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  1. I wouldn't really call being able to get a reaction shot off vs reapers a matter of luck. If you set it up so high-reaction soldiers with quick weapons have plenty of TUs, they're going to have a chance to shoot. Of course, everyone might miss, but that's xcom and doesn't really have anything to do with teleporters in particular.
  2. Well, on the extreme end, the A10 has armor that is over an inch thick in some parts. Some WWII aircraft such as the Hellcat or the B-17 also had a fairly significant amount of armor (over 100 lbs anyway).
  3. Basically there's a bug in that the tiles are flagged as burning until the player sees them, but they aren't actually burning. So the aliens walk around in the UFO on what should be "safe" tiles, but since the game still has them flagged as burning, the aliens take damage and can die. Something like that anyway.
  4. I think you'll want to make it clear that mods may "clash" with each other in terms of balance. It's obvious to most of us, but I think it will save headache and complaints if you spell it out for people that you can't guarantee all their mods will work as intended once they start adding multiple mods. And it's kinda standard boilerplate at this point, but probably something about how mods may introduce new bugs and they will want to contact the mod designer if they get bugs in a modded game wouldn't hurt. It's gotten better but there have certainly been a few people posting about bugs after adding multiple mods. Just my 2 cents as a non-modder.
  5. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it's a good idea. In Civilization you can build cities almost anywhere you want, but there's still plenty of dumb ways to go about building cities. In Age of Empires you could build your houses in neat little rows a divide your workers up into men and women for different jobs, but if you spent the time doing that and expected to do well on harder difficulties you'd be pretty dumb. No, but you did give yourself a 3-4 month headstart in funding, then turn around and complain that things go too quickly. Why would a bitterly divided world give a new and largely unproven organization all their best resources? And what happens after the alien threat is defeated? What if one of the major powers coopts Xenonauts and uses their troops and equipment to attack other nations? Or what if I'm Germany and sent all my best troops and money and equipment to Xenonauts, only to get swallowed up by the USSR. Tell me it wouldn't happen, and I'll tell you that you don't know world history. Eh, I never supported your post or attacked it. I just pointed out how things are. You're trying to use more resources than the game makes available. And then you're also playing on a relatively easy difficulty and probably hiring a lot more scientists than you'd be able to afford without $10 million floating around. I'd guess most players are stuck with 15-30 for most of the game because they can't afford more--that makes a huge difference in how fast tech trees go by. You're not limited, but it's also not optimal. It has nothing to do with my opinion or anyone else's, it's just simple math--extra ground teams take a very long time to pay for themselves (if ever). Of course, you already modded the game once to give yourself far more resources, so I'm not sure why you're complaining--either increase the number of UFOs that come or increase the resources you get from them. You can absolutely play the game however you want, but don't be shocked when the game punishes you for playing in a way it was never designed to support. The bottom line is that if you want to play the game the way you're describing, you're going to have to mod the game--increase research/manufacturing times because you've given yourself the money to speed those processes up (shortening the game) and increase the number of UFOs/resources you get per wave, or if possible the wave frequency.
  6. When you're at 100% capacity, adding one more item will turn the bar red. Just be aware that after a certain point (76 strength or something) you actually have to overload your troops to continue gaining strength.
  7. I agree. It's annoying that you "survive" and then still die.
  8. Nah, if the rounds are coming from far out of effective range it's not as scary.
  9. Ultimately you're just trying to equip more troops and build more aircraft than the game is going to supply.
  10. To me, if I think it's wrong to pirate games (and I do), not having money right now doesn't justify piracy for me. It's a luxury item. I have lots of old games that I can replay.
  11. 8 is too few. I try to have at least half as many as my dropship will carry, so 12-18.
  12. If you're packing a whole ship's worth of metal into a single suit of armor, all I can say is that it better make me safe.
  13. Maybe they've read "The Cremation of Sam McGee."
  14. I think I was in negative funding around that point. It's not that big of a deal. Just make sure you win the air game, and don't get complacent. There's probably a couple optimal ways to play, but it's not a victory script. I never built laser batteries. From where you are you can either build some more corsairs, or you can use the funding from each ground mission to build another plasma weapon or armor. Unless you're struggling in ground combat, I'd do a couple corsairs first. You can abort ground combat, but if you get a wave of UFOs that you can't deal with, that can really hurt your funding.
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