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  1. Solver

    Psionic Attack Hard Limit?

    There's no such hard limit from a quick reading of the psionic attack source file. Although come to think of it, I forgot to check one layer up, whether the psionic behavior can be triggered at all a second time, I'll do that later.
  2. Solver

    Psionic Attack Hard Limit?

    There's a limit of each ability being used once per turn. So a Praetor would only do Fear once per turn, for instance. And the only types of attack that work are mind control, hallucinate, fear and dread.
  3. So this is a couple of months overdue probably, but here's a small announcement. Given the current status of Xenonauts, and of X:CE, I currently have no plans to release additional versions of X:CE. The possibility is still there for other people to work on X:CE, but from my perspective X:CE 0.35 will likely remain the final version.
  4. Solver

    Xenonauts-2 August Update!

    I think there is still no official news on other platforms. However, I've been playing the latest beta builds on Linux, and everything works very well. Hopefully nothing is going to break that compatibility.
  5. Solver

    Mind war balance

    I think you might need to be careful with the random elements, and with the subjective feeling that players get in the game. It's important for bravery to feel like it matters. A lesson from X1 - it shipped with psionics not working as intended, that is, bravery was mostly meaningless and psionics were resolved with a random roll, only marginally affected by bravery. Many players complained about psionics feeling wrong but that bug went undiscovered for a few years, and resulted in the game just feeling subtly wrong in that regard.
  6. It was possible in the original game, but X:CE solved some technical issues that could crop up with too much fire and destruction.
  7. Yup. Maybe getting a bit off topic here, but I think Oblivion's horrible VA wasn't so much because the actors were bad (though some were IMO), but rather because there were so few voices. When every Orc in the game has the same voice, it's immersion-breaking. And that leads to the conclusion that quality VA is costly. If I imagine VA in Xenonauts, the idea is fine, but if the game only had 1 male and 1 female soldier voice, it would just detract from the atmosphere. Goldhawk is obviously a small studio, and while I'm sure they could record a few lines, they just couldn't afford VA that's even halfway immersive. Overall I really think X1 had a great amount of character for such a low-budget game. The art had a distinct style, the Chief Scientist was a great snarky character - a major writing achievement since the game's text was almost entirely research reports - and the soundtrack was pretty great. The visual design of aliens is the only major flaw of X1 atmosphere-wise.
  8. With regards to voice acting, I'd much rather have no voice acting than poorly done voice acting (I'm traumatized by Oblivion), but I expect that technical support for voice acting could be added by X2:CE, thus potentially allowing voice mods.
  9. Could be anything of course, but I've fixed a bug that had similar symptoms in X1, and that was caused by a soldier trying to reaction fire (i.e. scoring a successful reaction check) but being unable to do so, such as having an empty mag.
  10. Solver

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    I agree. The general recharging design is probably good, but a 3-shot cell isn't. One more possibility is to delay the recharge - instead of recharging 1 shot per turn, make lasers only recharge if they were not fired in the preceding turn.
  11. Solver

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Laser weapons - they're supposed to be limited in ammo due to the recharge mechanic, which I don't think works well now. They recharge every turn. A laser rifle has 5 ammo, so if you shoot 2 aimed shots per turn, you can still afford to do it for 5 turns. If you do a burst + normal, the next turn will still see you at 2/5 ammo, allowing two shots. Given that it's common enough to spend a turn repositioning with no targets in sight, I don't feel like lasers are severely limited by their low ammo now, which they are meant to be.
  12. I can also confirm encountering this.
  13. Solver

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    Oh, I had not made any connection between Mind War and mind control. I had mostly seen the effects of Mind War dissipate. Now I feel stupid.
  14. Solver

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    So one old, familiar balance issue - mind control is currently instant. That doesn't work well. It's not balanced, and more importantly, it does not feel fun or reasonable. One soldier that gets taken over is very likely to kill one teammate immediately, perhaps two. We've been through this with X1, where basically everyone hated mind control working like that, and it had to be changed in a patch.
  15. Solver

    Need Help with Research Glitch

    Me too I don't currently have a system that can debug the game though... Just one more thing before you start a new game, could you the script again, but with UnlockFinalMission();