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    How deep is Xenonauts moddable?

    In a manner of speaking. You're not going to change how the armor or anything actually looks unless you re-draw literally every frame of animation over again for every armor with every weapon you want in iteration.
  2. EchoFourDelta

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    Looking good, dude. Can't wait for the finished soldiers pack.
  3. The motion carries. StellarRat, please call the vote.
  4. EchoFourDelta

    Notable Exploits

    Changing weapons and armor should be iffy, but it makes perfect sense to be able to re-fit and re-arm.
  5. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    Is there ever going to be any mod-ability for the inventory in and of itself, or is that a black box?
  6. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    If you slammed one into a living target at close range, about maybe 5-10 meters, it'd be similar to hitting them with a slug; that's basically what breaching rounds are, after a fashion: a little container with a bunch of powdered/sintered metal inside. When it hits something hard, it bursts open, and the powder inside disperses. All that said, you're looking at a round that would travel most of the way through a human body. As to the second part, you're loading the shotgun for breaching. The first few rounds are for breaching; the last few are buck or slug more or less as insurance. After you knock the door's hinges off, you're transitioning to your rifle or getting out of the way for other people to move in.
  7. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    Oh, they'll still utterly wreck the hell out of a living creature, and you don't load the whole thing up breaching rounds, nor is that usually the only sort of round carried.
  8. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    That's pretty well correct; shotguns are pretty common issue to combat units as breaching tools, as well, so a few random guys with rifles will more than likely be packing a shotgun as well, and as many grenades and magazines/drums/shells as they can practically fit and carry on their bodys.
  9. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    > Now what could be fun and realistic is having different inventory layouts for different kind or armors Or, just, you know, wear the LBE over it like the rest
  10. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    Being able to edit the size and shape of the inventory would be amazing. "Also, rotating items in the inventory is something that we absolutely need to have. Really, it makes so much sense." A thousand times yes.
  11. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    Nah, like a bride through the threshold.
  12. EchoFourDelta

    Inventory fine tuning

    I think the soldiers should give up on backpacks, and just sling their weapons and wear a load-bearing vest
  13. Trufax, if you get the OG, go to openxcom.org, get the 0.9 version, then get the most recent nighly build. Run the installer, merge the patch in. It gets rid of literally every bug and DOS limitation that was present in the original game, and has a host of advanced options on the front end that range from enhancing the UI to making the aliens sneakier and more dangerous to integrating novel things from the newer one like having their weapons self-destruct if they're killed. You need an actual copy of X-COM for it to work, but all it does is sample some data from the original X-COM install, and runs completely independently after that. Also, compared to digging at Xenonauts, modding and content creation on it is an absolute dream.
  14. EchoFourDelta

    Energy Weapon Analysis

    That's likely done to provide distinction as compared to other aircraft that could, in fact, carry external fuel containers.
  15. EchoFourDelta

    Energy Weapon Analysis

    They're stored horizontally, with the front of the round facing toward the rear of the turret.