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  1. Can such a stolen copy even be updated on Desura? Or in any other way?
  2. Some Israeli soldiers are not Jewish (Druze, Arab, etc).
  3. Thanks! I almost forgot about mentioning this one.
  4. Perhaps Mr. Gollop will start work on a remake of his own?
  5. Most of the medal suggestions above are still achievement awards. Come on, how many countries give medals for "kill 5 enemies?" Look on the internet to see what real people have to do to be awarded medals such as the Medal of Honor, Victoria Cross, Hero of the Soviet Union, etc. I have a stack of medals from the lower/middle end of the spectrum and even those weren't easy.
  6. Isn't modding an alpha build being a little premature? I love modding but I think I'll wait.
  7. I reported this a few weeks ago. Here's the link to the thread:
  8. Any drug that could be used in an anti-psi capacity (like LSD) would also render you unfit for combat situations. This could be another tech area for research (which sounds too much like the drug tests in the 50s and 60s).
  9. Thats a difficult question. Comparing it to X-Com should tell you what's left to be done.
  10. Works good, just like in X-Com. Nice avatar OJS.
  11. Oh. I thought this thread had something to do with what wine went best with roast alien.
  12. It does but its not used very often. I've seen it in elite units like honour guards. The army and marines still train with bayonets. I never saw a use for them though. I figure if someone was that close to me then I was doing something wrong.
  13. From my own experience, carrying something like a Swiss army knife or simple tools was very common. Special Forces would also have their Bowie (or Rambo) knives.
  14. Its a good chance they'd see heat like the alien in Predator. The troopers in that movie had camo for all the good it did them.