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  1. The reason for the freezes are the autosaves in Ironman mode. Whenever a soldier dies or a new turn starts the game autosaves so that you cannot savescum.
  2. During combat in an Alien Base I have encountered a situation in which the game will CTD every time. During the Alien Round and "Hidden Movement" I hear some Androns moving, but when the drone hover sound starts, I get a CTD within seconds. Playthrough was started with Stable 20. Savegame at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5926455/AutosaveIM2014-01-03_10.53.44.sav
  3. The "Wounded - 17 days" is still there. Got it on 6/6 recruits now. As before, these soldiers do not use hospital beds (only 1/8 in use by an actually wounded Xenonaut). Like I wrote earlier, I had deleted the local files and done a complete V20.2 reinstall before starting this playthrough.
  4. I didn't put this in the bug subforum because it's a design issue. Right clicking on UI items that do not have a specific right-click action associated with them will cause the soldier to turn into the direction one clicked, as if one had right-clicked on the map. A right click on the grenades window will bring up the different grenades to choose from, a right-click on the ammunition window will turn around ones currently selected soldier, using up TUs. WAI?
  5. Full reinstall seems to have solved the issue of GC crashes so far for me.
  6. From my tests it seems that this file is the conn.txt. It looks to be a log of sorts. Why Steam wants to "repair" it every time I don't know.
  7. Started a new game after the update to RC2, got a CTD when loading into the first ground combat. I'm reinstalling the game from scratch now. I'll update on how it goes. edit: Screen resolution was 1920x1080, Win 7 64bits.
  8. I encountered the same problem just now. I started a playthrough yesterday (Veteran difficulty, Ironman on) and was able to detect UFOs and crashsites no problem. Today I load up the game but do not see any UFOs, even though I get multiple "alien occurences" reports inside the radar area of both my bases. This goes on for about 2 weeks when I get word of an extraterrestrial base. I fly there with my dropship but it just stands stationary on top of the base without doing anything. I just validated and redownloaded a 240byte file - now the game crashed on loading my savegame... verified again: all files check out, the savegame still crashes my game.
  9. Again in a brand new playthrough, Release Candidate V20.1. Out of 10 soldiers I hired to my secondary base, 7 were fine, 1 was Wounded - 12 days, 1 is Wounded - 6628945, 1 is Wounded - 13490468.
  10. Even though a crouched Xenonaut may have 0TU remaining, giving him a move command by doubleclicking will cause him to stand up without requiring the usual 4TU. Edit: actually also present in Release Candidate V20.1.
  11. During ground combat I observed that a medpack will take your TUs but not actually give any HP to the target, the "healing" animation also does not play. This occurs when the target is diagonal to the healer. When I move the taget directly next to the healer, it works fine. Move the injured Xenonaut back to a diagnoal adjacent square - same problem. edit: Also in Release Candidate V20.1
  12. Yes. I started a new game with RC 20V1. The four soldiers are at Wounded - 17 days, yet only one of my hospital beds is in use. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5926455/AutosaveIM2013-12-19_18.33.25.sav This is my current savegame. There may be more than one thing broken with it though, since I also get the CTD on loading ground combat. I didn't do any fancy stuff with my install and Steam checks the file integrity out fine.
  13. Didn't I just pick the perfect time to look back in on Xenonauts The 60 hours on my account were all from like 2 months ago before I gave it a little break because of university... Anyways, I already wrote it in the PM, but once again: Cheers and Merry Christmas!
  14. My humble entry. http://i.imgur.com/S6fthDe.jpg edit: on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=205504254
  15. Same issue in the V20 Stable Candidate 1. 4 out of 6 soldiers show up as Wounded - 17 days. Additionally, healthy soldiers come back from missions with 98% health regularly (also V20 Stable Candidate 1).
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