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  1. Regardless of replayability I'd recommend it, it's certainly a breath of fresh air for me.
  2. That's spot on. I absolutely enjoy the experience. Only thing that's a big downside for me is the story/overall sense of a campaign feels totally lacking, but that's literally my only complaint.
  3. Installed, looking forward to checking this in-game, as everything you touch is usually quality
  4. You have plenty of points to work on as far as I can see, how you would prioritize those is up to you but I think pretty much all of them are required to have a complete mod at your hands anyway. You could leave the fine-tuning of ticker and crew balance for the end since those are the easiest to tweak and the other points will probably put off potential testers more - you will need more opinions on the balance side anyway since it's quite subjective and shouldn't be determined by one or two players. If there are specific things you'd like to know about, you'd better ask directly.
  5. In that case I can't think of anything in particular I could contribute to further at this point, mate.
  6. Another piece of feedback would be I'm finding your UFOs significantly easier, especially with the destructible hulls. I'm usually able to send 2 assault guys on the second floor and they clean up alone. I think you could benefit a bit more from limiting a control room in the last room and stuffing a bit more aliens in the UFO. That's mainly feedback on the 2-floor UFO. It could also be an issue with how those are balanced against the ticker, it quite feels like I have the upper hand in terms of tech level by a lot.
  7. It is a good concept for sure and I'm certain a lot of people will enjoy it. The only thing I personally find lacking is how the classic UFOs feel in terms of looks, as the Xenonauts models are quite beautiful. Would you consider making their hull/floor/roof tiles more smooth in some outlandish way, maybe playing a bit with colors, since design is intended to match the originals and you probably would be reluctant to touch it?
  8. Medium scout - I was able to throw grenades inside at will. Most of them would stop at the wall, but not all.
  9. What are these alien fixes? They disappear in certain angles?
  10. Downloaded the new one. Will keep you posted if I encounter anything else of interest.
  11. I mean it appeared as the entry you see in strings, not as an actual research name (as in ".abductorCORE/blabla" instead of "Abductor Core", don't remember exactly).
  12. One further thing, the mission debrief screen showed the strings entry for the abductor core which has been sent to research division and it appeared odd, I think that needed to be tied to the way it has to display in-game. Not the type of thing you are looking for right now I guess but wouldn't harm to keep in mind. It would be much better if floor tiles are EDIT: inviNCible- as it is currently is confusing and looks like the game is broken when you experience it. Internal wall on the grenades, as I said I had a full squad around the control room bombarding the 4-5 aliens inside with electroshock/alenium Dirty play but I didn't really fancy losing a soldier by opening that door. No idea if it's related to the roof but it should be easy to reproduce at your end.
  13. Okay I downloaded the update, yet to experience such issues so hopefully that helped. After skipping on a mission that presented me a Landing Ship GC (I take it you haven't replaced all original Xenonauts UFOs so that's to be expected?), I engaged an Abductor. Command room is quite a nightmare to attack, one tiny door as an entry point and it's packed with Ceasans plus a Psion. Found it annoying to the extent I thought of using grenades to break the walls... and that's how I noticed some issues. I am able to throw grenades over the walls and inside the command room (presumably should be able to do that everywhere in all UFOs, I haven't tested - is that intended?? Also the explosions erase floor tiles which causes the lower floor to be visible, and your soldiers can step on the new "invisible" floor. That's not intended for sure.
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