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  1. Hey all, I've attempted to install CE via the Beta tab in Steam under properties, and the title of the game became Xenonauts [community] after its first launch but for some reason the game has remained unchanged. I've reinstalled it and tried the process again- to no avail. Any advice on how to get it to work?
  2. Okay I *think* it's 1.09 - whatever the current auto-updated steam version is right now basically, I got a little confused during the whole reversion/update process. First bug - * I have the alien base upgrade and obviously upon getting this the cosmetic appearance of the workshop/lab/barracks/storeroom changed accordingly to represent the quantum/nanotech stuff. At some point (possibly between updates) upon loading my game back up all background art for the facilities has reverted to the "tier" below (cosmetic change - slightly technologically upgraded, minor things - but not quantum/nanotech level as it should be). My base management screen still displays the correct top-down graphic for these facilities but all of the background art splashes for research/manufacture/troops/stores are now all incorrect - seemingly permanently - a purely cosmetic issue but an annoying one nonetheless, I wanna enjoy the look and feel of my advanced facilities and all that Edit - Screenshots added in here for clarification (hidden to prevent huge post): Notes: * I would have skipped the "tier" below because I acquired base upgrade before the things required for the minor costmetic-only upgrade that happens between the two. * I'm 95% sure I acquired the research for the minor cosmetic upgrade after getting base upgrade, which may have something to do with it. Although I'm pretty sure the "cosmetic downgrade" didn't occur until after re-loading my save file (after a week or so wait). Second bug - Upon completing missions there is missing text like so: I've always put this down to me playing on a low resolution (1024x768 -can't go any higher sadly) - but it has been this way since the earliest release version that I have played so I thought I may as well point it out in case it had been missed? Sorry if it's a repeat. A Steam Thing - No idea if this is just my PC or whatever but when I attempt to launch xenonauts from steam the launcher sometimes refuses to appear despite task manager telling me that xenonauts.exe is in fact running - the way I currently get around this is by killing the process and re-trying until it decides to appear. I don't *think* it's a waiting issue because I've given it a good minute or so before for it to pop up. Sorry if any of these are known issues, I'm not a forum regular or anything, just thought I'd mention these instead of being lazy and waiting for somebody else with the same issue to do it Edit: Oh and - Using WinXP (yeah...) and obviously the Steam version of Xenonauts (stable branch).
  3. In late game(never noticed this issue until 1980+) occasionally Harridan units will fly off screen in ground combat which causes a crash to desktop. Have noticed it on several maps. Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, did not notice.
  4. Firstly I'd like to apologize if this information has already been posted elsewhere. But I can't seem to find it. Is there a date when the mac version will be available on Steam? It has the option to install, but then installs instantly and when you try to run it is has no executable. Any info on this would be welcomed. Payed for it in the beginning on kickstarter and am itching to play it on my mac. Thanks
  5. When I try downloading the Steam package on Linux, Steam says everythings fine, but: The download completes immediately When I try to launch the game through Steam, I get an error "Failed to start game (missing executable)." When I go poking around in the Steam install directory (~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps), a Xenonauts directory has been created, but is completely empty. IIRC from other games that have had the same issues, the indicates that a SteamApp was created for the Linux version, but no files were added to it.
  6. Installing the game from steam and it gives me a blank desktop icon. Any chance that you can make the icon available for download so that I can assign it to my blank Xenonauts shortcut?
  7. When I log into steam on my mac, Xenonauts shows up and allows me to 'download' it, even though there are no files downloaded. When can we see the game uploaded to steam for mac?
  8. Just thought I would point it out to anyone interested that Left 4 Dead 2 is currently a free gift on steam. If you install it before 10am PST on the 26th Dec then it is permanently added to your library.
  9. Well, damn it, my windows box is sick for the time being and was wanting to play some Xenonauts on my macbook but was not working. Didn't even bother to check that it was windows only on steam since I already had it on my mac since before it was on steam. Weird thing is it is in the Mac library. If I wanted to download the latest and greatest on the mac box how do you do it?
  10. So... ...how much has everyone spent on the Steam sale so far...?
  11. Hey guys, my game shortcut has no icon, anyone else? How can i fix this? Thanks!
  12. I have have made a few basic guides on Xenonauts, and i will be making quite a few more in the next days but hope you will check em out and comment if there is something i can explain better or is completly lacking in explaining. Also if you have some subjects that you want me to cover feel free to tell me, i will be covering how to train your troop stats and so within the next few days. Here is a link to the complete guide i have placed on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183275242 SnowiiFrog out
  13. Hi everybody i have just started a new LP of "V19 Stable hotfix on steam". Go check it out and give it your saying. First episode in the playlist is here: Regards SnowiiFrog
  14. Hey, will Xenonauts support Linux on Steam? Game is available in my library but when I try to install it, it's "installed" instantly and then do not works which is a symptom of "Windows-only game incorrectly marked as supporting Linux by it's developers" I know Xeno works under wine but it's a pitty when there is native Steam client for Linux and Xenonauts do not work there... Or I am missing something and it works for others?
  15. Hi folks, I recently returned to check up on the progress of Xenonauts and was hoping to hop into game. I noticed that the game is now on steam and I was wondering if it was possible to get access to this as I backed the game in its early stages using Desura. Sorry if this has been covered but there is so much info Im not sure where to begin. Peace.
  16. Steam allows multiple branches of a single game, so we have set up an Experimental branch of Xenonauts. This sits alongside the Stable branch, and changing between the two only takes a few clicks. Stable Branch: This is the standard branch of the game you get when you install Xenonauts. It will have few bugs in it so can be played for extended periods, but will only be updated every couple of months. Experimental Branch: This branch will be updated most weeks and contains all of the latest features and balancing. However, it will also contain all of the latest bugs so will likely crash much more than the Stable branch. Also, new features generally do not work properly immediately so you'll likely see some strange behaviour with them until they've gone through a few iterations. Therefore, if you just want to drop in and play the game for a bit every few months to see how we're doing, you should definitely stick to the Stable Branch. If you want the bleeding edge and don't mind that you might get a random crash at any point, then by all means opt in to the Experimental Branch. All the changes in the Experimental branch will make their way into the Stable branch, but this takes time - an update to the Stable branch is a set of features that have gone through enough iterations on the Experimental branch for them to be stable enough for general release. Important things to know about the Experimental Branch: Your save games may not be compatible between the different branches (though if not you can switch back to the default branch and continue playing them) You may not be able to play an extended session without being affected by a bug / problem! You can always switch back to the Stable branch if you want. How to opt in / out of the Experimental Branch: Go to your Steam Library Right click on Xenonauts >> Properties >> "Betas" tab Type the password XenoExperiment into the "Enter Beta access code" box and press Check Code Select "Experimental - latest changes, unstable" from the drop-down box above Click Close To opt back into the Stable branch, just select "NONE" in the drop-down box. Have fun!
  17. Hi. I tried getting access on Steam to the experimental beta (via the Properties > Beta screen), but the pull down Opt menu isn't responding. I've entered the code, verified it successfully, but the pull down menu only has Opt Out. What could I be doing wrong?
  18. Hi, I'd like to try the latest development version but I don't know how to download it using steam. I tried right clicking the game and going in the properties menu but I couldn't find any beta or switch version option.
  19. I'm just wondering if you have any plans in the pipeline towards integrating the steam workshop into your great game (or vice versa, I don't really know the process of doing so^^), so it would be really comfortable for everyone to keep track of new mods and maps (and as a nice side effect to keep them actualized with zero effort) and for everyone to be able to upload Maps and Mods? Just my 2 cents.
  20. Hi! Because we are now in Beta stage and on Steam, there is one important issue for me and maybe others - will upcoming new versions be save-compatible? I am asking because Steam updates games automatically (maybe it can be turned off but it's on by default) so save incomparability could we very frustrating for gamers. Also because there will be longer periods of time between updates, gamers could be quite far away in game when new update arrives and automatically destroys their progress.
  21. I thought steam was not needed to play when i bought this pre order now i need to activate on steam? WTF where is the copy that does not require steam ?
  22. Kind of sad/frustrating to see some of the comments on the Steam page. Admittingly, I am often a bit skeptical and cynical towards some of the games posted (although I never post negative comments). But, in this case, I've seen the 'behind the scenes', seeing the project being developed (through these forums here), seeing the dedication and obvious love for the project and openness to the community, so it was very frustrating seeing some of the negative (and sometimes moronic) responses... especially after Chris was so careful to get the build stable and worthy of a Steam Early Access release (to avoid such reactions). It seems that the generalization I've been reading about the Steam forums is pretty accurate. Just kind of speaking my mind here, and wishing the project and the crew all the best.
  23. (TL;DR: Can I have a Mac version of the Experimental build?) So, here's my dilemma, gents: I run OS X, and so far have simply been taking the standalone Windows version and putting it in a wine wrapper to get it to work. I do this because the Mac build has never been up to date, and because putting the Windows build in Wine works just fine, never had problems. Until now. See, the Experimental build will only be available through Steam, correct? And unless it suddenly got a lot easier to port a game from Windows to Mac, it'll be Windows only? From what I understand, the Stable build will be Win/Mac/Linux, but the Experimental will only be Windows. Since it's Steam, and it tries to be helpful, it won't install a game that you can't run on your OS. Generally, this is appreciated, but now it's simply annoying, because this means that I won't be able to download and play the Experimental build and continue helping the game, because I don't run Windows anymore (not enough disk space to dual boot anymore). Does anyone know how to download a Windows game on Steam while running a different OS? Or will there be a way for me to have a Mac version of the experimental? One recommendation, whoever uploads the game (I believe it's Chris, but I could be wrong) could upload the Experimental build plopped into a wine wrapper. I can write up instructions for how to do that, and even build the wrapper itself so you simply have to place the folder into the wrapper. I just don't want to become useless and only be able to play the (still much appreciated) Stable build, and have to watch from the sidelines. Thanks everyone!
  24. People tend to develop a "set" of places they regularly visit online just as they do in real life. No-one has the time to visit everywhere they want to go, let alone all they places they should go. People get comfortable, they form preferences, friendships and even romance. While some Steamies will come to the Goldhawk forums, I honestly can't see a lot of Steamies who aren't already on this forum and who are content with the places they already frequent coming here. They just won't. Aaaaand while it's been made clear that the developers won't frequent the Steam forums and why they won't, that's going to be taken as a snub. Sorry, it just is, in a "What? We're not good enough for you?" kind of manner. So, I think we need ambassadors. People who are willing to act as a bridge between the Goldhawk forum and the Steam forum. It's not the same as developer involvement, but I can see why there can't be developer involvement on both this complex and developed forum and the Steam forums. I'm already over there, trying to pass on information and get any curious posters interested in the game. I could use the help!
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