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[Research] Why do aliens mutilate cows, draw cropcircles and abduct rednecks?

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I was wondering about the part about the red necks. I thought that was mostly an American thing. Are there red necks in other countries? I'd hate to think the aliens are focusing only on America, lets spread the wealth a little.

I believe that the conviction that you have been abducted is lower outside the demographics "drunk rednecks" and "suffering from traumatic events" and spread around to such an extent that you cant lable them like you can with those 2.

Edit: I have no numbers though so i cant really say I'm just pulling this out of thin air based on the impression ive gotten. But that could be because Americans are louder and therefor also their lunatics are louders. Ergo you acctually hear about people thinking they got abducted from America but not so much from those people in other countries.

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The stories about aliens abducting and mutilating cattle are actually a coverup by Food Inc. In reality the cattle are specially bred to be self-mutilating for the purpose of reducing meat processing costs. Occasionally the cattle don't wait to get to the secret processing facilities and they inevitably die before finishing the job.

The real danger lies in all the lawyer universities and Post Office academies being built on Mars by Snakemen. They plan to secretly abduct and re-educate every human over the course of the next century.

How is it that you could find alien ships in X-Com filled with bloody cattle? Thought you caught them in the act? Wrong. The sectoids were actually trying to learn the secrets used to create the cattle when X-Com operatives came along and messed up the experiments by blowing up the scientists.

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New guy here, in all honesty wanting to affect development for the fluff at the very least to fit taste of me and people not unlike me. So kinda the same most of you do here. No need to greet me.

Now, about the topic at hand - I actually like the original idea of things like cattle mutilation and crop circles being explained. It may seem silly? Sure, and thus I don't see why after some basic research or whatever it shouldn't be possible to confirm subject's sillyness. Even better, there could be a report of inconclusive results suggesting cult activity or some other occult workings. Possibly ancient religious practice. I remind you all that crop circles and whatever happen IRL so mentioning them only adds to actual immersion, it's how they are mentioned and in what context that may affect the game negatively. I have enough faith in developers to make an assumption they wouldn't mess such up. Mentioning of it being possible effect of other, unknown alien race not directly connected to assailants I would find especially interesting as one of the things that seemed rather silly in some x-com related products was the fact that suddenly any and every alien race in the world went hostile against some primitives on already quite abused planet (Earth, I mean).

Also, because I feel like so and actually find this topic interesting, my own take on one thing:

In regards to Gorlom and his view on major plot enemy of newer UFO series (yes, you had your saying about the topic, guys, I feel like I have the right to have it too - and you have a right to ignore it after all):

In regards to their peculiar reproduction cycle - yes, it is silly but very much NOT impossible to not work out. Given we lack quite some informations about those organisms thorough the game, you cannot really tell how many of those possibly there are and how often events such as the one endangering the Earth is happening. If said creatures reproduce once a few thousands of years then given how vast space is, it's very much possible taht there is indeed enough intelligent life that some planet dying here or there is of really little importance. Hell, thorough history of the universe novas go off destroying far more than one planet yet somehow despite how long it took from theoretical beginning of the universe, we still have plenty of worlds to go around and lately some that can be presumed to be habitable by humans were found too, even though we require rather exact (by comparison with what can be found in the universe) environment to survive.

As far as their intelligence, no one said those are trully intelligent. Too much of traditional connecting of mind powers with high intelligence. For all thing's involved, said horny comets have no more intelligence than some plant, but plain enough 'force under the hood' to bend minds of more intelligent creatures to their generic goals. Especially as it seems it's all subconscious as even official fluff stated that all affected races believed they have their own objective which they are following. Their judgement was clouded. So actually clever subversion and planning to make anyone part of comet's scheme is not necessary. Victims do all the thinking themselves.

Last thing, about how suspicious notion of general world-destroying horny comets seem. Yes, again, it is silly. But as you've noticed, there's also a subject of intelligent design. And I don't mean any deities here. It's just possible that Myrmecols were made as some weaponry by race predating times from the game by millenia, during which said weapon changed and spread on it's own.

In the end, it's not much more silly than intelligent hive-mind bacteria able to take over different races of very different biology. Yet with universe being so, so big there's enough space for such that even my meager willing suspension of disbelief had completely no problem with just aforementioned idea in original X-com series.

tl;dr: Read it or consider leaving. I was informed it's forum for somewhat intelligent people. Given that I don't plan to post everywhere and everything you can stomach such post once in a time. And skip parts that don't interest you.

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A few typos I found while skimming the thing over.
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No real redneck equivalent I can think of from my part of the UK but everyone has so many nicknames for people from practically every other town/city that it may have just got lost in the general mess.

All I know for sure is that no alien would kidnap a geordie, it would be too scared.

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I was hoping Xenonauts 2 would be something like TFTD. :)

Sorry, Xenonauts 2 was actually made in 1998, as a non-turnbased game. It also featured comets but of a less horny variety ;)


Personally, I wouldn't mind some sort of silly easter egg in-game: It just has to be sufficiently rare (randomly generated), so it doesn't end up overpowering the doom and gloom of the actual invasion.

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I did.

Actually they might be, but not often. Might not be map objects, but more as the 'Events' that boost the aliens' score.

Probably no anal probing though. Maybe a table covered in blood with something vaguely human pinned to it?

I just wasn't sure if any of the Events were classic alien shenanigans.

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