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  1. About the scrolling I do use more of the nummer keys than scrolling to change soldier. I am more used to change level or change camera angle with the scrolling/wheel key becouse of the others games. So clicking on the GUI and the soldier move is bug, then it's good to know. Is it for I have 1440p monitor? Yes, it whould be easier to have contextual window for Intercept when right click on the world map.
  2. I get annoyed at that the mouse scroll change characters and not level. Please change it or that I can rebind it. Sometime when I click on the GUI for the character then character move to that part of map even I just click example weapon. I do get to part that I need to multi click button and other stuff for it just should do it stuff. For this is getting really annoying. I really want to launch the aircraft when I left click the world map.
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