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  1. Hello, I have a solidier at a window on a wall, looking at it, be he cannot see through :
  2. Hello, just launch game, creat a new game, normal mode, tooltips, no ironman. built my base, built some building in it, buy some scientists, manage my soldiers (created a new role for that), saved, rename soldiers, reload previous save, no more renaming, placed soldier on the dropship. There I felt ready and speed up time. UFOs started to accomplish there missions but I was unable to detect any one, even those who manage there missions inside my radar zone. I still tried to leave the time speed up, close the pop up for building creations, research done, and scientist arrival, and had a "crash site available" (CSA) screen, but no crash icone on the geoscape. I sent my dropship there but when it arrive on zone, it just stood there for days, never begining a mission nor needing fuel, even after weeks waiting there. Quit game, tried to start a new one no ironman, tootips just built base, speed up time, and there I was able to detect UFOs and CSA created crash icone on the geoscape.
  3. Hello, i'm on a massive UFO mission, and every turn I had half my men loosing their TUS because of dread. After quitting the game and loading, tat the begining of the turn I had the screen moving at my men as if dreading, but no dread message nor time unit lost.
  4. Hzello, aiming at an alien, I shot ance at a UFO "reactor". Instead of being damage or destroyed, it just "get up" as shown on the enclosed picture :
  5. Hello, I suspected the existence of an alien base so I send a Corsair to patrol the region. When he arrive at destination point I click "cancel", but when I decided to move it to another location, I wasn't able to give it new order. All option where unable and I had to way for it to have no more full.
  6. Hi, when I try to transfert alenium, the cost in the detail is 100 while in the total it is 1000.
  7. Hi, In the description of the laser pistol, it has 24 ammo capacity, while in fact, it has only 6 munitions. edit : laser carbine has 18 on description, 9 on the equipment screen and only 6 on the battlefield (while it as 6/9 ammo if you look from the inventory screen). Laser precision rifle have 10 ammo capacity on escription and only 4 on the battlefield.
  8. At the end of a mission, the crashsite did not disepeared and stayed stick at the same place of the screen even when scrolling the geoscape. It disepeared only when saving / loading the game.
  9. Hello, I had 8 men equiped on a charlie, and I decided to removed them all from the aircraft, using the equipment screen to do so. While doing so, some weapons shift from a man to another. i did some misclik in the operation as the hit box to clik on "unassign" is not really clear, but the bug is repetable.
  10. I fond where the pb come from : I forgot to assign my soldiers to the aircraft --> seems the game do not like when attempting to start a mission without soldier
  11. Hello, i've got a brand new 3rd base with new soldier and aircrafts, and i'm trying to start a mission with this team. The pb is that when the aircraft is approaching for their first mission, i've got the londing screen and nothing else.
  12. Hello, xhen I click on the armor selection buton on the base soldier screen, and tape the "esc" key on the keyboard, the game crash.
  13. <p><p>Welcome to the forums!</p></p>

  14. In most of the games, when you are in the save tab and double clik on a save game, it means that you want to overwrite this game with the current one. In Xenonauts, it just close the save tab without doing anything --> many times, I think I have saved my game while in fact I just closed the save tab. I think many player will fall in this trap and that you should modify that. Thx!
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