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  1. I did 2 ground missions. One was arctic tileset the other one was in a desert. Problem persisted through both of those and... it was equally bad.
  2. Hey. So the last time i played this game was around march and that build performed like all the others before it, without any performance issues. I finally got around to trying out a full version just now and the movement in ground missions is reall choppy, i get maybe 1-2 frames per tile i move through. The aiming crosshair is choppy as well. It lags behind and "sticks" on to tiles. In general game just felt really unpleasant to play and i was wondering if this is a known issue and if you can think of any solutions it would be great to hear them. dxdiag: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxavuvw3dyhd1ok/skvid%27s%20DxDiag.txt
  3. They've been working on the new UI for a looong time, and frankly i had no problems with an old one and always thought of the "much needed" change as a little bit strange. Do you think it was a needed change or do you think that it would've been better if the manhours were spent improving other aspects of the game?
  4. Cashed to desktop during my first air combat. I disabled missiles right at the start of the combat and when i clicked to fire them once i was in range i got CTD.
  5. Reward ideas: Finding artifacts on aliens that would progress your research by a bit Instant money reward
  6. Whats the point in having a discussion about the unit that's currently severely bugged?
  7. So as someone who only reads official development update news and patchnotes i have a few thoughts to share about v19. Geoscape: Im holding off most of the thoughts about it until the new UI, but the change i hope to see the most is a proper interface for ordering your air units around (in geoscape, not in dogfights), proper waypointing (like shift+clicking), maybe even creating patrol routes and saving them for later use. --- Ground combat: AI: It still feels weird... while i notice that aliens tend to go into safe spots where most of their angles are covered from the optimal ammount of xenonauts i still see them going out of cover for no reason (especially inside light scouts: they shoot some and when walk out from behind the cover). I also witnessed a bizarre behavior in my first terror mission that i played in this build (im not sure if this behavior was present in previous builds). In this mission aliens (androns and light drones) completely ignored my scout car, to the extend where i was effectively able to cover my soldiers with it and exploit the scout car as a "sliding door": I would move it away at the start of the turn, fire some shots with my soldiers, and cover them again with my scout car at the end of the turn. Aliens never shot at the car, and acted confused, over running around aimlessly or just going after npcs instead of trying to flank my soldiers or attack my scoutcar. I also find it hard to make use of secondary floors, its like they are not in game at all, i rarely find aliens in buildings (and never in upper floors) and wish it was a more common occurrence. It also feels like their pathfinding could use some work, sometimes they make a lot of aimless movements and end up in the same position from which they left or out in the open. It feels like they have trouble managing their TU's... Also every alien seems to act like an individual ignoring his comrades... I'd like to see some group tactics involved. An example would be aliens that are sitting inside of ufo storm out to help their buddies when there is a firefight going outside, attempting flanks and so on... Too often its just picking off one alien at the time... pushing a bit forward and finding another one hunched behind cover a bit further back, why didn't he come and help his buddy 3 turns ago? Also the placement of aliens around the map (in ufo crashsites) is odd, they seem scattered and disorientated with no clear goal. Shouldn't they try to set up a defensive perimeter around their ufo wreck? Try to ambush you (in greater numbers than 1) as you approach it and so on? --- Visuals: I thought i'd be used to it by now, but the particles that fly out of all the weapons look horrible and out of place, they are slow, sluggish and look like a cheap placeholder art. I would much more prefer to see just muzzle flashes and impact sounds, or some nicely animated tracer round lines. In fact the whole combat gameplay feels off, soldier dont allign properly with the direction they are firing, sometimes skipping the "raise weapon" animation completely and just shooting from idle pose. But the worst part is bullets hitting things... it just looks so impact-less? I mean shooting stuff felt more satisfying in fallout 2, and im not talking about critical gore-fest kills. (which would be amazing to see in this game, but i know that the its very hard to do thanks to overly-complicated animation processes used in this game). Ground combat part 2 Shooting from the cover sometimes shows that theres a 50% chance to hit the cover im shooting from. This just isn't right... and there is a bunch of other oddities when trying to aim through/from complicated cover. I once saw like 3 50% indicators pop out by simply aiming at the target behind a low train platform...vagon... thing. Morale system isn't working properly i think. Im still not seeing the randomness in maps, and there's too few of them so it gets repetitive fast. I had few other things i wanted to mention but i forgot. I should keep a list or something. Anyway hope this helps.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzt77juuswhh5gw/AutosaveIM2013-04-12_00.19.48.sav Here you go.
  9. I had no idea what could have caused it, so ill just list as many going-ons as i remember. I was returning back to base with chinook after sucessfully finishing a crashed scout (2nd ufo that appears, the bigger one) mission. Game froze in mid flight. It wasn't CTD, game just froze i had to open task manager to close it. Game instantly crashes to desktop when attempting to load the latest autosave, which i suppose is right after a mission with chinook leaving a crashsite in geoscape. I was playing on veteran difficulty if that matters. At the time there were no other aircrafts/ufo actively flying in geoscape. However before that i intercepted 2 UFO at once - light scout with 2 comcords(?) and a larger scout with foxtrot, chinook then proceeded to clear light scout mission successfully and i immediately flew to the heavier scout crashsite, without returning to base. I had research going for sebilian interrigation, maybe it finished and caused a crash? I also had improved body armor manufacturing going on, two armors out of six or something were complete but im pretty sure i was running on limited funds... so maybe insufficient funds could have something to do with the crash... Really wish i could check it and attempt to replicate it, but it corrupted my save file (other saves load fine)
  10. I see, it should't be too hard to change the messege from killed in action into something along the lines of "gravely injured" then. I guess im lucky that 3 out 3 xenonauts survived like that today.
  11. Is it a bug or is it left like that for whatever (easier testing?) purposes intentionally? I remember this happening way back in october, kinda weird that it hasnt been fixed yet... surely this bug has been reported countless times. What happens is my guys get killed in combat but i can see them in med bay with the "wounded for 17 days" status.
  12. Thanks for a quick hotfix, the smoke CTD was annoying to say the least.
  13. Yea happened to me as well in the farm map where ufo is located behind a ridge.
  14. Happened to me as well, CTD twice now. First time it happened right after the npc soldier walked into the smoke/flames left by my AP RPG round Second CTD happened when i moved my own soldier into smokescreen left by my smoke grenade.
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