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  1. Congratulations on the beta launch!
  2. Solver

    New forums online!

    www.xenonauts.com should now look like it did before.
  3. Solver

    New forums online!

    Yeah - everything there is safe, but the theme has reset itself to its default appearance, including placeholder text, hence the weird appearance (although the content is still there). Investigating.
  4. Solver

    New forums online!

    Can you elaborate? It's just a very unfinished site, or are you getting something else?
  5. Solver

    New forums online!

    Never mind, there was another bug in the server configuration. The Twiki should be gone.
  6. Solver

    New forums online!

    Ah, looks like the non-www version displays something strange. Go to www.goldhawkinteractive.com. I'll look into the non-www now.
  7. Solver

    New forums online!

    Thanks, it is indeed looking good! I hope the new server will be a nice benefit to better support X2.
  8. Yeah that's a bug, they're supposed to take 2-3 hits to kill a vehicle, as per the vanilla intention.
  9. You're the guy making a buggy mod, on top of a buggy version of the game and a reworked Xenophobia pack. For over a year now on two websites, you've encouraged people to use broken versions of the game. You're doing all of that on pirated copies of the game, you don't even know if your mod works on the official version, and since a month ago you've been asking people to send you money to help with this piece of crap. You're not quite doing any harm, but with the complete disrespect you've been showing toward's developers and other modders (and hell, even the TV shows inspiring your mod), I won't be spending any time helping your efforts.
  10. I think I screwed up the xcebalance in 0.35 somewhat, there's an issue with Reapers, and now this setting is missing...
  11. Solver

    [X:CE 0.35] Cruiser interior not visible

    Yeah, some of the roof button modes, like the one disabling all levels, are basically a workaround for some UFOs (landing ships and cruisers mainly) being broken on some missions. I don't think that's ever getting fixed.
  12. Solver

    Mod Hosting

    Pretty big uploads can be handled now - just let me know if there's a problem. And of course, looking forward to your Xenonauts 2 mods... wink wink
  13. Solver

    Mod Hosting

    Kabil - if you have the original files to simply re-upload for the Armour Resource Pack and Fire in the Hole, that would be absolutely excellent! Also, very good to see you. You're one of the absolutely top contributors to the Xenonauts community with your excellent work.
  14. It's a combination of both things. The AI knows where you are most likely because of sound. The AI likes to throw grenades at shield carriers, and it really likes throwing grenades at groups of soldiers - so a group around a shield is the ultimate grenade magnet. And then there's walls, along with some doors, messing with accuracy in general. You may have noticed that you can throw grenades at a closed UFO door and still hurt the aliens inside. A combination of these behaviours is probably what leads to the situation in the first post. Also, aliens definitely can miss with grenades. I agree they're a bit too accurate though compared to your own soldiers, but aliens can miss and can even end up hitting other aliens with a grenade.
  15. Solver

    New game vs modding?

    It is not that early, and most things are not that small. It's early in the sense that there's still at least half a year to go until the game is released, but it's not early in terms of budget and the timeplan. If you read about the game's development, it's clear that the team doesn't have the ability now to spend weeks on unnecessary experiments or supporting features that they do not plan to have in the game. Also, most things that you imagine are easy to support usually aren't easy in reality. I know for example you love larger 2x2 or 3x3 units. This is not a small effort - assuming that units are 1x1 allows a lot of simplification, supporting larger units is significant work in terms of pathfinding, targeting, map construction and so on. For things that actually are simple, you should trust Goldhawk that many of those will be implemented, and then there will be X2:CE which can add further mod support.