hat. Buzzard I gave the Buzzard armor a camo pattern and a see-trough visor. I wanted to do a little more with this one but haven't had time to work on it. Perhaps at some point I'll come up with a version that looks more like a Cold War era pilot helment with goggles instead of a visor. Sentinel: I tried to give the Sentinel Armor a more metallic feel that I thought the original lacked. I also made the visor more "reflective". I'm not a big fan of the blue on the jet-packs but I wanted to match the combat sprite. Predator Armour: I wasn't a big fan of the lobster look, so I wanted to make the Predator armour look more like a mobile suit of armour. The vanilla version looked too clunky to move in so I wanted to make something that was usable but yet strong and intimidating. You can find the mod and download instructions here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/1/? Enjoy!
  7. Unless something changed I think I heard about an issue where the female heads were floating a little high on his female basic armour...it might have changed by now I'm not sure.
  8. Thank you! I think there is a bastard link somewhere from Strategy Informer that you can use to download. http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/xenonauts/mod/53025.html Disclaimer: This might not always be the most updated version as it was not uploaded by me. The link on the first post will always be the most recently updated.
  9. I'm on the same page with Skitso...I wouldn't mind if I was asked first before my stuff (which I've worked on countless hours) being posted...instead I was told it was already posted without my initial consent. It's really not cool for a website that supposedly "supports" modders to act with that kind of behavior.
  10. Yes, that is correct. I meant to mention that somewhere in the post but must have missed it. I'm glad you guys are digging it as much as me.
  11. Please follow the discussion in the new completed mod thread. You can now check out the released files here : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11629-V1-08-Jsleezy-s-Real-Fighter-Portrait-Pack
  12. This mod was created to add a little realism and personality to the game. This is a replacer for all original portraits. Currently this is what it does: - Adds more diversity to the soldier pool. Some nations can now pull from all soldiers portraits even the custom ones. 95% of the time vanilla only pulls the same 35 male portraits (out of a possible 130+!!!) over and over - Replaces all male portraits - Replaces all female portraits - Adds gloves to a few hand images which color I couldn't match - Adds 3 more "Afri" portraits duplicated from the custom files to add more variety - Adds 10 more "Asi" portraits duplicated from the custom files to add more variety - Slightly changes the distribution of nationalities in the soldier pool Here is what the portraits look like in ground combat OPTIONAL - I highly recommend changing the percentage of getting a female soldier from 35% to 20% as there are a whole lot less female portraits than male. To do this go to "game_config.xml" and change the line that says: <femaleSoldierChance value="35" comment="The percent chance that a generated soldier is a female" /> to: <femaleSoldierChance value="20" comment="The percent chance that a generated soldier is a female" /> Get it here: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/2/? ------------------------------ Install Instructions: 1. Go to your Xenonauts assets folder (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonXenonautsassets) and back up the following: Soldierimages (folder), Soldierimagesfemale (folder),gameconfig.xml, soldiernames.xml, and soldiernamesfemale.xml 2. Copy and paste soldiernames.xml, and soldiernamesfemale.xml inside the assets folder 3. For soldierimages folder open each folder separately (to be in the safe side) and replace all the files in its original counterpart. Please note that if you downloaded any of my armors you might not want to overwrite the armor files. If you do, then just download my armors again 4. Run the game and kill aliens with your new team. ------------------------------ Disclaimer: Please backup your files before you replace. The builds for the game change very often and I can't predict what will happen. This mod is not compatible with anything that replaces the same files (unless you go around tweaking the xml files).
  13. Thanks! It was a lot of work as they are all done manually. There are only about 3 celebrity faces and they are female (requests from buddies). Also, thanks for the help Khall. Sometimes I can't get to all the posts on time.
  14. This mod only changes "sounds_gc.xml". I'm not familiar with that those mods change. If they make changes "sounds_gc.xml" then it is not compatible.
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