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  1. Nice job max!
  2. TacticalDragon

    Favourite game of all time?

    Master of Orion 2 Europa Universalis 4 Crusader King 2
  3. TacticalDragon

    Xenonauts: Community Edition 0.34.3

    Solver did you have a changelog of new variables that is not contained on old XCE? Check different xml on old XCE is quiet hard.
  4. TacticalDragon

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    You can count on my support for the X2, do not hesitate. In some way your completly right, but in some way people can imagine that teh game mechanic is coherent with flavor, in some way stealth missions sound more Metal gear/Jagged Alliance oriented than the terrorific moment when you face sectoids for first time on Enemy unknown. Im pretty sure you will find the right balance between strategy mechanics and flavor. Good luck pal
  5. TacticalDragon

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    Hi Chris Im pretty sure you know that I dont share lot of points of view with Xenonauts 1 approach but with Xenonauts 2 you have the chance to make it right... is not about the scope of the mechanic. The real success of original XCOM is based on the inmersion of fear... The plot sounds weak, the layer of strategy uninteresting and the worst part is not original at all. Im really sorry to be direct but I was unable to found other way to point it. Good luck Chris
  6. TacticalDragon

    [X1.08 + X:CE 0.25HF] XNT Into Darkness Mod V6.0 "Hellgate"

    Hey charon how are you Nice to see you around.
  7. Well nice to see people geting the point of pure XNT mod. Yes XNT is more about immersive cosmetics, flexible combat, AI of some aliens are changeling dealing with and the way to get rewards is based on effort. I remember dealing with Heavy monster crew early game, like Queens and Blade Beast, they can be mind blowing but not impossible, in XNT harder you involve in combat bigger the reward... So if you abuse explosives you can lost valuable bodies and stuff (that in this game could be dangerous for your own crew). The combat mechanic in XNT vs XDIV are quiet different, the calculations of AP, accuracy and actions dynamics are totally far away. XDIV has tons of quality content, I strongly believe that this only need direction, exclusive research branches (Lock or unlock some researches, the mount of research and manufacture for me is too big and confusing, there is no real statistical differences between some weapons) and more history line events that guide the game to multiple resolutions or endings. Nice to say hello here and goo job to all XDIV developers.
  8. Sure! Let me download the 99 make a quick look over the code and make some test runs.
  9. TacticalDragon

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    I completely agreed on you pointed contrast... the problem is that the gameplay and "horror" doesn't exist. I don't see a real problem of artwork on xenonauts, maybe EvilEye await more vivid world, characters feels really alive, this dry or tasteless is good enough for 90s games, but not for current game industry. EDIT NOTE: I love Imperial Guards in 40k too for the same reason
  10. Thank you Charon, is really nice to see people grateful with all the XNT teamwork. I strongly believe that all our suggestions of Xenonauts mechanics pass through time unheard. Xenonauts had the opportunity to be the real succesor of XCOM Saga but for some reasons developers focus only on hurry the release instead of balancing the game and make the right content. In general modding community only try to add content without fixing all the Xenonauts balance problems, slow pace, short line of sight and senseless law of physics. The true work of remake the game is work of well experienced team. You hit the right spot my friend charon, with different TU dynamic the AI responses change completely!. When Julian Gollop calculate the TU mechanics of the original XCOM he consider only lineal variables, and thats the real success of Enemy Unknown, that ecuation doesn't work on current metagame, is like comparing "Pitfall" or "Arkanoid" mechanics with modern game.... totally awful. Xenonauts in other hand consider a lot of variables in AI Behavior and Weapon variables, with the right amount of work in the right content Xenonauts will bright high (Including change the stupid and shameful ending).
  11. Thats the idea of XNT reproduce that beautiful and weird tension of the original XCOM. Thanks you your encourage
  12. Im totally agree, the lack of support of developers and engine/gameplay limitations make me lost interest. Anyway every opportunity to make something big is a good opportunity. Maybe if the mod was in steam or with some founding I could make a XNT bigger and wonderful. Until next time pal, thanks for this revision is quiet interesting.
  13. Sounds like a good cocktail LOL I found lot of talent in XDIV but every try I found myself confused and overwelm with the amount of content, reseach and useless weapons and armors. I strongly believe that Xenonauts plataform and variables arent enough to support that amount of content without be repetitive.