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  1. I may have said in the past that a full X-Div playthrough would be somewhat time-consuming
  2. Hmm looks like I found a bug in the next version of X:CE... something about aliens having better accuracy when shooting förbannade danskar. Well that's no big deal, can't be bothered fixing.
  3. We all know danskjävlar cannot write their own language properly!
  4. Soon is quite soon I believe I am done with the actual coding, but 0.35 will also feature a newer and more complete French translation that Rodmar18 is currently improving. I don't think you have to wait until 0.35, you can just start a new game. X:CE saves are always compatible, and most of the changes in 0.35 are relevant to future versions of X-Division or some other mods. Other than that, 0.34.3 is very nice and playable.
  5. There is no explicit limit on cities, though with the way the game is coded, I wouldn't be surprised if some subtle problems appeared with several hundred cities. Funding comes from regions, not cities, but you have to be careful with the balance of terror missions. A terror UFO will choose a random city, ignoring regions that have been lost. So if you have too many cities in one region, then that particular region could see too many terror missions. You can ignore the population numbers, they do not get used in any way.
  6. It's still zoom
  7. This setting has a long history. Before the game was even released, lost airplanes were destroyed permanently. Then toward the release, Chris decided to change it and implement the "recovery" mechanic, as the cost of losing an airplane was too high. Then there were some strong feelings about that, with the realism aspect and all, so this toggle was one of the first things added in X:CE.
  8. Okay, and for your translation, just added a string "GoToAlienBase" that will get used in the alienbasediscovered.lua script. So it's now possible to use two different labels in languages where that fits better.
  9. Yeah, that's because it does actually take the same string I see your point though!
  10. Wasn't aware people use those and not the mouse wheel. But sure. Feel free to test it.
  11. Isn't the easiest way to avoid the awkwardness to use something like "Show" for the translation in both labels?
  12. Yeah, that is a hardcoded name. The localized size strings are only used for the blue Geoscape icon displaying the base. Just coded a probable fix. Thanks for mentioning this. I'll need to know where in the game this happens to fix.
  13. Good call. Just added it (default key A).
  14. Charon's files are correct for 0.34.3. I should fix the discrepancy between the two mod packs, but 0.35 is coming soon anyway.
  15. Awesome work