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  1. If the soldier is hallucinating, I think it should say that. If they are going berserk, I think it should say that. "Tom Williams is hallucinating and cannot tell friend from foe!" "Tom Williams is going berserk!"
  2. Does anyone have any official word on how berserking and morale in general is worked out in the game?
  3. I will take a look at moraleconfig_gc.xml In X-COM, berserking didn't always mean shooting your buddies. Sometimes, they'd shoot the ground, sometimes they'd spin looking for targets. Xenonauts seems to be set to "nearest target" which I disagree with.
  4. So I'm rocking the Psilons, right? Full landing ship on the ground, full crew complement. I've housed like five guys outside. Forward guy with a laser shotgun gets hit with the alien psionic attack, becomes "unnerved". Next turn, shoots the guy next to him. Takes two full shots. Just drills the guy next to him. He didn't even get shot at. ::headdesk:: What? Panicking? Fleeing? Sure, fine. Shooting your friends when under mind control? Totally okay with that. Do aliens even have morale? I know they can be suppressed, but I've never seen one flee.
  5. I think that running more radars is a good idea. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback, people.
  6. Playing normal. I have no problem at all with the ground game. I'm rather good at X-COM style games. The problem is that I feel like I'm being railroaded into playing a certain way in the strategic game (which I dislike). The funding situation seems be based on a certain model, rather than the "figure out how you want to solve the problem" approach. Without knowing what to research in what order, you can easily crash your economy. And not knowing when to expand and how fast means starting over. Or at least, that's how it seems to me so far. That said, dominating the skies seems to be key to maintaining your funding. Shooting down a UFO means it can't strafe 47 boats and lose you (literally) $300K in 15 seconds of game time.
  7. Good advice. I think I'll expand more early, but build less. Do you guys typical build more than one radar?
  8. I've got so much negative funding, my game is now actually over. So there's no point in continuing. I'm at -700,000, and I have less than that in the bank. I must be doing something very wrong, because I can't see a way this would ever be any different. Perhaps I should only make small satellite bases? Hrmm.
  9. Overall, I like the Geoscape portion of the game. Most of the things are an improvement over the original X-COM (the air combat is certainly more interesting and varied). The problem that I'm having is that the funding drops off precipitously once the foothold starts. And there is no way to recover from it (and you can't sell laser cannons, ). Doing missions doesn't net you enough money to compensate. In X-COM, you had to basically lose missions or let UFOs complete their missions. In this game, any UFO that isn't immediately shot down eats away at your funding like crazy. If you don't happen to have radar coverage over that part of the ocean, you're screwed, basically. That's where I'm at now, and I'm having trouble justifying restarting the game. But I would agree that it's difficult to recover from a mistake without having to completely restart the game. Or having a system where you simply have a save game at the beginning of every month. I don't typically do that.
  10. Hi, everybody! Been a while! I've been lurking around the forums for a bit. I see that the game is pretty solid now and a lot of the bugs and craziness that I remember are gone. I'm having a lot of fun with the ground combat. But the strategic game has changed a whole lot since I last played. So...I'm into the month of December, and I'm watching my funding just disappear. I have three bases each with a radar array and some fighters. But I can't cover the entire globe. But the aliens can destroy stuff in the middle of the water the obliterates my funding. As water covers 70% of the water, is it really fair that I can loose $300,000 in funding from a single wave of aliens shooting up boats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? I went from basically slowly hemorrhaging money to needing to abandon the game in the space of a few days. My funding is disappearing so fast it's not even salavagabe. So it looks like funding sources disappear at a staggering pace, but only increase at a glacial pace. Shoot up a few boats and lose $300,000. Shoot down three medium UFOs and I'm up $3000. As the game stands, I'm not sure what to do. I'm guessing that better radar is coverage, but at $250K a pop and $50K each in maintenance, that's a massive amount of cash. I feel like I'm really being railroaded into playing a very specific way. What do you guys think?
  11. I liked your previous work, so I'll be trying this once you get the update out. I have to dust off my skillz and start combining mods.
  12. Is your usage of "ET" consistent with the existing Xenopedia language? It seems weird to me. Other than that, I think it looks pretty good. Two pistols looks weird to me.
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