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Combat (in)accuracy?

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Start of combat. Sebiillian nine squares away, no cover. I have three guys in the end of the chopper.

Sniper: 75% miss

Assault: 56%, miss, 56% miss

Assault: 56%, miss, 56% miss

Just now, standing two squares away, 95% miss with shotgun. Next turn, kills my guy (of course).

This is getting ridiculous.

So am I being lied to? By say...50%? Because everyone seems more accurate, well, actually, no, just the aliens.

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I think there is a bug when trying to fire from/to certain types of tiles. Aaron said this was corrected, but my personal feeling is that there is hidden problem with accuracy on certain terrain. Just a feeling. I've had a lot of "bad luck" trying to hit aliens inside ships lately. More then I think can be justified by just randomness. Example: I had an alien standing dead center (no cover) in the control room of a scout ship. Three guys firing at him from the outside at about 6 tiles distance. One AR, one pistol, and one LMG. The LMG had a 19% chance. I got one hit three full rounds of combat. In the meantime the alien killed all my guys one by one.

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The debug output should explain shots that hit / miss, although I've not looked at it lately myself. The scattering may just still be screwed.

If you run this program while using the gc_editor.exe file variant then it should give a bit of commentary on the shot accuracy roll: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/Dbgview.exe

Thanks Chris. I'll give that a try next time I play.
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I did notice funky accuracy while shooting out of the Chinook. Might be similar to the weirdness sometimes experienced when shooting from the outside of a UFO.

Had an Alien like 6 tiles away from the Chinook, and took the whole team to hit him once, save loaded a couple times and it was generally the same.

However if I took 1 step outside the Chinook the accuracy seemed normal.

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I believe Ive covered this in my rant enough, but yes. Androns are the worst, theres something wrong in there :D, but the reaction fire feels different in every species Ive encountered this last playthrough. I actually like the enemy fighting back for once though. :)

As for your guys missing, believe it or not, but my people got better after a few missions and can now shoot as good as a 15yr old playing paintball. Which is a tremendous improvement.


I have no trouble shooting from charlies, UFOs seem a bit fishy sometimes, but its a LOT better than 19.5.

I dont shoot in point blank at all, I either stun baton them, or go with 3 tile approach:

Alien l cover l Xenonaut with no spaces between I always get 95 percent and hit almost as often.

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