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  1. Skitso

    Night missions

    Yeah, I hear you. Turn based geoscape could be a solution to force people to take night missions. (Missions could expire before morning/day turn)
  2. Skitso

    Night missions

    Because of suspense? This is kinda same subject as view cones. I just like the additional horror element it gives me...
  3. Skitso

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    Maybe each subsequent autopsy could just add probability of correct forecast so the system wouldn't be so binary and predictable. Even with couple of sebillian autopsies done there could still be a surprise androns in the ufo?
  4. I rather enjoy the claustrofobic feeling that restricted vision cones give. It's not just a gameplay topic, but a fundamental thing that changes how the game feels.
  5. Skitso

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    Having a possibility to postpone the endgame isn't enough to satisfy my need of a longer campaign. The pacing needs to be compelling for the entire length of the game so that new tech and aliens are evenly spaced out from start to finish and not so that everything is rushed in within the first 25 missions and from there I just grind mission after mission with nothing new to see or do.
  6. Well I might have exaggerated it a bit... X1 had just about perfect balance between strategic and tactical gameplay for me. That said, I have a full confidence that you know what you are doing with this game though. Micro managing nonessential stuff is just not my cup of tea in any game.
  7. I'm constantly worrying that the geoscape portion of X-2 becomes over designed and over complicated micro management hell. I've always seen the geoscape more like a no-stress part of the game where I can just choose missions and make easy choises about what to research and build next. I hope Chris and the team can keep the focus of the game where it belongs...
  8. Skitso

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    I agree. 25 ground missions seem like a really short game, where you don't have enough time to experiment with different weapons, technologies and gadgets or get to know alien races before new ones emerge. I don't want to have new tech and aliens in every mission. Getting to equip new weapons and armour should feel like a great accomplishment that you have to wait to get. I'd say 40-60 missions sound about right in this type of game.
  9. This is a brilliant idea actualy!
  10. Nice work with the illustration. For my tastes, it's wayyyyy too cluttered and busy though. I like my games clean and simple. The less intrusive the UI is, the better. As long as all the relevant information is still available, of course.
  11. Skitso

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    While I like almost everything here, I'm not entirely sold on the idea of completely open ended objective where you can do what ever you see fit to advance to the end game. I feel capturing certain key alien and tech to advance plot is required to get a better strory arc with important plot steps. The proposed system here sounds too much of a commonly disliked Ubisoft game design style where you just simply check boxes and fill bars to complete a game.
  12. Smartest, most efficient and logical AI isn't always the one that offers the most fun game play experience. Sure, it should offer a hard enough challenge, but I feel that a "good AI" requires a lot more than an opponent that does all the right decisions in every combat scenario. AI should have varied, fun and unexpected reactions to players actions so that a player could never be 100% sure what an opponent does, even if the "right action" was obvious. AI can and should do wrong moves every now and then. Stupid mistakes are fun, as long as there's some logic why the enemy does what it does. Moving back and forth between two covers burning all the TU's and not run away or shoot a Xenonaut standing in the adjacent tile is wrong kind of stupid behavior. Don't want that.
  13. I'm not sure if the kickstarter demo mission is meant to be a night mission, but it really needs a more brooding atmosphere. I'd like to know if reduced FOV, darker tiles, flares etc. are still planned. An example from my X1 Oppressive mod what I want:
  14. Current UI is place holder though...
  15. I can see the benefits of the new system: clean, simple, fast to use and easy to understand. I didn't even use tetris management that much in X1 so this isn't a life or death question to me. That said, I hate Firaxis' over simplified and abstract way of doing things in their games, so I hope you steer your design away from that. If this was my game, I would probably retain the original system with few improvements: Smaller backpack (maybe 3x5) with high TU cost to open (something like 75% so you can't take a weapon from it and shoot) Belt could be same as X1 (2x3+2) with no TU cost to manipulate. Balance the system with item weights and slot sizes. (e.g. pistol is 1x2, SMG 2x3 so you can fit pistol and first aid kit or SMG and 2 grenades/clips in your belt) With this system, you would be limited and forced to make choises what to bring with you, but also give you a bit of freedom with the loadout without the artificial feeling of Firaxis-restrictions. For example, If you have a shield and a pistol in your hands, you can have a stun baton OR a first aid kit OR an SMG with two grenades/clips on your belt. In the backpack you COULD carry a grenade launcher, a shotgun or any other main weapon, but taking it out costs you a turn and can you even carry the weight without transforming into a turtle? Yeah, if your character is strong enough. Fair enough, as strong characters have other weaknesses like low TU or bad aim. You could bring up to five C4's (2x3): two in backpack, one in belt and one in each hand OR four with one handed weapon OR three with two handed weapon OR two if you want to have a first aid kit with you. Should it be in the quick access belt or in slow backpack... hmmm, the choises! And you could dump everything to pick up a dead or injured soldier and bring him/her back to the chopper. UI wise, the belt slots should be always visible in the main UI like the secondary item slot in Chris' image so they are fast and easy to use. You'd only need a separate inventory screen when opening the backpack, which fits thematically fine IMO as it costs TU to do so and is meant to feel cumbersome. While it isn't as simple as what Chris has proposed, it's flexible and easy to understand as it doesn't have any artificial rules. The only downside is how to manage picking up items from the ground. Either clicking the item on the ground and it goes straight into your main hand, or opening the backpack and doing it the old way?