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  1. I think weight increase was done to make it more prohibitive in the first place. It's boring if everyone can patch themselves up. I'd debuff first aid even more. Maybe make the 25TU cost we have now just stop one bleeding, and make it a separate action to heal HP after that. (Maybe 2TU per 1 healed HP)
  2. ..and if the space is really tight, you can always stack those icons on top of each other so even larger kill counts wouldn't break it. Go for it!
  3. Would it make things too cumbersome to add one line of vertical space for the kill numbers? I mean it would add a bit more scrolling, but it's a highly requested feature. It's like seeing a soccer game end results without knowing who scored the goals... Edit: making items, materials and panic changes each different color might make things more clear and easier to digest.
  4. I'd like to have few improvements to the end of mission stats screen. Alloys and alenium should be in their own paragraph under Recovered materials above the Recovered items we have now. Changes in panic levels should also be on display. The effects of your actions are often left a bit vague. Unit specific kill numbers.
  5. @Chris, I experienced the same bug again. This time I have the final turn save. Hope this helps! After completing the mission, Elias Saarinen is in the Skyhawk with 37% health. auto_groundcombat_turn_11_start-373.json auto_strategy_after_combat-94.json
  6. No, unfortunately I've continued my playthrough for more than 60 days after that, so autosaves have been deleted already. I do happen to have a manual save at the beginning of that mission, but I'm sure that won't help much?
  7. It's curious I never had such performance issues with earlier versions.
  8. Nope, and unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this once-in-a-lifetime bug.
  9. Regarding my earlier comments on having constantly too much alloys is NOT true after ~100 days. I have now lost maybe dozen soldiers and as I needed to re-build Warden for everybody, and now that I need new air weapons, new fighters, new upgrades etc. I feel I have actually way too FEW alloys. At this point (first terror mission done) I'm absolutely starved on alloys but have plenty of alenium (like 150). So it feels like the game needs a pretty significant alloy increase on abductors forward. I have researched all this cool stuff, but I can't build any of it. Also, I'd like to have smaller UFOs like scouts flying between main waves to be able to farm more resources from, with lower risk of losing soldiers.
  10. These cabbage fields tank my FPS to 30. Normally I have the fps hovering around 120.
  11. Marcus Knudsen with 17% health is onboard Skyhawk. EDIT: I can remove him and add back. If I remember correctly, only troops with more than 50% health should be able to participate on tactical missions? user_bug-3.json
  12. Had a crash site with docks biome, but the map was a desert one. Reloading a save gave me a correct map. auto_strategy_before_combat-37.json
  13. Started a new playthrough with 3.05 and I'm having a great time! Bugs aside, Here's the new thoughts in random order: Cleaner story arc suffers from mission repetition Cleaners seem to need a small damage buff Sebillian feel underwhelming after Cleaners Needs more health/armor to compensate poor aim. I have constantly too much alloys at least until the lasers Cleaner reinforcements should not spawn close to my units. Move reinforcements into an alternative spawn point if there's Xenonaut units within 15 tiles or something. The issue is that the reinforcements are too easy to kill when they spawn next to you with 0TU. Destroyers are too easy to drop with two angels (auto resolve) It's too easy to cheese AI with flashbangs. something needs to be done so I can't carry so many grenades. something needs to be done to nerf flashbangs Soldiers still improve their stats a tad too fast. Bravery checks are too lenient. I very rarely have any mental issues - even when I've Iost multiple units. Maybe starting BRV stat needs to be lower? Maybe bravery needs to have a bigger effect on morale? Maybe morale recovery needs to be slower? Focus mind feels completely unnecessary at least for now.
  14. Sebillian melee attack gibbed my unit and he lost all the equipment including his weapons (in addition to his life, naturally). Is this intentional? EDIT: I'm aware gibbing destroys all gear, but I just found it odd that one Sebillian claw swipe could cut every single piece of equipment carried in half.
  15. For example these, but there are a lot more. Also, some small shelves block movement in the same map. EDIT: had the same issue in polar mission so it seems it's not a biome dependent.
  16. When launching a mission, clicking the Soldier positions button in armory led me to the Angel-1. After aborting the mission and trying again it worked as it should.
  17. Before the mission I had panic at 40 I rescued 6 civilians, so if I understood the rules, I should gain 4x2=8 panic for abducted tubes, and reduce 6x2=12 panic for rescued civilians. 8-12=-4 So with my logic, I should have -4 (36) panic after mission, but I got 26. auto_strategy_before_combat-3.json auto_strategy_after_combat-2.json auto_groundcombat_turn_5_end-31.json
  18. Mission briefing still lacks information about tubes teleporting away after few turns.
  19. Revealing the general at the Atlas base command room doesn't trigger the dialog cutscene any more.
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