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  1. Dropbox was puking the upload. Should be available now.
  2. Hi there After quite some time I noticed Xenonauts is finally final release! So I though its time to get my lazy *** back here and resume work. This is an update for the (ancient) Projectiles test. http://http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5205-Projectiles-images-replacement-test Nothing new really, just little version update for latest game version. Mod:https://www.dropbox.com/s/neppahvnx6y8t71/Shots%20replacement%20mod.zip V0.9 -Updated for final release game version. To install copy the "projectiles" folder and the "vehicleweapons_gc" file to the assets folder inside Xenonauts main. Use the "backup" folder to get back to vanilla files, or better yet make your own backup. ***Compatibility with other mods *** If you want to use the new tank plasma cannon, any mod that edits "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" is incompatible as this mod will revert tank weapons to vanilla or the other mod will undo the new shot image. Mods that rebalances weapons will surely edit it. To merge this mod with other mod, just follow simple steps: 1-Install the desired mod/mods you want to use. 2-Install my Test Shots mod but Dont install the file "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" 3-Open "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" with notepad or whatever you like and look for the following entry: 4-Replace the highlighted line above with <Projectile spectre="projectiles/heavyplasma/heavyplasma" speed="1600"/> This will redirect the game to the new image. 5-Save and you are ready to go. MAG weaponry is still pending, and will be added in future updates. The mod should remain compatible will future game versions unless changes are made to the files this mod uses. I will keep an eye and update as needed. Note I noticed the alien plasma weapons use now the same image, wich was the pistol one back then. I will swap it with the "green-blue" the mod used. I dont really like this change, I may upscale the scope of the mod and make different images for each alien weapon "family". Pistols shots should look puny compared to a battle rifle shot, and so on.
  3. Hi Lemm. You may like to consider to add my mod to the pack? It replaces vanilla projectile images. No stats are changed its just a visual change. So far the mod should run with any current version as long as the devs dont touch the images again. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5205-Projectiles-images-replacement-test?highlight=projectile+test
  4. look at first post, theres instructions to what you need to edit in that file to merge mod with others.
  5. V19 Stable doesnt cause any issues with the mod, you can use it. If you had it installed before you dont even need to do anything, it will keep working as before. The new folder called Heavyplasma is to add a shot image for the tank plasma wep. Vanilla game has new folder for tank laser and tank MAG but somehow it doesnt have one for tank plasma (they forgot?) and this last uses stock plasma rifle shots. You need to use "vehicleweapons_gc.xml" for it to work as it links tank plasma to this new folder instead of to normal plasma folder.
  6. That would require editing animation sprites, wich I want to do in a future to add flash to shots. For the plasma trail of the projectile that fades away shortly it may be done, with fading glow too but it requires more work and me getting familiar with how shot animations work.
  7. Never hit MAG weapons in game either but are suposed to be classic railguns, so a magnetized solid projectile accelerated using electromagnet rails in same way as plasma, that reaches far more velocity than what gunpowder projectiles could ever do. Like 2300 m/s a bullet could achieve versus 24000 m/s railgun bullets can achieve. Thats why MAG weps use hypervelocity effect in game. Such a projectile has no "energy" as laser or plasma, and are not tracers like bullets can be, so for now theres no glow. It would look silly to me imho.
  8. Probably go the lazy way and make a simple replacement like the ballistic or plasma shot, and leave fancy things for later. What im sure is it will not have any glow since theres no reason for it to have it. Will try a longitudinal fade effect in hopes it gives sense of great speed. As a bonus current tank plasma may get a new optional shot, more in the lines of shiny ball of plasma that explodes on contact.
  9. Thanks for trying the mod, Im glad you find it nice. On last Stable Candidate 2 theres nothing new that touches what this mod replaces, so it is fully compatible with current mod version. Updating first post to reflect cmpatibility. Download remains the same.
  10. If you have long range sight and the aliens do have some cool weapons to lay fiery plasma death from afar, you would love a tank to deliver long range retaliation while your troops run for cover "screaming little girls" style, or just flank or turn around entirely. It would actually makes more sense than having a tank advancing "blind" and shoting at ranges it would actually have a hard time shooting at. Weapons/tanks roles and effectiveness balances the playing conditions/rules more than the other way around. As for buildings, recently in a light scout industrial map I had 2 Sebs retreat from my troops and they got inside an office building and trenched there. After blasting 1 of the walls with c4 and firing inside, 1 even retreated to another room in that building. Dont know if they are using buildings on purpose or are just not afraid of entering one if their retreat path happens to cross one. I would bet they do use it on purpose since entering that building didnt seem to be on their way, and looked like they headed there intentionaly.
  11. I tested with sight range time ago and made a mod for it. Stats have changed a lot since then but I can tell you some key points that became clear after that. Using a sight range of 27 as a base with aliens getting mostly 30-35: -Combat feeling was awesome. It first seemed to help the aliens a lot since more scattered (those days) aliens could see you and join the fight (now they do fine, with more sight it could be epic). -Reaction fire became a threat instead of a main source of xenonauts deaths, since spoting took place outside weps effective range and shots were less accurate and hit for less damage. -Making contact didnt start (mostly) a deadly firefight since it started out of range giving more time to manuver under fire,flank etc.(with improved accuracy now it will be more dangerous than before). -Less smart AI and accur. made results very variable. Sometimes aliens would get a nice deployment and wipe the floor with you (in those days that was unexpected), other times they could not help themselves as you murdered them with heavy LMG&rocket fire from far away (this should not happen that often with actual changes). -The great options the player have in weapons outgunned (most of the times) the aliens wich should be the other way around. ALiens needed more powerful and specialised weapons (now they partly have that). I ended boosting their armour and weapon damage/range values wich helped lessen the problem. With the current AI and stats it should play way better than in those times, but Im sure long range still helps more the player so aliens need MOAR firepower, not just rifles with more damage, they would need more "big guns that makes things go in a big boom" so the player advantage in superior planning/manouvering becomes a desperate need to stay alive not a unbalancing factor. But to make thiings short, more sight range is cool but needs its own balance to really be playable to the level you would enjoy to play.
  12. New Update v0.82 to be used with last game version 19 Stable Candidate 1.
  13. Hotfix v0.81 ready to download at first post. I gave a quick test and found I messed big time with coordinates. Now new shots do show on screen properly.
  14. NEW UPDATE V0.8. This mainly covers the new tank based guns introduced in beta 19.7. It also adds custom (well just modified a bit) heavy plasma for tanks that is missing in the beta. MAG shots still not replaced though. Download link updated in first post. I didnt have time to test if its all ok but it should be. If anything is wrong please post here and I will get it fixed.
  15. I have played through light scouts with not much of a challenge yet, and at some point decided to completely skip them. Then played the first normal scout mission against sebs, and oh man I got wiped out entirely . My usual tactics + artic map proved wrong for the new fixed AI, and I found myself retreating from 4-5 seb guards down to the chinook, with the little b*****ds chasing me all the way there. They really proved to be very aggressive and even formed a "battle line" to engage me wich worked awsome for them, and all that took me by surprise and paid hard having the wrong deployment for the situation. Im impressed so far. As for the Hunter MG I suggest increasing the shot count to 10 to account for it having 2 MGs not one, and at least doubling the ammo and increasing range. This should make it a fine platform for suppresion and overall support, contrary to the more "hunter killer" role it has with rockets.
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