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[v1.5/X:CE] Kabill's (Sort of) Random Maps!


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Kabill's (Sort of) Random Maps!

Contains hundreds of new maps which make full use of the random submap mechanism to maximize map variability.

Note that this set of map packs is still WIP. The map packs available are fully functional, but their's occasional kinks which need ironing out. If you encounter any issues, please report them with a screenshot as it will help me resolve the problem for the future.


Farm Maps (last updated 11/07/2014)

- Contains over 300 new maps with fully randomised elements.

Desert Maps (last updated 11/07/2014)

- Contains over 150 maps with full randomised elements.

- No military base themed desert maps yet. Haven't been able to make it look good.

Arctic Maps (last updated 26/07/2014)

- Contains 100 maps with fully randomised elements.

Install Instructions:

To install, either:

1) Unpack the zip file into assets/mods; or

2) Install using the mod manager in the Xenonauts game launcher

Alternatively, for Steam users, you can install the mod via Steam Workshop.

However you install the mod, make sure you set it to 'active' in the mod manager.

Uninstall Instructions:

To uninstall, either:

1) Delete the mod's folder from assets/mods; or

2) Uninstall using the mod manager in the Xenonauts game launcher

If you installed using Steam Workshop, you should also unsubscribe from the mod (otherwise it will keep re-downloading). Note that simply unsubscribing from the mod will not delete it; you must also delete the mod using one of the above methods.


"Can this map pack be used with other map packs?"

Yes, these maps will work fine with other people's map packs as well. However, the large volume of maps in this pack has an unfortunate side-effect of drowning out other maps from the pool, so you'll tend to see a lot of these maps and only occasionally see vanilla maps or maps from other packs.


Quick mention to Skitso for use of the building submaps he made which are now bundled with the game. Saved me a good few hours of work!

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In theory, yes. It's been utterly side-tracked by other modding activity (blame Skitso - he's the one who distracted me with FitH) and I lost some momentum getting stuck on the desert bases that I just couldn't get to look right. But at some point in the future I'd like to complete the full set.

I should stress that if anyone wants to help in any way, I'm happy to turn this into a collaborative project (that's kind of what I would have liked in the first instance). Even if it's just contributing a few submaps or something.

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kabill and Skitso you both have great map packs, actually the ONLY onces we can use (that are available to download in the "completed maps" forum. Combining your maps into one single map pack would be beyond awesome :D

There's actually no need to do this as the map packs work fine together. And while I don't think there's any reason not to use Skitso's maps, the ones here aren't necessarily to everyone's tastes so it's probably better to leave the apart.

That said (and I keep saying this) I want to make some duplicates of Skitso's maps some time to include, with some randomised elements, so as to work around the downing-out problem a bit.

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No, as indicated in the title it will work with v1.08 vanilla too.

(To be honest, at this stage the build version for map packs is more or less irrelevant. Unless GH redo the entire mapping system - which seems unlikely - any community maps released now will work fine regardless of version).

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Update! A fully randomised Arctic map collection is now available! Download in the OP.

The Arctic pack is 100% finished unless there's any bugs. To the best of my knowledge, there shouldn't be any issues but if you do encounter anything please report it (there was an issue with units spawning on water but I think I've fixed that now). As usual, feedback is welcome.

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The farm and desert links in the first post seem to link to old versions. They both say updated July 11, but the farm's last update on dropbox says 6 weeks ago and the desert is three months ago and is only v0.2.

They're actually the latest ones. The 'last updated' is from when I posted the new thread in the completed maps subforum, but strictly speaking they've not been updated for a while. Sorry for the confusion (I'd forgotten some people might use that as an indicator of needing to update).

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Trouble is, there's no screenshot that can do the maps justice to what they do. With a pre-made map, you can focus on a set-piece or critical feature on the map. These maps don't have features like that: their strength is their randomness which you can't capture in a single screenshot. (In fairness, the pictures of Skitso's maps don't really do them justice, either. But at least those maps have something to focus on.)

For what it's worth, I did once try and put together a composite image, but it was too much work for my liking. I'd be best, actually, doing a video of a playthrough or maybe just a sweep of a map. Actually, maybe I'll try that: just record a sweep of the map in the map editor. That would probably be good enough.

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