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Combat (in)accuracy?

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I delve there to raise my self-esteem sometimes. If anything is an issue, its the soldier stats limited to 101, so they cant reach the same TU numbers as the aliens have. Other than that, I dont think sebillians are op or anything. :D

Edit: What Ish is describing actually is a bug and I believe Chris said its getting fixed before releasing the new stable version.

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I believe Ive covered this in my rant enough, but yes. Androns are the worst, theres something wrong in there :D, but the reaction fire feels different in every species Ive encountered this last playthrough. I actually like the enemy fighting back for once though. :)

As for your guys missing, believe it or not, but my people got better after a few missions and can now shoot as good as a 15yr old playing paintball. Which is a tremendous improvement.


I have no trouble shooting from charlies, UFOs seem a bit fishy sometimes, but its a LOT better than 19.5.

I dont shoot in point blank at all, I either stun baton them, or go with 3 tile approach:

Alien l cover l Xenonaut with no spaces between I always get 95 percent and hit almost as often.

Not sure what the issues with your Androns are, but they have an Accuracy range of 50-80, and reflexes are all 50.

Caesans are 50-80 Accuracy as well, but all have reflexes of 80, as well as farther sight range.

Based on rank anyways their accuracy scales the same I believe, but the difference in 50 reflexes and 80 is rather massive.

Granted you can just sneeze and suppress a Caesan tho.

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My main issue with Androns is that they shoot from the landing ship top floor onto the heads of my troops on the ground floor, efficiently hitting and killing them if theyre standing in a wrong spot. They also shoot through walls in alien bases too, although thats from a week or so back.

Your numbers are correct again. Caesans get suppressed easily indeed.

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I just took a shot from a flanking angle in an alien base power cord room. It said 8% chance to hit, but I knew the angle was legit. I hit 3 times in a row. :P

Weapon used Laser Carbine: aimed shot (25TU)

Snipers have 95% through cover over the mountains and through the woods, the real chance is different.

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