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  1. With the full understanding that the Geoscape is a work in progress, I think it's maybe a decent time for a first teaser screenshot of it
  2. It includes the XP fix so it should run fine.
  3. This thread is still the best relevant description.
  4. XCOM 2 did fine here by introducing the low-level Advent enemies, and having them wear face-covering helmets and have weird voices. The motivation for having Advent was more or less the same as yours, and the audiovisual design made sure it didn't quite feel like just fighting generic humans.
  5. I don't even see what that has to do with Xenonauts.
  6. The only general AI fix in the code I remember is a bugfix to aliens sometimes deciding to do nothing at all. No good shot, no better cover, so they do nothing. In X:CE, they'll still take a low-chances shot if there's nothing else to do. X:CE fixes alien pathing with regards to doors, they don't get stuck in buildings or UFO sections and can actually open doors when they want to. Vanilla is unreliable in these terms. Aliens understand splash damage in X:CE. In vanilla, their accuracy calculation only considers whether they miss, or score a direct hit. In X:CE, they understand that splash weapons still do damage with a close miss. And one specific AI fix is Wraith teleportation. In vanilla, Wraiths do not teleport beyond how far they can run, and generally often display dumb teleportation behaviour, like going somewhere where they are easily killed. X:CE Wraiths understand the concept of teleporting to safety, behind some cover, and also of teleporting behind your soldiers to do an ambush. Except for the Wraith fix, the others are just corner cases. One of those fixes will maybe come into play one out of ten combat missions.
  7. X:CE is not at fault here because there are no changes to weapon damage or accuracy in X:CE. Weapon combat parameters are exactly as in vanilla. There are also no changes to alien accuracy or resilience. Thanks for jumping to conclusions though. Shields are actually more powerful than in vanilla as they even act as cover for the soldier behind the shield soldier. Yes, your troops will die to plasma rifles, unless you have some armor. So your tactics probably aren't good. Move slowly, leave TU for reaction fire, make sure your soldiers end their turn in cover and crouched as often as possible.
  8. It should fly. If it doesn't, you're maybe trying to fly somewhere the game thinks there's a roof?
  9. By all means The best thing to do is to post the translation also as a standalone mod so that people can get it no matter what version of the game they have. Look at the French translation for an example of how it can be done very well: Once again, good luck to you with the translation - it's a lot of work and the dedication is to be respected.
  10. As I said before - if there's a complete translation including the few new X:CE strings, and Lore+, I will be happy to ship this with X:CE if you agree.
  11. Glad to hear it! That mod is generally responsible for quite a few freezes. X:CE 0.34.3 makes it much more less likely to freeze, but you seem to have encountered one of the less fortunate situations.
  12. Thanks. The mission proceeds to the Geoscape immediately for me after killing the last alien, everything seems normal. Can you make another attempt with disabling the ambient sounds mod first?
  13. The roofs workaround should be totally fine if you press the roofs button to get the third (ground only) mode. There isn't really any chance of fixing this.
  14. Yeah the ones that you identified are pretty much correct. After missions and kills, there are progress towards improving each stat. Don't recall the rest off the top of my head.