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  1. Skitso

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    I hope a visual redesign for geoscape will look something like that new art in the @Chris' post above. Striking green background, big bold yellow pulsating rings for missions and slowly fading long yellow lines behind ufo's and aircraft. I'd love to see visual flavor like that! Looks exactly like a strategic map some military organization would use. Good luck with the baby and congratulations!
  2. I'm quite disappointed with how simplistic, empty and sterile the maps are looking AGAIN, with too few claustrophobic close quarters opportunities, height differences and larger buildings. Most maps that are in at the moment look like game maps, not lived spaces... and it's the same issue X1 had back in the days. Especially FARM maps don't look like real places at all, but more like shooting galleries with random props sprinkled here and there with no rhyme or reason. I'm still available for additional mapping if the new engine and editor makes it possible and@Chris still wants me. The other thing that really bugs me are the new tile based UFO's. I love the gameplay benefits it grants, mind you, but at least at the moment they just look silly sheet metal rooms that are standing in the middle of a map. There are two main issues: The most important is that they don't have any hull what so ever - only thin metal walls. Where are the engines, cannons and stuff? In X1 the black area between outer and inner walls created just enough hull space that they felt believable aircrafts. Now the UFO's seem like just flying rooms. Second is that the UFO's don't look like they've landed/crashed there only moments ago. I'd love to see a difference between crashed and landed UFO's: landed UFO's should not be flat on a ground level, but rest on their landing gears above ground on level 1. Crashed UFO's should be on level 0 without landing gears with tons of smoke, fire and debris around them. I really, REALLY hope Goldhawk can do something about the UFO's on tactical maps as ATM they just don't look that hot. On my opinion raiding the UFO's is the number one thing in XCOM- styled games and to make them feel alien, imposing, mysterious and threatening, you really need to put some effort in it. EDIT: uhhh, after writing this rant, I realised this might not have been exactly the right thread to put this in, but...
  3. Yeah, one of the biggest issues I had with the original was how sterile everything looked, sounded and felt. I'd love to see crashed ufos surrounded with fire, smoke, broken houses, fallen and cut trees, debris, alien corpses and random bits and pieces scattered around. Also, landed ufos (at least at the moment) look like stationary buildings that are part of the scenery rather than some otherworldly space craft landed there... It might help to rise the landed ufo half a tile up and add some landing gear beneath them maybe? Landed ufos could also have some alien machinery set up around them or something to differentiate them from crash sites as if the aliens are performing some tests and calculations or what not. While I don't miss full voice over for the marines, I agree that their death screams need to be brutal and varied. I find the old FPS game called Blood has pretty much the right idea on it's cultist voice over how it should be done:
  4. Great to see you again kabill. Hope to mod with you once again.
  5. Congrats! Havea great honeymoon!
  6. Skitso

    Night missions

    Yeah, I hear you. Turn based geoscape could be a solution to force people to take night missions. (Missions could expire before morning/day turn)
  7. Skitso

    Night missions

    Because of suspense? This is kinda same subject as view cones. I just like the additional horror element it gives me...
  8. I rather enjoy the claustrofobic feeling that restricted vision cones give. It's not just a gameplay topic, but a fundamental thing that changes how the game feels.
  9. Nice work with the illustration. For my tastes, it's wayyyyy too cluttered and busy though. I like my games clean and simple. The less intrusive the UI is, the better. As long as all the relevant information is still available, of course.
  10. Smartest, most efficient and logical AI isn't always the one that offers the most fun game play experience. Sure, it should offer a hard enough challenge, but I feel that a "good AI" requires a lot more than an opponent that does all the right decisions in every combat scenario. AI should have varied, fun and unexpected reactions to players actions so that a player could never be 100% sure what an opponent does, even if the "right action" was obvious. AI can and should do wrong moves every now and then. Stupid mistakes are fun, as long as there's some logic why the enemy does what it does. Moving back and forth between two covers burning all the TU's and not run away or shoot a Xenonaut standing in the adjacent tile is wrong kind of stupid behavior. Don't want that.
  11. I'm not sure if the kickstarter demo mission is meant to be a night mission, but it really needs a more brooding atmosphere. I'd like to know if reduced FOV, darker tiles, flares etc. are still planned. An example from my X1 Oppressive mod what I want:
  12. Current UI is place holder though...
  13. If I remember correctly, rushed end game was because of budget reasons. There simply wasn't enough time or money to test, balance and polish the game beyond corvette. I'm sure Goldhawk won't make the same mistake with X-2.
  14. How about this: the minitabs are minimalistic on default, and when mouse hovering, it displays more info? Minitab could also be removed while details are displayed so there's no duplicate information on screen.
  15. Nice idea, but for me that looks way too busy. I'm really struggling to find a solution that looks clean but also displays all the relevant information. Better place for flag is next to the name in the main UI, it's a bit too much in the minitab I think.