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  1. X:CE got updated, and the news feed should also be back.
  2. Version 0.34.3 of Xenonauts: Community Edition has been released. Installation (Windows Steam users): Switch to the Community branch in Steam by right-clicking on Xenonauts, selecting Properties, going to the Betas tab and selecting Community. No access code is needed. You can enable/disable mods in "Modding Tools" in the game launcher. You can revert to the standard official game by switching back to the NONE branch in Steam. Installation (other users): 1. Download the base mod and the mod package. 2. Launch the old version of the game, install the base mod using Modding Tools. Alternatively: extract the base mod into assets/mods/xce, overwriting everything. 3. Exit the game launcher. 4. Run the new executable from assets/mods/xce. It should display the version 0.34.3. Using this launcher, go to Modding Tools and install the mod pack. Say Yes when asked about overwriting mods. 5. You can now play from assets/mods/xce, or optionally copy the files to the main game installation folder. What is the relation between X:CE 0.34.3 and Xenonauts 1.6x? The official Xenonauts releases incorporate some features/fixes from an older X:CE version, and some have intentionally not been included. X:CE 0.34.3 should contain all relevant Xenonauts 1.6x fixes and new features. If you already play X:CE, there should be no advantage to switching to Xenonauts 1.6x. X:CE 0.34 can read saved games from Xenonauts 1.5x or Xenonauts 1.6x, but Xenonauts 1.6x cannot read normal X:CE 0.34.2 saved games. Switching option saveCompatibility in assets/gameconfig.xml to "gh15x" before running X:CE should produce saves in a format that Xenonauts 1.5x or 1.6x can read (keep the option as "xce" for normal play, otherwise some new X:CE values may not be kept in save files). Note that Xenonauts 1.6x may still be unable to load such a saved game if it includes objects it doesn't know (e.g. researches from the Lore+ mod, or incendiary grenades from X:CE). Changes from 0.34.2: This version has some stability improvements and updates to the bundled mods. System The game is now large address aware. This allows better stability / performance with very big mods. Sound effects are now stored uncompressed in memory. This only uses a bit more memory but should significantly improve sound-related stability problems, such as freezes due to ambient sounds and similar issues. Bug fixes Corrected loading of psionic defence values in saved games. Fixed the delete button in the modding tools with relation to the Steam Workshop. Prevented a freeze during ground combat if a map with a bugged door is encountered (door that opens into a wall). Fixed loading of some saved games that get corrupted by having incorrectly "cloned" planes. When retaking Xenonaut bases is enabled, fixed problem of that not applying to undefended bases. Fixed some UFO loot in the Furies mod. Modding In config.xml, a variable has been added (MeleeVehiclePriorityModifier) to tweak the priority with which melee aliens attack vehicles. The default value does not change gameplay. Modded Xenopedia screens can now display more information about combat armour suits. Included Mods Xenonauts Fix Pack by Policenaut has been updated with multiple fixes, with credit to Charon. Tropical and Swamp tileset - updated from version 1.6 to 1.61. This version is significantly more stable.
  3. To clarify a bit. I work on the Community Edition. This means I'm in an almost unique position to fix freeze or crash bugs, and to do many other things that modders cannot, and there is in any case a near-infinite list of such fixes to be made. So for me, the textual descriptions are entirely out of scope, even though it would certainly be great if those things were fixed, and I greatly appreciate it when mods such as X-Div put in the effort to make their textual descriptions accurate and useful.
  4. I haven't even looked at the stats shown in Xenopedia and the equip screen. They're poorly implemented so that they don't take the real data anyway, and trying to fix the text there is not a priority for me.
  5. That should only be on X:CE at this time, with version 1.65 displaying the feed correctly. The forums have recently been switched to full HTTPS-only traffic (a modern, much more secure way of having a website operate), which causes problems for the very simplistic launcher. I will soon be updating X:CE with some bug fixes anyway, at which time I'll do something about its news feed.
  6. You do lose the equipment of soldiers who get killed in particularly violent ways, such as powerful explosions or becoming a Reaper snack.
  7. Would be even better if you talked to me on Steam, I have things to say
  8. They're okay, not great though. I like using a Hunter car in the beginning because it's fast and reasonably durable. It can scout ahead, it can often survive a shot (at a time when your soldiers cannot), and it's cheap to replace. In order to get more tactical mileage out of them, I prefer to use the rocket launcher version, that gives me an option to use the car as a cover/building destruction unit. Vehicles can definitely do that. I've lost soldiers who were taking cover behind a scout car. That said, I feel vehicles aren't good enough once you become comfortable with the game's tactical combat. Two soldiers can accomplish more than a vehicle. Because of this, the major mods like X-Div or X-Pack include a vehicle rework. If playing without big mods, I like the Armoured Assault mod by kabill, which is a slight buff to the vehicles and makes them a more interesting tactical option. With AA, the Hunter car is always going to be faster than your soldiers, and also a bit tougher, definitely not going down in 1 shot versus early-game aliens.
  9. Next update of X:CE. The fixed save file works fine as you mentioned, so you can safely continue playing.
  10. So I am not sure what happened, but I hacked together a fix for loading such saves. In the future saves with this problem should be fixed upon loading, removing the problematic "cloned" planes.
  11. I don't know how this happened. Something went wrong with the airplane transfer, causing the original base to also retain a link to the plane. Possibly something else happening with hangars or planes while the airplane was in transfer - I cannot say without a save file from before the problem happens. Any chance you bought a plane while it was in transfer? There's no save editor for Xenonauts.
  12. Try this. clones.sav
  13. Yeah... problematic also a lot of mods in this save - Furies, Instant grenades, etc. That means I cannot really fix the save manually. The plane is actually in the Philippines base, the two copies in Egypt are wrong. Have you got a hex editor?