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  1. Could we please have the Soldiers Role Icon visible when we select them in ground combat? it;s already visible in the inventory tab so I'm hoping it's not too much work to implement. You already show the soldier's rank in the bottom right corner of soldier's portrait window, i would like to ask if you could you show the role icon in the bottom left of the portrait too It would be extremely helpful to discern who is equipped for a role and what items they carry without rummaging through their backpacks. That or even a simple text addition to the soldier name/rank text, I.E. Cpl: Morgan Sniper I mentioned this in the Suggestions and feature requests but I want to be sure it gets noted by a dev because it's such a simple yet important feature to me. I've already tried to mod it into the game but can't get the correct icon to display.
  2. Well granted there is that... but apart from the aqueduct, medicine, plasma weapons, powered armor, advanced aircraft, depeleted alenium grenades, flying suits, plasma reactors, LIDAR arrays, better sanitation and kinetic shields ... what have the Caesians ever done for us? in all seriousness though I have a couple of suggestions for Andron tech, because I'd love to see a mini tech tree spring from autopsies' too 1) Artificial limbs Could eventually be manufactured and used to upgrade your soldiers or heal them instantly by replacing body parts with bionics, very expensive and cost prohibitive, each upgrade could govern a particular stat and boost it by x points. 2) we can rebuild him... Research could culminate in a neural network and artificial brain, allowing you to go full on robocop and 'rebuild' a dead soldier, technically turning them into a vehicle complete with the deceased soldier's stats. There would have to be disadvantages, i.e. counts as a vehicle - prohibitive maintenance costs, expensive replacements/repairs in the event of damage and the fact that it is merely a machine with the imprint of a dead soldiers abilities, it cant learn or improve its stats normally - maybe needing to fall back on the upgrade mechanic to improve skills. Finally, a full cyborg would be immune to Psionics, but vulnerable to electroshock and hacking by Androns. I appreciate the second is probably too complex to implement at this stage but maybe one day a Modder will read this and cmdr. stark will once again slaughter aliens by the score in the form of a cold sleek murder machine.
  3. I found the load game crashes if you saved *during* soldier transfer (before they arrive at destination), saving before and after is ok. Thats all the facts I have atm, will test more and see if i can give any other info
  4. The bullets passing through walls I believe may be caused by the "hypervelocity (1)" flag on the alien plasma sniper rifle in WeaponsGC.xml - need more testing to confirm. They still shoot at you (aforementioned known visibility issue) but the bullets no longer pass through walls.
  5. Saving will abort a mission if you have cancelled a Mission Abort prompt. To Clarify: If you select 'abort mission' then cancel, your next save will abort the mission on save-game confirmation instead of saving.
  6. Hi guys, just a suggestion - I know the bravery mechanic isn't fleshed out yet but it's a fairly static stat at the moment and only affected by psionic attacks and medals. It'd be a really nice touch in my opinion if being under heavy fire makes a soldier more brave over time, say every time they get suppressed they gain a progression point in bravery. After 20 missions most soldiers would have a 1000 yard stare, leaning against a wall chewing a cigar while it rains plasma and rookies are hugging the dirt like starfish. Shellshock? Another mechanic idea: If they get suppressed too often, however, you could add a Shell-shock injury type, where their Bravery is halved for a duration of up to 30 days depending on how often they've been shot at. this condition could also be applied if more than 50% of the team get wiped etc. I dunno if that's too realistic but it would be a nice optional for those of us who like punishing game play. I'd tick that box.
  7. Yes and no Mordobb, If they're carrying a Machinegun then yes, only my Support class carries an LMG. But, it doesn't work for two classes using the same primary weapon - for example My Heavy and Assaults Both have rifles Equipped primary with RPG and Shotgun respectively stowed in their backpack when needed. When it comes to close encounters it's vitally important to remember which one is which - as one is more suitable at point black range and reaction fire than the other! *Edit Addendum* Also - You'd be able to see your custom class names in GC - it just adds that little personal touch. It cant be just me who' assigns role of 'Badass' to my longest surviving soldier.
  8. I recently noticed if you opened a soldier's inventory during Tactical/ground combat, you could see their role icon. I'd like to ask Would it be possible to show a soldiers Role Icon on the UI when I select them in ground combat missions, even if it's just a text prompt next to the rank (like Sgt. Falkner: Sniper)? It'd be great to know at a glance what they can do in addition to how expendable they are!
  9. Cheers Chris, I wanted to be sure I wasn't doing anything that would cause upset - thanks!
  10. Alright, seems like there are no objections :3 I'll set up the download! Also, would an admin pretty please change this Thread title to 'Hero: Custom Portraits Mod' as it's current title is kinda misleading/vague.
  11. <p><p>Welcome to the forums! and for the portrait mod</p></p>

  12. Edit: I should really check similar threads before posting, looks like Gomez did this waaaay before I did! So the debating and stuff is kinda moot. I'm still a little freaked out how similar our ideas were. I'm gonna leave the images here if Gomez wants to use them, he has my full permission to do whatever he likes with them
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