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  1. I've got this mod posted over on the Steam Workshop but someone said the auto-downloader wasn't working for them on Linux so they couldn't get the file. Link to the Workshop page is here This mod simply ads 2 light hardpoints to the Foxtrot Interceptor allowing a total of 4 light missiles or 2 light missiles and 2 heavy torpedoes. It changes no other stats on the Foxtrot and should work with other mods that change the Foxtrot's stats. [ATTACH]6290[/ATTACH] Better Foxtrot.zip Better Foxtrot.zip
  2. Thankfully I had a save from before completing the Corsair research too so I was able to test and verify that the mod is working properly now! I have it posted up on the Steam Workshop along with my Better Foxtrot mod (adds 2 light hardpoints to the Foxtrot).
  3. Thanks for the tip Drages. I have a save before completing the Alloy Hardening research, but I don't think I have one from before completing the Corsair research. If I remove the Corsair research requirement and test it with just the alloy research the Saracen becomes available for research as expected and I've been able to test out the rest of the mod and it all seems to be working properly. Gonna go dig around my saves and see if maybe I have one from before finishing the Corsair research before I start over completely.
  4. Alright, after continuing to toy with this I've discovered that the reason it's not working is because I have the Corsair research as one of the requirements. As far as I can tell no other research requires research into a human aircraft so now I'm wondering if that's even possible.
  5. For a couple days now I've been trying to reenable the X-44 Saracen using the still existing assets left in the game files after it's removal. It took me a few hours trying to track down all the entries in the files referring to the Saracen and reenable them all as well as redesign the stats and write up a Xenopedia entry for it. Clearly I'm missing something in the process though because my mod isn't working, the Saracen isn't appearing for research when I'm testing for it. This could be because the game saves I'm using to test are from before I enabled the mod, I'm not sure if that's a factor for adding new research projects. I don't see any tutorials for adding new aircraft or research projects to the game, only weapons, so I'm kinda flying blind and don't really know where to go next to continue debugging this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Problems solved! If anyone wants to play with my version of the Saracen you can grab the mod on the Steam Workshop or just click the link below: [ATTACH]6277[/ATTACH] Saracen Reborn.zip Saracen Reborn.zip
  6. I only recently used the Pulse Laser for the first time and I was really surprised that it was an AOE weapon. I'd assumed it was a single shot/burst fire weapon similar to the soldiers' rifles. The first time I fired it and it vaporized the target along with half the building it was standing next to had my jaw on the floor with me immediately ranting to myself about it being OP. I've never been a 'burn it all' type of player. Rockets flying everywhere may be effective and not have any real penalty through the game effects, but I've always thought that property damage and casualties caused by my soldiers' actions should cause steep penalties and have done what I could to avoid them. But that's a discussion best left for another thread. I was really annoyed that I couldn't put the .30 cal back on after that mission was over, mainly because it meant I'd never be able to use my Hunter again without causing serious collateral damage...
  7. I mentioned this in the release 7 thread a week or so ago. It started happening after they made the weapon upgrades for the vehicles not require producing the weapons first. I'd guess that the change they made did something to the upgrade weapons to make them always available, but didn't change the .30 cal machine gun. So once you take it off you count as having 0 in inventory and since you can't buy or build them you won't be able to put it back on.
  8. I don't mind the 5 point bleed, but if you're gonna bleed for that much you should probably take a harder hit before bleeding. I recently increased the bleed threshold to 15 and it seems a bit more fair to me.
  9. I've found that if a soldier is not armed with a gun when going Berzerk they don't do anything, so they don't use TU and you'll be able to use them normally during your turn. I was having trouble clearing a corvette because the Caesan Officer on it was causing my men to go berzerk constantly. I noticed that if they were holding a stun baton or grenade while berzerk they won't do anything with it, so I figured I'd just have my soldiers drop their guns on the ground at the end of the turn and then pick them back up at the beginning of my next one to see if that would stop them from slaughtering one another. It works wonderfully, dropping what's in their hands is free so even if they've hit 0 TU through actions or panic they can still do it, they don't kill each other, and all I lose is the 12 TU required to pick up an item off the ground. Then I began to notice that the ones going berzerk weren't losing any TU like they would if they'd panicked and I'd be able to command them normally during my turn. I'm pretty sure this is not intended, though given the current OPness of the psi powers it does help to have an advantage like this. I'm also not sure if it's intended that soldiers won't throw grenades they have in hand or use the stun baton either...though I can say I'm quite glad for that part and would prefer it not change
  10. It seems there's a known issue where soldiers on missions while injured have their injured health shown as their max health. What you're seeing is the 2 points your soldier healed between combats through natural healing. At the end of your previous fight he had 53 health left, in flight to the next fight he healed 2, so in the new fight he's showing at 55/53 health. I made another thread about it yesterday and did a bunch of testing on it today. Because it's a display only bug it may not get fixed before release.
  11. I posted a save to illustrate that yesterday. It happens any time a unit stands next to a destroyed prop. So walls, doors, wheat, even the new 'crushable grass' does it. Thankfully it works against the aliens as much as it works against us...I've had some fun abusing it since I figured it out
  12. I just noticed that once I take the .30 cal machinegun off the Hunter Scout car I'm not able to put it back on. I know there was a change recently that made us not have to build the upgraded turrets once they're researched, did this maybe have the unexpected effect of making all the other turrets infinite and not the .30 cal?
  13. You're not wrong, I was trying to limit the discussion to pistols and automatic rifles similar to what's used in the game. I have a .308 and it does way more damage at any range than my .45 does, but it's also a bolt action hunting rifle not an automatic weapon. I know there are automatic rifles out there that shoot stuff larger than 5.56mm/.223 but they've become less commonly seen in military use (at least in NATO aligned countries). As for pistols in military use, the M9(also known as the Barretta 92f) is a popular pistol used around the world and is usually seen in 9mm (which isn't near as powerful as .45acp) but recently the US armed forces have started putting the 1911 back in service because it's .45 round has far greater stopping power than the 9mm. I'll take some photos next time I go to the range if you want. There are a lot of different targets I shoot, but my favorite for demonstrating what sort of damage a round will do to a living target is an old waterlogged phonebook. And the holes my .45 will put in a wet phonebook are usually much larger than the holes my 5.56mm will put in it.
  14. I made a comment on the new funding screen yesterday. I also prefer the previous version. The new version has some extra info on it, but it's info that's mostly meaningless or that could easily be displayed in the old one.
  15. Ok, I can confirm that your soldiers aren't being healed between combats on the same deployment, it just looks like they are because their injured health is shown as their max health. Even though it's just a display bug I really hope this gets fixed, it's extremely misleading and it makes keeping track of who's been injured in previous combats difficult. I haven't noticed, but does it function this way when you deploy an injured soldier from the base? I know there were issues with being able to heal an injured soldier back to full health using a medkit by sending them on a mission, but I had thought that was resolved in another way?
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