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  1. I'm totally on board with being able to change the class by way of the barracks. It would be so much easier than having to switch back and forth for each soldier.
  2. Hey, there's something that I've been finding irksome. There are two screens for your soldiers: one for hiring and firing; and the other for class and equipment assignment. This is fine. When I assign classes to soldiers, I do it based on their stat values relative to the other soldiers. So I'll end up using the barracks screen to compare, using the spreadsheet with the stat sorting on. The class which each soldier is given is listed next to their stats. You cannot, however, change their class from that screen. Instead, you must then remember the name of the soldier in question whom you wish to reassign, then go to the loadout screen and change their class from there. A fantastic improvement would be if you were able to assign class directly from the barracks screen, by means of a drop down menu in the class column, or some similar method. Thoughts? edit: I see that I actually am late to the discussion. Someone else has already brought this up. You should go to their thread for your input.
  3. So, I started a brand new game, (Normal Difficulty with Ironman), queued up some new base construction, then proceeded to modify each class loadout to suit my style, and applied it across the board. A UFO popped up within the first game day, and I shot it down. When I went to land at the crash site, all the 'nauts were sporting their original default loadout, complete with flares in the quickslot. I may have heard of similar bugs, but not in this particular circumstance. (Sorry if this is a known issue).
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